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In Topic: GamersGate Thread: Summer Sale Reloaded

Today, 12:47 AM

Why are you activating that on Steam?!?!?!?!?  Now it's got DRM cooties!

I now have both Steam + Retail versions.


In Topic: Titanfall (PC) $19.99 at Origin

Yesterday, 10:27 PM

is there any way to get it cheaper? lol


I feel these games arent that popular since it aint on Steam haha

You should've won Titanfall PC (base-game) like I did on Twitter, in the contest right around the actual time of the game's official release when Peter Moore of EA was asking questions + first one to get it right got a code for it on Origin. 




BTW - it was fun for 2 hours I played it for.

This game needs more modes + maps, IMHO.

In Topic: Amazon PC Deals: Red Faction Collection $5.99 - EA Sports Classics NHL 0...

Yesterday, 09:50 PM


Damn you.  Why do you have to say things like "Bayonetta PC ports" and mock me like that?  Why?


You and I both know that as long as Bayonetta remains Wii U's only serious game, it'll be locked into Nintendo-only for years to come.  Damn Nintendo.  Why couldn't Platinum just go to Kickstarter?  I think they'd have made Star Citizen look like chump change...

Don't worry!


Since this is me we're talking about, you know I'm gonna eventually mention numerous consoles games I'd like ported to the PC, wanting them to get ported here - just like myself.


You can join me in the "Console Games That We PC Gamers Want on the PC" Club. ;)

In Topic: Steam Deals Thread V13 ~ Kinetic Void $4.99 | Eldritch $2.99 | Dish...

Yesterday, 09:42 PM

No, we buy Steam-versions of PC games for the Steam count.



You could buy a game on say GOG, UPlay, Origin, Retail, etc - and if that version you buy just don't support Steam or say they don't also give you an additional Steam-version key, it just won't up your Steam game-count.

In Topic: GamersGate Thread: Summer Sale Reloaded

Yesterday, 09:30 PM

A few reports from reddit saying M2TW from GG doesn't activate on steam.

That stinks.

My retail boxed copy of M2: TW Gold activated up on Steam no problem.