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A Quest Guide for Lich Defense - Meadow

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Posted 20 September 2012 - 04:24 AM

I don't know if anyone else is playing this game, but if you are, I typed up a guide to help news with the first theme / set of levels. So, here you go. If you don't play the game, I will link to it below and you can check it out. Either way, I hope this helps someone out!

View the original guide here: http://thetrendguys....defense-meadow/

Lich Defense on iTunes: http://itunes.apple....d537610773?mt=8


Meadow 1. DeadRising

Don’t get attacked by an enemy more than 5 times.

You don’t want your Lich to be attacked more than 5 times by incoming enemy forces. Basically, to complete this, you don’t want the enemies making their way to your Lich. So, just make sure you have the full 7 towers as soon as possible and make sure you upgrade them as you can. That way, they can’t get to your Lich.

Lich should not kill units himself.

Once again, you can’t let the enemies make it to your Lich. If they make it to him he will try to attack them. So, make sure you kill all of the enemies before they can get that far.

Summon less than 7 towers.

For this you will have to summon 6 towers in order to complete this quest. I tried summoning 7 and failed, but if you do 6 you will succeed. Enemies are going to be coming at you fast and with only 6 towers this can be a difficult task. Therefore, I would suggest you freeze the enemies as they come at you, so you can at least slow them down and let your towers do work.

Meadow 2. Snail Rail

Use skills more than 3 times.

Here you will just want to use one of your Lich skills in order complete this quest. Basically, just make sure you use your lightning skill more than 3 times. This is not a hard quest at all to complete.

Summon more than 2 types of tower.

You should use more than 2 types of towers/weapons in order to complete this quest. Use the Rapider, Driller and Ice tower to complete this one.

Clear all waves for 400 seconds.

You want to have a nice killstreak to complete this one. Just kill all the waves quickly and you should do okay.

Meadow 3. Raiders

Summon more than 3 types of tower.

This is easy. Just use all of the current towers you have access to.

Clear the stage with full HP.

Try not to let your Lich to get hit by any enemies.

Summon less than 10 towers.

In other words, you should clear the stage with only 9 towers.

Meadow 4. Will Not Unite

Don’t get attacked by an enemy more than 5 times.

This one is going to be tough, especially once you make it to the boss. This is the level where enemies begin to come from two separate routes. You shouldn’t skimp out on placing towers near the Lich, even if enemies can’t even make it that far yet. The boss is very tough, so be prepared and use a good bit of ice towers to keep him slow.

Use skills more than 5 times.

Once again, this shouldn’t be a hard one. You’re going to need your skills anyway, so make sure you use them!

Summon less than 5 types of towers.

This shouldn’t be hard, either. Just summon less than 5 types of towers / weapons and you’ll be okay.

Meadow 5. Destroyer

Destroy more than 5 buildings.

There will be buildings around you on this level. In-between rounds you should try your best to destroy them. That way, you can complete the quest and also add more towers where you want them.

Summon less than 13 towers.

Your goal here is to try and summon less than 13 towers. It’s going to be tough, so good luck.

Lich should not get attacked by units.

This one is tough, especially when you get those fast guys running at you after they get their armor shot off. You want to kill these guys as quickly as possible and try to keep them from making it very far. Use a lot of freeze towers.

Meadow 6. Feint Operation

Kill more than 30 units by Lich’s attack.

This one is really easy and the Lich will basically do all of this on his own.

Use skills more than 10 times.

This shouldn’t be a problem and will help you kill some of the incoming enemies. Just don’t forget about using your skills whenever you can and you will be fine.

Summon more than 10 towers.

Summon over 10 towers, which should be really easy to do.

Meadow 7. Space Renewal

Don’t get attacked by an enemy more than 5 times.

You have to make sure that no more than 5 enemies make it through and hit your Lich. Therefore, you want to be as strong as possible.

Use skills more than 15 times.

Every single time you can use a skill, you should use it. You’re definitely going to need to use your skills to help you keep from being attacked by enemies more than 5 times, any ways.

Destroy more than 8 buildings.

There’s a lot of buildings on this level, so you should just try your best to destroy them all. Plus, you can build a lot more towers if you do this.

Meadow 8. One by One

Don’t summon a tower until you’ve cleared the 1st wave.

This is pretty easy. Make sure you have at least 2 skills equipped and you can do it. I did it with two, but of course it would be better if you had three. Also, wait until you have multiple enemies on the screen before using the skills.

Don’t get attacked by an enemy more than 10 times.

Try not to allow your Lich to be attacked more enemies more than 10 times. Make sure you have a very strong army, because this one is very tough.

Game over at the 21st wave.

I have no idea how to complete this one. All I know is that bosses come on the 21st wave. Maybe if you die, you complete the quest? I’m not sure.

Meadow 9. Don’t Be Square

Upgrade towers more than 15 times before clearing the game.

This won’t be a problem, because you’re going to need some very powerful towers regardless.

Summon less than 15 towers.

This is going to be tough. You should make the towers that you do have very powerful in order to accomplish this.

Complete the level at twice the speed or faster to the end.

Make sure you have some very powerful towers or you won’t be able to complete this. You need to kill enemies fast.

Meadow 10. Focus Firepower

Don’t get attacked by an enemy more than 10 times.

Make sure you have some tough towers and spells so enemies can’t make it to your Lich.

Clear the stage with full HP.

Try to beat the level with full HP. Try not to get hit by enemies and also try not use spells that require HP.

Summon more than 10 towers.

This shouldn’t be a problem, because you’re going to need some very