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[Not the Usual Person] What are you playing this Weekend?

Posted by Danger Zone: Archer, 28 February 2014 - - - - - - · 320 views

Well, DBJ or the other guys haven't post WAYPTW, so i guess I'll be taking glory this weekend.

I have nothing do this weekend other than finish sending some packages out for people who won in my lowball last friday.Other than that i got nothing else to do this weekend....Thank God !!!!!!!! I 'm turning off my cell phone and social media off for this w...

BlazBlue: Alter Memory - -Its finally out!

Posted by Danger Zone: Archer, 11 October 2013 - - - - - - · 502 views

After so freaking long waiting for it to come out, its finally here. And with that being said, i''m going to give my impression on the anime. Its awesome. I'm done, that's it for my impression. What else do you want me to say? Its already spoiled for you, if you played the first game.

Go watch it -



Tomb Raider is great but...................................

Posted by Danger Zone: Archer, 09 July 2013 - - - - - - · 718 views

So i recently bought Tomb Raider (Thank you XBLA sale) and i have to say its great. But...... Where the Fuck are the puzzles at? Like, really! The creators took out all of the puzzles out of the gameplay. Do the creators think gamers have become stupid? Wait, don't answer that. Because the answers is yes.

I mean like, i like the new game but what mad...

Thank you, Arc System works. Thank you!

Posted by Danger Zone: Archer, 29 May 2013 - - - - - - · 57 views



I could have never imagine that Blazblue would get a freaking anime. I fantom the idea many times in my head. I knew the series had a lot of potential and the story was complex to make an anime adaption. But i never thought an anime studios would actually pick up the series. Since...

I finally watched the Walking Dead --- and i liked it

Posted by Danger Zone: Archer, 02 May 2013 - - - - - - · 35 views

For a year now, I’ve been ragged on by my friends and classmates about why haven't watched TWD. Whenever the conversation switches to TV, they always bring up TWD and before the conversation goes any further, they have to ask me "So, Andy, have you watched TWD yet." When i say, "No, sir and ma'am, I have not watched TWD, I don't have Cable or Netflix."...

My hit list [Games to beat by the end of Summer] (In Progress)

Posted by Danger Zone: Archer, 29 April 2013 - - - - - - · 73 views

- Pandora Tower [Already started]
- Okami (Wii ED) [Already Started]
- Vanquish
- Lollipop Chainsaw
- Black Knight Sword
- Retro City Rampage
- Doom BFG ED
- Rage
- Silent Hill : Homecoming
- Zone of Enders HD collection
- Assassin's Creed 3 [Already Started]
- Nier
- Ghost Recon: Future Soldier [Half-way through]
- Hitman: Absolution [Already St...

My hit list [Games to beat by the end of Summer]

Posted by Danger Zone: Archer, 22 April 2013 - - - - - - · 50 views

So summer's coming up fast. Really fast if i say so myself. That being said, I have compile a list of games i want to beat by the end of summer. I want to beat these games before the fall price-cuts, and i buy more games.Resulting the increase of my backlog even more.

[F.uck we CAG's have a big hording problem we gotta fix that]

- Pandora Tower [Alrea...

Hey, how much for "X" game ?

Posted by Danger Zone: Archer, 18 March 2013 - - - - - - · 36 views

As a frequent seller, trader, and buyer of the CAG trading threads i can't understand what's so wrong in getting PM's that say this:
"Hey, how much for Halo 4?"
Its not like its so hard to answer the question. All you have to do is give a price. Granted that it gets annoying after a while. When you answer them and they don't respond back (Damn Lookyloos...

Do you know who the biggest pimp in the world is?

Posted by Danger Zone: Archer, 01 January 2013 - - - - - - · 319 views


So does anyone know who the biggest is pimp in the world is? Will you'll know now. This pimp has been making gamers and parent spend money on his games for more than two decades. Not only that, this pimp makes a little changes and improvement here in there and passes it as a new game. He rec...

Fuck you 360, Fuck you in the Ass!!

Posted by Danger Zone: Archer, 19 October 2012 - - - - - - · 43 views


This picture fits the blog^

Yesterday, my Doom 3 -BFG ED arrived from Newegg, which by the way was the fastest package i've ever received from them. I've order three times before from Newegg, and all of those three times, the package always arrives two weeks later. Anyways, so i pop in the disk into the 360, the 360 asked me for a update. So i...