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The Blockbuster/Gamerush Thread XVIII

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#1 io


Posted 14 June 2008 - 11:42 AM

Welcome to the Official CAG Blockbuster/Gamerush video game deal thread.

SPECIAL NOTE (B1G1 free on $14.99 and under used games through August 4th):
All used games under $14.99 are buy one get one free through August 4th NOW OVER.

The second post has games that you may want to trade in to Gamestop to transfer some credit from BB to GS. Unfortunately with the end of the $10 extra promo at Gamestop this is much less useful than before. Some people may have the $15 bonus coupon or want to use the current GS deal (trade 3 get an extra 10%, trade 4 get an extra 20%, trade 5 get an extra 30%) so we'll keep that post going until the B1G1 free ends at Blockbuster.

Even though the B1G1 sale is now over, I'm leaving this info up for a few days for those who bought stuff and still want to trade it in to Gamestop (you have till the 10th there).

SPECIAL NOTE #2 (DS Lite's and new DS games now available at most BB stores!):
Starting just on July 15th, most Blockbuster stores got shipments of DS Lites and a wide assortment of new DS games that they've never had for sale in the past. Titles include NSMB, Professor Layton, Mario Party DS, and High School Musical ;).


ALERT: Preorders available for a few select games at most Blockbuster stores

Most regular Blockbuster locations (in addition to Gamerush stores of course) are currently taking preorders for NCAA 09, Madden 09, Star Wars Force Unleashed, Fallout 3, Soul Calibur IV, and a few others (YMMV on the cashier knowing about it). $5 is required for a deposit.


What is this thread for?
The primary function of this thread is to discuss current trade-in and sale promos and to post any trade-in values you have obtained. Please post trade-in values with the date of the trade (or quote) and system. One of the CAG Wiki editors will then add them to the Wiki.

It is also permissible to discuss system availability, credit issues, etc. As long as it is related to game trades or sales at Blockbuster it is generally OK to discuss it here.

Unlike more tightly focused clearance threads, it is OK to discuss more general Gamerush/Blockbuster issues here as well as trade requests as long as they are kept to a minimum (and usually just during specific deals).

Due to the questionable stability of the Gamerush brand, it is also permissible to discuss ways of converting credit from Blockbuster to other stores (ie, which games may be used for trading in to other stores such as Gamecrazy or EB/GS). As of right now, we have no indication of Gamerush's imminent demise, but given Blockbuster's ongoing financial difficulties we need to be aware of the possibility.

What is this thread NOT for?
Please do not discuss the flipping of games from one Gamerush store to another should another such opportunity arise (through trade-in deals which we haven't had recently anyway). It is one thing to "play the market" with trade-in values from one chain to another (GR to GC to EB) - free market buy low/sell high and all that. But taking advantage of loopholes in a single store's policies/promos is frowned upon and has, in the past, led to trade-in bans from GR.


Blockbuster Game Trading Info
- You must sign up for a trade account in addition to your regular Blockbuster account
- You must sign up for a new trade account at every store you wish to trade at, even if using the same main account
- Trade-in credit can be placed onto your store account or onto a "Value" card
- Credit on store accounts can only be used at that one store
- However, credit can be transferred from the store account to a card at any time
- Value cards can be used at any location
- Clerks at one store cannot see your trading/purchasing history at another store via your account
- Gamerush stores often do not get new game stock until the Friday of the release week, thus a few days later than most retailers


Gamerush vs. regular Blockbusters
All Blockbuster game-related discussion belongs here. Most threads created in the Deals forum will be merged in to here. There seems to be the impression by many CAGs that if they don't have a Gamerush store near them then this thread does not apply to them. However, regular (non-GR) Blockbuster stores often run the same promos and generally have the same trade-in values. I'm going to elaborate on the last sentence as people apparently don't understand that when I say regular BB's have the same trade-in values as Gamerush that it means [hightlight]regular Blockbuster stores accept game trade-ins just like Gamerush stores[/highlight].

The key differences:
- Only Gamerush stores sell used video game hardware and generally have a much wider selection of new hardware. Many regular BB stores had a PS3 bundle available over Christmas and since then they have expanded their hardware sales. As of right now (Spring/Summer 2008) most Blockbuster stores are now selling PS3's, Xbox 360's, and Wii's. They just started in mid July selling DS Lites at most stores as well. As a result of not selling used hardware, however, regular Blockbuster stores will not take hardware in for trades.

- Both Gamerush and regular Blockbuster stores take preorders for new games for a $5 deposit (or you can pay any other amount beyond that). Gamerush stores will get many more games in than the regular stores but unfortunately a preorder at either place is not a guarantee you will get the game. Sometimes they do not get certain titles in even if you preorder them months in advance.

- While many Gamerush stores have cut back on their new game stock, some regular (non-GR) Blockbusters have started selling new games. They usually have a very limited selection of top-selling new 360, PS3, and Wii games. I will be maintaining a list below here for those with Blockbuster credit but no access to a GR store.

- Trade-in values are controlled centrally and are uniform across all Gamerush and Blockbuster locations EXCEPT if the Blockbuster is a franchise location. You can tell from the receipt if your store is a franchise store. All Gamerush stores are corporate-owned so they will have uniform pricing.


New games that may be available for purchase at non-GR Blockbusters
For those with access to only regular Blockbuster stores but wanting to take advantage of the decent trade-in values Blockbuster offers, this is the list of new games being sold by many regular Blockbuster locations. Note that they will generally not get new games on the release date. They will most likely have them a few days to weeks later. Stock is usually very limited and they do not seem to get restocks of most games. So once something is sold out they will most likely not get it back. Many of the "older "new games in the list below may be hard to find at this point.

Guitar Hero On Tour
High School Musical
Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass
Mario Party DS
My Fashion Designer
My Weight Loss Coach
Professor Layton
Zoo Tycoon 2
(and a bunch of other older titles they just got in on July 15th)

God of War Chains of Olympus

Army of Two
Blue Dragon
Burnout Paradise
Call of Duty 4
Guitar Hero Aerosmith
Guitar Hero III
Halo 3
Lego Star Wars TCS
Lost Odyssey
Lost Planet Colonies Edition
Mass Effect
NBA Live 08
Project Gotham Racing 4
Rock Band Bundle
The Orange Box
Viking Battle for Asgard

Guitar Hero III
Spiderman Friend or Foe

80GB PS3 bundle for $600 (PS3, Surf's Up Blu-Ray, HDMI cable, 20-week rental card)
40GB PS3 ala carte (no bundle)
Army of Two
Assassin's Creed
Burnout Paradise
Guitar Hero Aerosmith
Guitar Hero III
Lego Star Wars TCS
NBA Live 08
Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Ratchet & Clank Tools of Destruction
Rock Band bundle
Viking Battle for Asgard

Battle of the Bands
Blast Works
Boom Blox
Dragon Quest Swords
Guitar Hero Aerosmith
Guitar Hero III
Houses of the Dead 2 & 3
Link's Crossbow Training
Mario Kart
Mario Party 8
Mario Strikers Charged
NBA Live 08
Ninja Reflex
Rock Band bundle
Sega Superstar Tennis
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Smash Brothers Brawl
We Ski


Current Trade-In Deals

There are no trade-in deals at this time. The trade 3 get an extra $5 per game is still in affect at some (very select) locations.


Reported Trade-In Prices

Trade-In Price Wiki <--- Trade-In Prices are now kept here.

We now have a trade-in price Wiki that will be easier to keep up to date. All recent trade-in prices will be listed here along with the date they were reported. Trade-in prices are usually universal at both Blockbuster and Gamerush, but can be wildly different at franchise Blockbuster stores. Trade-in prices generally used to change on Tuesdays. However, it appears they are in the midst of changing this and now prices either change Sunday AM or Sunday night - in any case, trade-in value price drops are in effect on Monday now for sure). To be safe, do any game trading by Saturday if you are worried about the price potentially dropping.

Also note that many stores will no longer accept video games without cover art. This is the official policy for DVD trade-ins but apparently many clerks will confuse the two and not allow it for games either. Just beware that it might be a hassle if you have a disc-only game to trade.



The old Gamerush web site is now defunct, but the following link will take you to Blockbuster online, which may or may not have some info there about games. I dunno - I haven't looked at it in years.



Links to previous Gamerush Threads (dating back to June 2005!):
1 (by no means the first one but the earliest that can be found - check it out for some drama)
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

#2 io


Posted 14 June 2008 - 11:43 AM


For those looking to transfer credit from Blockbuster to Gamestop the current $15 deal (coupon required) or extra % bonus deal (standard deal - no coupon required) the list below shows the prices you would get with the maximum GS deal (30% for trading 5 games + 10% for Edge card).

Game: BB price -> GS price with Edge+bonus

Special note on coloring: This denotes games that are eligible for the $15 bonus for 2 games at Gamestop (must be over $4 base trade-in value). Note that the $15 bonus deal requires a coupon which is supposed to be a preorder bonus - YMMV on using a scan for it. Regular text means they will not be eligible for the $15 bonus but can get the current trade 3 get an extra 10%, trade 4 get an extra 20%, trade 5 get an extra 30% deal (which is not YMMV and should stack with the regular 10% bump form the Edge card).

All GS values are shown assuming the [b]30% bonus for 5 games + 10% bonus for Edge[b] is applied. Crossed out games are not good ones to use even at B1G1 prices and do not qualify for the $15 coupon either - so avoid those!

All Pro Football 2K8 $9.99 -> $2.80
Amped $14.99 -> $6.16
Arcade Unplugged $6.99 -> $2.80
Armored Core 4 $14.99 -> $9.80
Avatar The Burning Earth $14.99 -> $7.00
Beautiful Katamari: $9.99 -> $9.80
Beowulf $9.99 -> $2.80
Bionicle Heroes $9.99 -> $2.10
Bullet Witch: $9.99 -> $5.60
Cabela's Alaska $14.99->$8.40
Call of Duty 2 $9.99 -> $2.10
Call of Duty 3 $14.99 -> $5.60
Call of Juarez $14.99 -> $7.00
Cars: $9.99 -> $4.20
Chromehounds: $9.99 -> $3.50
Conan $14.99-> $7.00
Condemned $14.99 -> $5.60
Crackdown $14.99 -> $4.20
Darkness $14.99 -> $5.60
Earth Defense Force: $6.99 -> $7.00
Enchanted Arms $14.99-> $8.40
Eragon $6.99 -> $1.40
Fantastic 4 $9.99 -> $5.60
Far Cry Predator $14.99 -> $7.00
Flatout Ultimate Carnage $9.99 -> $7.00
Forza 2 $14.99 -> $4.90
Full Auto $14.99 -> $5.60
Golden Compass $9.99 -> $5.60
Juiced 2 $14.99 -> $8.40
Jumper $9.99 -> $2.80
Just Cause $9.99 -> $4.20
King Kong $9.99 -> $3.50
Lego Star Wars II $9.99 -> $8.40
Lord of the Rings BfME II $14.99 -> $11.20
Lost Planet $14.99 -> $5.60
Meet The Robinsons: $6.99 -> $5.60
Moto GP 06 $9.99 -> $2.80
Moto GP 07 $14.99 -> $8.40
NBA Street Homecourt $14.99 -> $7.00
Need For Speed Most Wanted $14.99 -> $9.80
NHL 07 $14.99 -> $3.50
Ninety-Nine Nights $14.99 -> $9.80
Outfit $9.99 -> $3.50
Overlord $14.99 -> $8.40
Pirates of the Caribbean 3 $9.99 -> $5.60
Pro Evo Soccer $14.99 -> $5.60
PSU $9.99 -> $7.00
Ratatouille $14.99 -> $7.00
Rayman Raving Rabbids $14.99 -> $7.00
Ridge Racer 6 $9.99 -> $2.80
Rumble Roses $9.99 -> $3.50
Saint's Row $14.99 -> $7.00
Sega Rally Revo $14.99 -> $7.00
Sega Superstar Tennis $14.99 -> $7.00
Shrek The Third $9.99 -> $7.00
Soldier of Fortune $14.99 -> $8.40 (strangely enough the Gamecrazy trade-in is $8.39, or $9.23 with MVP)
Spiderman 3: $9.99 -> $5.60
Spiderman Friend or Foe $12.99 -> $7.00
Star Trek Legacy $14.99 -> $8.40
Stuntman Ignition $14.99 -> $7.00
Stranglehold $14.99 -> $7.00
Superman Returns $9.99 -> $3.50
Table Tennis $9.99 -> $3.50
Test Drive Unlimited $14.99 -> $8.40
TMNT $14.99 -> $7.00
Tomb Raider Legend $9.99 -> $5.60
Tony Hawk Project 8 $9.99 -> $4.20
Tony Hawk Proving Ground $14.99 -> $9.80 (Gamecrazy trade-in is $10.xx with MVP)
Top Spin 2: $9.99 -> $5.60
Virtua Tennis 3 $9.99 -> $7.00
Viva Pinata $14.99 -> $7.00
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007 $9.99 -> 5.60
Xmen $9.99 -> $1.40

Arc the Lad End of Darkness $9.99 -> $2.10
Barnyard $9.99 -> $8.40
Bee Movie Game $9.99 -> $8.40
Brunswick Pro Bowling $9.99 -> $5.60
Cars $9.99 -> $7
Cars Mater National $9.99 -> $8.40
Destroy All Humans 2 $9.99 -> $8.40
Final Fantasy X $14.99 -> $7
Flushed Away $9.99 -> $4.20
Front Mission 4 $6.99 -> $1.40
God of War II $14.99 -> ??
Golden Compass $4.99 -> $5.60
Graffiti Kingdom $6.99 -> $3.50
Gran Turismo 4 $14.99 -> $4.20
God of War II $14.99 -> $11.20
Hot Shots Tennis $9.99 -> $5.60
Incredibles $4.99 -> $4.20
Iridium Runner $4.99 -> $7 (Gamecrazy trade-in is $8.25 with MVP)
Jumper $6.99 -> $2.80
Katamari Damacy $14.99 -> $7
King of Fighters Maximum Impact $6.99 -> $2.10
Kingdom Hearts II $14.99 -> $9.80
The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night $9.99 -> $8.40
Madagascar $9.99 -> $4.20
Manhunt 2 $9.99 -> $8.40
MLB Power Pros $9.99 -> $7
Meet The Robinsons $6.99 -> $4.20
Micro Machines V4 $6.99 -> $2.10
Nicktoons Battle for Volcano Island $6.99 -> $5.60
Nicktoons Attack of the Toybots $9.99 -> $7
Power Rangers Super Legends $9.99 -> $12.60
Pro Stroke Golf World Tour $4.99 -> $2.10
Ratatouille $9.99 -> $5.60
Rayman Raving Rabbids $9.99 -> $8.40
Rogue Galaxy $14.99 -> $9.80
Shadow of the Colossus $14.99 -> ??
Silent Hill 3 $9.99 -> $11.20
SLAI $9.99 -> $2.10
Spiderman Friend or Foe $9.99 -> $8.40
Spiderwick Chronicles $14.99 -> $8.40
SpongeBob Atlantis Squarepantis $9.99 -> $8.40
SpongeBob LCP $6.99 -> $4.20
Tony Hawk Proving Ground $9.99 -> $8.40
Valkyrie Profile 2 $14.99 -> $8.40
Xenosaga Episode II $2.99 -> $4.20
Xenosaga Episode III $14.99 -> $9.80

Golden Compass $14.99 -> $7
Lego Star Wars II $14.99 -> $11.20
Need For Speed Pro Street $14.99 -> $9.80

After Burner Black Falcon $14.99 -> $8.40
Astonishia Story $9.99 -> $4.20
ATV Offroad Fury $14.99 -> $8.40
Brunswick Pro Bowling $6.99 -> $5.60
Bubble Bobble Revolution $9.99 -> $5.60
Burnout Dominator $9.99 -> $8.40
Burnout Legends $9.99 -> $8.40
Crash of the Titans $14.99 -> $9.80
Dead Head Fred $9.99 -> $4.20
Dungeon Siege $9.99 -> $11.20
Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles $9.99 -> $14
Full Auto 2 $14.99 -> $7
Gun Showdown $14.99 -> $12.60
Harvest Moon Boy and Girl $14.99 -> $8.40
Killzone Liberation $9.99 -> $8.40
Luxor Wrath $9.99 -> $5.60
Luxor Pharoah ?? -> $8.40
Mercury Meltdown $6.99 -> $3.50
Parappa $9.99 -> $7
Patapon $14.99 -> $9.80
Platypus $6.99 -> $2.80
Pro Stroke Golf $6.99 -> $5.60
Ratchet & Clank $14.99 -> $9.80
Manhunt 2 $14.99 -> $14
Mercury Meltdown ?? -> $3.50
Splinter Cell Essentials $9.99 -> $7
Star Trek Tactical Assault $6.99 -> $3.50
Twisted Metal $9.99 -> $3.50
Virtua Tennis 3 $6.99 -> $3.50
Xmen Legends 2 $9.99 -> $5.60
Zone of the Enders 2 $14.99 -> ??

Bratz Forever Diamondz $6.99 -> $7
Bratz Rock Angelz $2.99 -> $3.50
Flushed Away $6.99 - > $3.50
Kirby Air Ride $14.99 -> $9.80
Legend of Zelda TP $14.99 -> $21
Legend of Zelda WW $14.99 -> $9.80
Lego Star Wars II $9.99 -> $12.60
Mario Party 5 $14.99 -> $14
Mario Power Tennis $14.99 -> $16.80
Mario Superstar Baseball $14.99 -> $12.60
Metroid Prime 2 ?? -> $8.40
Ratatouille $9.99 -> $7
Spongebob Lights, Camera, Pants $6.99 -> $3.50
Star Wars Jedi Knight II $14.99 -> $14
Super Smash Bros Melee $14.99 -> $14
WarioWare $9.99 -> $3.50

Elder Scrolls III GOTY $6.99 -> $7.00
Godfather $9.99 -> $3.50
Hitman: Blood Money $9.99 -> $7.00
Marvel Ultimate Alliance $9.99 -> $5.60
Ninja Gaiden Black $14.99 -> $14
Psychonauts $9.99 -> $5.60
Sid Meier's Pirates $6.99 -> $5.60
Star Wars Battlefront II $14.99 -> $11.20
Star Wars KOTOR $4.99 or $6.99 or $14.99 (c'mon people, what is it?) -> $4.20

For those looking to build up Blockbuster credit via Gamestop (note none of these are that spectacular without a decent GS coupon but I'm keeping them here in case we get another one next week):

:360: Bladestorm $34.99 -> $35 (BB price good thru 8/2)
:360: Fatal Interia $24.99 -> $28.50 (BB price good thru 8/2)
:360: Guitar Hero III $29.99 -> $22 (BB price good thru 7/26)
:360: World Championship Poker All In $8.99 -> $12 (BB price good thru 7/19)

:wii: Dancing With the Stars $24.99 -> $30 (BB price good thru 8/2)
:wii: Dragon Ball Z 3 $26.99 -> $26 (BB price good thru 8/2)
:wii: Fantastic Four RoSS $17.99 -> $20 (BB price good thru 8/2)
:wii: Octomania $8.99 (also $9.99 new at Gamestop and Best Buy) -> $9 (BB price good thru 8/9)

:ps3: Blacksite Area 51 $24.99 -> $30 (BB price good thru 8/2)
:ps3: Eye of Judgment $29.99 -> $33 (BB Acceptance is YMMV.) (BB price good thru 8/2)
:ps3: Folklore $26.99 -> $23 (BB price good thru 8/2)
:ps3: History Channel: BftP $24.99 -> $26 (BB price good thru 8/2)
:ps3: Kane & Lynch $24.99 -> $30 (BB price good thru 8/2)
:ps3: MLB 07 ?? -> $13 (BB price good thru 8/2)
:ps3: Pro Evo Soccer 08 $26.99 -> $26 (BB price good thru 8/2)
:ps3: Rock Band $29.99 -> $30 (BB price good thru 8/2)
:ps3: Sega Superstar Tennis $12.99 -> $23 (BB price good thru 8/2)
:ps3: Skate $26.99 -> $23 (BB price good thru 8/2)
:ps3: Time Crisis 4 $29.99 -> $26 (BB price good thru 8/2)
:ps3: Turning Point: FoL $29.99 -> $26 (BB price good thru 8/2)
:ps3: Untold Legends ?? -> (BB price good thru 8/2)
:ps3: Warhawk $24.99-> $23 (BB price good thru 8/2)

#3 ShaJay



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Posted 14 June 2008 - 12:13 PM

ok i had to edit so i wouldnt get abnned but anyone knows how much burnout paradise trades in for for ps3
Trying to pay the less to get the most..

#4 Bezerker


    Bezerker Barrage!

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Posted 14 June 2008 - 12:47 PM

I don't know why I was the straw to break the camel's back. I think Kunai was more adamant about making a new thread, I was joking in my last post. If you're really taking my suggestions, maybe something in the op about picking up a phone and calling before you post "How much does X get". At least with the new thread it'll be easier to search. It was kind of sketchy searching through 4,900 posts.


#5 shrike4242


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Posted 14 June 2008 - 12:48 PM

io, thanks for making a new thread. The old one was getting a little ponderous under its own weight. You're the right person for that job.

Oh, and first. ;)

#6 irishsoccermbw


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Posted 14 June 2008 - 12:54 PM

Thanks io, wonder how long it will take to get this thread to 200+ pages now that there are so many new people flipping. :)

#7 Chitown021


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Posted 14 June 2008 - 01:19 PM

Not first but tagged anyways...
[URL="https://www.playfire.com/Chitown021"]Posted Image[/URL]PSN Gamercards

#8 stone1061


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Posted 14 June 2008 - 01:31 PM

Viking PS3 $33
Condemned 2 PS3 $33
Sega Tennis PS3 $30
Stranglehold PS3 $33(duh)

Went to store with a Junior Detective last night.
First Noob didn't know how to do trades, Jr Detective refused to 'touch' them, finally a third employee was willing to do them.
Jr Dectective Sue said that I traded 5 copies of one game a few months ago(Beowulf). I replied that it was the only time I did that and haven't traded that many since.
She says I go around and trade games to all the Blockbusters.:applause:
Wow, she is good!
I used some credit to buy 5 cheap games to flip to Gamestop. She refused to ring me up, but made sure to see what I was buying. I'm sure she was up all night wondering why I traded 4 PS3 games with a $30+ TIV for $12.99 and under Xbox 360 games.
I really got to avoid this store, but it's the closest to my house.
I guess she really didn't like Beowulf. Or the fact the price dropped like a brick after I traded them in. :D
And the manager the other day took a fresh copy of American Idol Karaoke from me, so I thought everything was cool.
I'm tempted to go back today with receipts of the PS3 games, but don't think it will get me any relief, just show that I made out on the deal.

#9 jdawgg76


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Posted 14 June 2008 - 01:32 PM

I saw the Microsoft Racing Wheel at two GRs that have never carried that, the HDDVD drive or the 120 GB HD. At the second store they also had a 120 GB HD!

More importantly the Racing Wheel was marked $69.99!

I know it's that price on Amazon, but it's still 99.99 everywhere else I looked. What are people's impressions on this wheel? I've been contemplating picking one up, but using GR credit on the cheapest price around seems like a no brainer. Also, contemplating the HD, but I've been thinking about trading up to an elite somehow so I could also get HDMI.
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Posted 14 June 2008 - 02:12 PM

Sigh!! Pointless exercise for IO, why O why do ppl freak out if a thread has more than X # pages.

So I redid my subscription to the thread AGAIN, now if we could only find a way to make ppl not post to keep the thread down to 1 or 2 pages only.
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#11 Draknight


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Posted 14 June 2008 - 02:21 PM

Thanks for the new thread Io. The old thread was getting out of hand.

Just to keep it on topic. My BB has the 80 gig MGS4 bundle for $459. Weird price but that was the sticker price on it. They even had a 40 for $349. they just received it yesterday and it was pretty strange to actually see them for that price considering that the 40 gig was $399 last week. The clerk were typically clueless so I didn't push the issue.

#12 doubledown


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Posted 14 June 2008 - 02:57 PM

Anyone trade in College Hoops 2K7 for the PS3 recently? I have that along with THE BIGS (360) I'm looking to dump and debating to go to BB or GameStop.

Also, $459 for the PS3 at your store...wow, nice deal.

#13 TMNT770



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Posted 14 June 2008 - 03:05 PM

anybody know the trade in value for Kane & Lynch for Xbox 360?

#14 bmulligan


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Posted 14 June 2008 - 03:09 PM

Anybody know if the 9.99 and under games are going to go BOGO soon?

My Gamerush just put them all in a box by the front door.

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#15 Poor2More



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Posted 14 June 2008 - 03:10 PM

One local Gamestop by me as 8 Complete Copies of Stranglehold for PS3, I wonder If I should bother picking it up, just hesistant the price might drop like a brick
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#16 nlyonssmith


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Posted 14 June 2008 - 03:14 PM

One local Gamestop by me as 8 Complete Copies of Stranglehold for PS3, I wonder If I should bother picking it up, just hesistant the price might drop like a brick

The trade in value at blockbuster will not drop until Tuesday at the very earliest.

#17 irishsoccermbw


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Posted 14 June 2008 - 03:14 PM

One local Gamestop by me as 8 Complete Copies of Stranglehold for PS3, I wonder If I should bother picking it up, just hesistant the price might drop like a brick

Well ya have until tuesday to ditch em :)

#18 DaDeuce



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Posted 14 June 2008 - 03:25 PM

Sorry, a noob here, but is this thread so we can trade our games into blockbuster, buy some of their cheap used games, and flip them to gamestop for a bigger profit?

#19 Poor2More



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Posted 14 June 2008 - 03:33 PM

The trade in value at blockbuster will not drop until Tuesday at the very earliest.

I already traded in 10 copies of Stranglehold, I bought my PS3 for a little over $200 after it was all said and done, they havent said anything yet :), I only trade at one blockbuster
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#20 Ragekod



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Posted 14 June 2008 - 03:34 PM

I'm in phoenix trying to find GR stores, its not like LA where we have them in every other block.
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#21 nietzsche74



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Posted 14 June 2008 - 03:36 PM

Sorry, a noob here, but is this thread so we can trade our games into blockbuster, buy some of their cheap used games, and flip them to gamestop for a bigger profit?

Close. The games we trade in to BB were already bought at gamestop, and after they're flipped from BB the Gamestop, the credit is used to purchase more games to flip at BB. So it's a bit of an ever recurring circle...:whee:

#22 Confucius


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Posted 14 June 2008 - 03:44 PM

Yeah, I never use my credit, I just move it back and forth from GS to BB to GS. I'm only half kidding.

#23 DaDeuce



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Posted 14 June 2008 - 04:05 PM

Thats a shame, none of the BB's around me do this

#24 Bezerker


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Posted 14 June 2008 - 04:06 PM

My target had Fight Night Round 3 (PS3) clearanced to $7.48, snagged all of them and flipped them to BB for $16 each. Got rid of my last 4 Spiderwick's as well and bought up just about every GS Flip game i could find. So, in two days ive turned $410~ BB credit into $220 GS credit, two regular edition MGS4's and one LE MGS4.

I'm thinking of returning the regular MGS4's, I'd probably be better off just transferring the $60 BB credit to GS than selling the games for $55 shipped.


#25 WiiNet


Posted 14 June 2008 - 04:33 PM

Blockbuster only takes complete games, right?

EDIT: And... any other good deals to get BB credit?

#26 Confucius


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Posted 14 June 2008 - 04:36 PM

My target had Fight Night Round 3 clearanced to $7.48,


#27 shady859


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Posted 14 June 2008 - 05:07 PM

Thanks for the clean new thread io. Well I am about to head out and do a few flips for the first time in ages. Was at 2 different Blockbusters last night trying to rent a game and saw a metric ass ton of stuff to flip back to Gamestop. Picked up a $10 Virtua Tennis 3 for me to um actually play, shocking! Need more M$ points so rather than pay full price i'm gonna nab a couple Strangleholds and Sega Tennis to trade in for a couple cards and move the rest back to GS for something releasing later. OR maybe i'll spend a couple hundred and go hog wild flipping like the old days and pay off my purchases for the rest of the year. lol :D

#28 Ink.So.Well.



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Posted 14 June 2008 - 05:25 PM

Thanks io, wonder how long it will take to get this thread to 200+ pages now that there are so many new people flipping. :)

Amen. I plan on starting tomorrow and it was nearly impossible to keep up without a list in the old thread. Wouldn't it be easier if those with values PM'd the OP after posting since the wiki can't be updated? Certainly wouldn't hurt.


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#29 GuardianE


Posted 14 June 2008 - 05:29 PM

Blockbuster only takes complete games, right?

EDIT: And... any other good deals to get BB credit?

Sorta. BBV will only accept games with the original covers, as they have to scan the UPC. They may be able to look up the price individually and give it to you, but they're not supposed to, so YMMV. Manuals are optional.

#30 jlarlee


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Posted 14 June 2008 - 05:34 PM

Anybody seen any wii fits at their stores?
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