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Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 $29.99

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#1 pinoy81



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Posted 02 January 2012 - 10:12 PM

Looks like they matched the BB price:


#2 Ryuukishi


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Posted 02 January 2012 - 10:18 PM

Any impressions? Just got a Kinect, what's the best fitness game?

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#3 prayformojo



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Posted 02 January 2012 - 10:40 PM

How's this compre to last years Your Shape, which in my opinion was by far and away the best workout game from the kinect launch. Anybody know if dlc moves over from previous versions of the game?

#4 Raccoon2117



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Posted 02 January 2012 - 11:43 PM

I've heard there's more variety and some parts of the game have been refined, including allowing you to focus on certain aspects of fitness.

However, I'm not ready to put down that much money if it looks like this game will turn into an annual rehash thing.

I'm not sure on this point either, but does this iteration allow for you to continue with a "set" if the game can't recognize the exercise you're doing correctly?

I forgot which exercise it was, but there was one that with my limited space I couldn't do, so during that "set", I'd get stuck there and simply have to quit time after time.

#5 wakawakawa



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Posted 03 January 2012 - 06:33 PM

Derp I guess here's the thread for it.

I had 2011 and sold it and I have 2012.

I would say 2012 is somewhere between 10 and 100x better than 2011. The amazon reviews are pretty spot on. The DLC doesn't transfer, but I believe most of the 2011 DLC was incorportated into the game. Detection and the interface are greatly improved. I think the interface (pushing buttons) actually works much better than the MS default kinect controls.

The worst part of the game are the dance routines. They are funtional, but so far behind Dance Central. The dance central routines are also generally a better workout, ignoring the choreography, music, and amount of fun.

#6 Versafied


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Posted 03 January 2012 - 06:42 PM

I don't believe the DLC from the first game isn't compatible with the 2012 version? It's a nice price though.

#7 Sgt Barone

Sgt Barone

Posted 03 January 2012 - 07:18 PM

Great price for a very good Kinect game! It's very precise and fun to use.

Here's to a great year of gaming in 2014   :beer: