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CAGcast #106: Costume Ballers

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#91 Nobi-Wan


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Posted 11 February 2008 - 05:49 PM

Can't anyone read without inference? The number 5 is the mean in the set of 1-10. So using a scale of 1-10 , 5 is the average. That is a fact. I am not assuming anything.

There were games that received less than 5, these games were below average.Maybe it is a statement that games in general are made well that you did not see a lot of below average games.

You're thinking of math, not a ratings/grade system. In the rating and grading world 5 (or 50) and below on a 10 (or 100) point scale is FAILING. You can't compare math's definition of median with a rating median.

7.5 is an average or mediocre score, not 5.

Buy, rent or avoid is my scoring system. Ultimately that's the decision you're making anyway. That's the recommendation you give to your friends.

Man, I totally agree. I think that there should be a rating website that rates the game with "Rent," "Borrow," "Buy," and "Avoid At All Costs" tags instead of the numbering system. As we can see, some people get confused.

#92 tyrone hawk

tyrone hawk

Posted 11 February 2008 - 07:10 PM

Hi guys. My comments on your latest great show:

* Cheapy: could it be possible that the 1-week growth germs had something to do with your hardware breaking up?
* As a TV show on MTV commented last week, Nintendo still lacks games (and a control) that you could sit on and play continuously, like COD4, Halo, or Mass Effect (I can't imagine how your arms would be after playing Frontlines with the Wii controls for 2+ hours)
* Right on target both of you on the additional content (and multiplayer environment) on the PS3 vs. 360. SOrry, Sony, but you have a loooooooooooong road to walk (and unfortunately, no Blue-Ray supremacy is going to change that)
* Cheapy, too late on your comment on keeping the show family-wise: you gave us more links for the adult-based public (and more headaches for us parents for keeping our youth internet experience safe!)
* And also, Cheapy, you scored more points at the end of the show with Mrs. Wombat. Don't know if she does have the WW costume, but you wouldn't like to be around Godzilla right at your side after the show ended

Take care Wombat, as I know everyone here can tell you, we love you (but sorry, 7.5 is not average, 5 IS AVERAGE).

#93 Trenchalicious



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Posted 12 February 2008 - 06:04 AM

Review scores are BS anyways, just write a couple paragraphs about the pros and cons of the game... write about important features... and write about the concept of the game. Don't give into the A.D.D. society of today.

#94 ivanctorres


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Posted 12 February 2008 - 06:19 AM

Great show guys...No comic talk though to my dismay.

Nice job taking showers on Friday cheapy to be all fresh and clean clean for the weekend.

Why isn't that these post show threads are turning into Cheapy said X and he's wrong bc Y or Wombat is a ahole b/c he said Z but what about everyone else that doesn't have a hard drive.

Take a chill pill everyone...its a show...they do it in jest....if you get offended by the show then...turn it off.
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#95 Jirotrom,



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Posted 12 February 2008 - 07:40 AM

welcome to "Missed the Point-ville" population you. We never argued that EGM said 5 was average prior to the new letter system. The point was that with the new letter system with C being average all the past review scores now change. Making all thier 5's somewhere between 7.1-7.5 , thus appeasing the metacritics out there. So yes they said 5 was average last month, but now C is average, so a 5 score is not average anymore for any Ziff Davis Publication. I find that interesting.

Why... on a 1-10 scale 5 is average. The thing is now they are switching to a school grade system in which a 70 is average. Its not an admission of being wrong because they were not wrong.

Also, Cheapy... duck butter is bad, showering is good:p

#96 StinkyCheese


Posted 12 February 2008 - 01:41 PM

I just hope that the first 20 minutes of the next Cagcast is NOT spent sorting this Review Scale shit out.

agreed. *rolls eyes*

Anyways, I get GFW magazine, and even though they gave Blacksite: Area 51 a (4/10) I still took the time to read the entire review to understand why that game would get such a low score. To my surprise, after reading the review and renting the game, it turns out that Blacksite is actually a pretty decent shooter. It's just that the reviewer for GFW had a certain political agenda against the game's underlining message.

Hell, I buy ''bad'' games sometimes. It depends on why the game is ''bad''. say a certain attribute to the game is broken. But say you dont give a Fuck about that atrribute- you might really like the game. Its terrible that some reviewers use their own opinion and dont think about the readers.

#97 spree4567



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Posted 13 February 2008 - 12:48 AM

I'm not sure if it's the site you guys were referring to, but a new independent video game site that is just starting is http://www.crispygamer.com/. I got directed to it from Kyle Orland's Games for Lunch blog. It's definitely a work in progress, but who knows, could turn out to be something big. I personally only recognize a couple of the people's names, maybe others recognize more.

#98 HotFootman


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Posted 13 February 2008 - 03:22 AM

Hey Cheapy and Wombat,

Love the show! Long time listener, 2nd time forum poser. But just wanted to say that I have a baby girl this Sunday 2-10-2008 and being a dad sure is tough. Keep up the good work with the show and hopes everything goes well with your son.

Wombat, I have some friends near your new area. Close to the beach, nice area. Maybe a kid come on the way? (rumor starting)

Gotta go back to the misses and the baby!!:hot:


#99 XXXplosive1


Posted 13 February 2008 - 04:41 AM

Great show guys. Cheapy, I was a victim of downsizing back when my son was 3 months old so I was at home with him by myself during the day time until I found another job when he was about 11 months old. Trust me, you should be taking advantage of the fact that Ty can't move around so much right now. I used to put my son in his carseat in the bathroom with me when I got in the shower and got dressed. When he starts to walk, take advantage of the baby bouncers and walkers. I got pleanty of gaming time in those days. Now that he is 4, I have to deal with not playing M rated games in front of him and him wanting to play games with me. I let him play Simpsons, Wrestling and Driving games with me and he likes to watch me play Mass Effect, which is no worse then Star Wars.

The point is take a shower man.
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#100 Maklershed


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Posted 13 February 2008 - 01:05 PM


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#101 itachiitachi


Posted 13 February 2008 - 07:15 PM

I wholeheartedly disagree with your take on the "hardcore" definition in this weeks Cagcast. I have a lustful distain for the so-called "hardcore" and the following is an open letter to you all (cheapy, wombat, and most over 30 excluded):

Hardcore Gamer (n.) 1. A videogame player characterized by the hyperbolic, proselytizing reverence he displays for a videogame system or game. 2. (n) title of aspiration, or badge of honor giving [hardcore gamer] immediate, self-proclaimed, expert status of the videogame industry as a whole. 3. (n.) a derogatory term ascribed to a videogame player who spends more time playing videogames than making a living, unless he makes his living playing said games. Then he is more commonly known as a game "journalist." (syn: Bum)

Having played videogames for over 30 years, I've watched the industry come, grow, disappear, be re-birthed, and evolved. You "Hardcores" out there are the minority and are simply a subset of all videogame players. Hardcores believe they are the reason for the existence of videogame companies and producers, and that every game made must cater to their own ideas of what make good videogames. They represent the reason the game industry keeps putting out the same FPS, RPG and Madden iterations every year. New ideas scare them because it's beyond their small sphere of existence. MOTS may be good for a year or two, for a sequel or two, but not for a generation or two.

We've seen it all before and videogames can't evolve into anything better as long as you morons keep bitching about how the lame-ass casuals are ruining your market. The casuals FUND your market. You simply can't make enough money while smoking pot and playing videogames all day to fund an industry. Yeah, you save a lot of money living with your parents to buy a PS3, but there simply aren't enough of you. That's why you need us. That's what WE do as casual gamers. We provide the scale of economies and put the mass in "mass market" to make your systems and games affordable. Now play another mario waggle game and shut the hell up already - Final Tensai Nocturne Dragoon Anthology:XIII <insert japaneese wording here> - is still coming out next year.

I agree with most of this.

Also Wombat is right about the grading scale thing

#102 sinewav



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Posted 14 February 2008 - 12:43 AM

I just listened to your show Cheapy and while I agree the comments you made towards Wombat in the last show weren't as harsh on first listen, I think the reason Mrs Wombat is upset with you is not for this comment by itself but it's more like a "Straw that broke the camel's back" type of comment.

I think the real reason she's upset is that for the bulk of CAGcasts 1-105 particularly the newer ones you always make at least one dig against Wombat and your perception of his contribution to the show. Add to the fact that time Wombat puts into the show is time away from Mrs Wombat, this can get old pretty quick and in Mrs Wombat's case downright infuriating.

I myself feel this constant digging at Wombat is getting pretty old and you've made your case time and time again and should give it a rest. While I may be alone in this opinion, I'm of the belief that last week's comments were one too many for Mrs Wombat and I hope you make an attempt to make things right with Wombat's better half.

#103 Xo ColdKilla oX

Xo ColdKilla oX


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Posted 14 February 2008 - 01:48 AM

Hey Cheapy,

You might wanna listen to 56:07 on the newest 3 red lights podcast.
Haha they talk bout you

#104 LiK


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Posted 14 February 2008 - 06:13 PM

Fantastic discussion about Twisted Metal and Calling All Cars. You guys hit the nail right on the head.

Cheapy, I LOVE collecting movies that i love. i already have a sizeable collection. it's comparable to my game collection. check out my collection in my sig. ^^

Btw Wombat, you're a "nothing" that we all love. Let's play more CoD4 this weekend. :)

A few FYIs for this episode:
-Panzer Dragoon Orta is backwards compatible on the 360 and still looks great. I can't believe Cheapy didn't finish it. GO PLAY IT!

-You probably know this: when you put in a full game or d/l a full game on XBLA, you sometimes get a gamerpic that you can't buy. And you can unlock a gamerpic if you get an achievement for a certain game like the 10k kills achievement for Gears of War.

-Cheapy, get No More Heroes if you want a hardcore gamer's game for the Wii. it's fun except for the GTA parts.
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#105 The Linguist

The Linguist

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Posted 15 February 2008 - 05:22 AM

welcome to "Missed the Point-ville" population you. We never argued that EGM said 5 was average prior to the new letter system. The point was that with the new letter system with C being average all the past review scores now change. Making all thier 5's somewhere between 7.1-7.5 , thus appeasing the metacritics out there. So yes they said 5 was average last month, but now C is average, so a 5 score is not average anymore for any Ziff Davis Publication. I find that interesting.

The only way that EGM's 5's will be converted into 7.X's will be if people at Gamerankings or Metacritic are making the same mistake you're making, Wombat. EGM says a 5 is average and traditionally in school a C is average and is awarded for scoring 70-79% (in my classes anyway). But, that percentage is misleading b/c it's not really on a 10-point scale since there are only 5 letter grades.

The better way of thinking about converting letter grades to percentages is the way it's done for calculating a student's GPA. On the normal 4-point scale for GPA a grade of A in some class counts for 4.0, B for 3.0, C for 2.0, D for 1.0 and F for 0. In other words, a C is 50% on this scale. So if Gamerankings et al. are smart, they'll convert an EGM C into a 5.0 when they calculate a game's average.

#106 Cidtalk


Posted 15 February 2008 - 04:02 PM

I Just pointing out the direction developers are heading, the hard drive will be needed more and more in future. You are better off saving money now then spending more to buy one separately.


THAT is an appropriate way to make your point without the dickness :) The discussion continues.