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Giving BFBC2 + Vietnam for Nintendo3DS4Free.com referrals

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#1 Chazwazer


Posted 31 March 2011 - 04:52 AM

Hello, I have a couple of codes for the PC version of Battlefield Bad Company 2 + Vietnam from the EA Store and am offering it to each person who signs up under me and completes an offer.

Short story, sign up under my referral and complete 1 Level A Offer(most are under $10) The cheapest offers I've found are Pingo($5 prepaid calling card) and Gamefly($8 month trial, you can cancel account after 3 weeks) Once my referral page shows you've received credit, I will email you the EA Store code for Battlefield Bad Company 2 + Vietnam.
Long post with detailed instructions below.

Step 1: My referral link is http://www.Nintendo3...php?ref=6860455

Step 2: Make an account and choose to be either a points account or referrals account. The difference is that if you choose a points account, you have to do all the offers yourself, whereas if you choose a referrals account you only have to do 1 offer and then refer other people to do 1 offer each.

Step 3: Choose the gift you would like to receive. The 3DS by itself is 5 referrals while the 3DS with 3 games of your choice is 8 referrals.

Step 4: Complete ONE "Level A Offer" OR 50 points of "Level B Offers". There are a bunch of different offers so you might find something you actually want to try, but if you don't the two cheapest "Level A Offers" I've found are Pingo and Gamefly.

Pingo is only $5 and it's a prepaid calling card. To complete the offer you have to buy the card and make at least 1 call with it.

Gamefly is $8. To complete the offer you have to sign up for the $8 or $10 trial. You also have to place at least 1 game in your queue. You can cancel it after 14 days so you don't get billed again, just make sure you return any games you have before the 30 days end.

Step 5: When you complete the offer, you will gain a green YES on your progress page next to Completed Offer:, and on my page I will see a check mark next to your name. This usually happens instantly for either offer but it can take as long as a week to credit. When this happens, contact me, or I will contact you, and I will give you the EA Store code for BFBC2 and Vietnam. You can then either not do anything else on this site or try to get a 3DS for yourself too.

#2 Chazwazer


Posted 01 April 2011 - 03:55 AM


#3 Chazwazer


Posted 01 April 2011 - 10:43 PM