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Contest (CAG Foreplay #42): Win Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (Xbox 360)

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#31 LiK


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Posted 07 May 2008 - 05:41 PM


This would be a sim game. You would find dead animals and start trying to create the most realistic looking stuffed animals and have them judged at the end of every level. The animals would range from small rats to a giant blue whale. It would be made for the Wii or DS so you can use all that waggle and touch screen functionality to really get into it. :D
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#32 Lloweh


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Posted 07 May 2008 - 09:05 PM

Funeral Home Director

This would also be a sim game. Your objective is to be the biggest funeral home in the game. Do you concentrate on earning money from cremating the remains of John Does? Or do you try to attract the funerals of the cities big wigs. Can you keep the bodies rolling in?

#33 ninjalunchbox79



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Posted 08 May 2008 - 08:53 AM

Metal Gear Kart Racer:applause:
Just imagine the possibilites?!?!?!?! The different tracks could be locales from every metal gear made , also Metal Gear Rex , Ray , would be a selectable character , but they would be the actual kart!!! The weapons would be your normal metal gear arsenal as usual. Boss battles would be handled in arena fashion also , surprise last boss - Big Boss (in a wheel chair) , surprise last-last boss - Hideo Kojima in a custom kart!!!!!!!! OMFG:applause:

XBOX 360 EXCLUSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

#34 juvo


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Posted 08 May 2008 - 03:22 PM

The Legend of Wario: Wind Breaker

#35 ianoid



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Posted 08 May 2008 - 05:13 PM

Trailor Park Tycoon. Oh, wait, they actually released that for PC! Woot!

#36 DJSteel


Posted 08 May 2008 - 08:04 PM

Go-Bots the videogame - the game would have three levels and would need no instruction booklet

DS vs Webster : Championship Edition - Can you handle a fighting game that clashes two universes together.... Different Strokes and Webster... Mr Drummond vs Mr. Popodopolus!

Twisted Metal: Knight Rider Edition - It's Twisted Metal with the Knight Rider Car.. hey I hear Hasselhoff is looking for work...
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#37 SeanNOLA


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Posted 08 May 2008 - 08:13 PM

Phoenix Wright: Special Victims Unit:

Can Phoenix Wright win a murder case when speculation and question-and-answer objections run rampant in the New York City courtroom? Or will Gumshoe find him guilty of boy touching...

#38 Jonman



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Posted 08 May 2008 - 11:38 PM

Drama Center: Under the Spotlight
You play a drama teacher in the chronically underfunded drama department of an inner-city school. You must level-up your class of underachieving, stereotypically ethnic students by tapping ineffectually at the touchscreen with the stylus. At the end of each term, you must deploy your students to put on a play that will impress the headmaster enough that he doesn't close your department. Includes over 8 hilarious drama-themed minigames.

#39 Palaver


Posted 09 May 2008 - 12:53 AM


Kind of like GTA, but completely open world. You are free to live however you want, take whatever profession you want, but all of these actions have an effect on your future ability to do other things.

The ultimate open world game.

#40 ThePoliceAreOutside


Posted 09 May 2008 - 05:16 AM

Grand Theft Aero

You fly 747s drunk!
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#41 FriskyTanuki


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Posted 09 May 2008 - 07:51 AM

Super Madden Football 09

The NCAA Football and Madden franchises have finally merged into the ultimate football game, as you can now create your high school recruit, groom them into a #1 draft pick, and then lead them to Super Bowls, Pro Bowls, and eventually the Pro Football Hall of Fame within a twenty year time span. Now you can compete in the ultimate online career mode, as you and hundreds of others can compete with each other in the ultimate football competition.

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Horror Chicken: F.E.A.R. and Resident Evil 4


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#42 NWgamer666


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Posted 09 May 2008 - 09:52 PM

Dope Wars Arcade:

All the classic Dope Wars action from your middle school technology class in convenient downloadable format with a twist: Actual MMO style economy wherein players actually form one economy and trade electronic dope for cash. Maybe re imagined in a third person/rpg style view, with locations and effects of substance realized through visual interpretation. It'd make a bundle.

#43 Vagrant121


Posted 09 May 2008 - 10:44 PM

halo effect.

#44 Ikillez


Posted 09 May 2008 - 11:51 PM

Random you say eh? :P

Uh, Grand Theft Craft
Where it's like GTA but set in like Orgrimmar or something, and you have to hijack the flying thingies or like the wolves.. lol.. lame eh? but if it's truly random it shouldnt matter :P

#45 HotShotX



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Posted 10 May 2008 - 03:45 AM

Star Fox News 64

Not only do you lead the Star Fox Team and pilot the Arwing against the forces of evil Un-Cornerian terrorist Andross, but also get to spread biased opinions and spin the media 3 sectors from the asteroid belt in this action packed, media distorting shooter!


#46 Darklighter



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Posted 10 May 2008 - 06:06 PM

God of Wires: Angry electrician solders his clients.

#47 FeedMeAStrayCat



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Posted 10 May 2008 - 06:28 PM

Joanna Dark vs. James Bond

The lead characters from the N64 hits Perfect Dark and GoldenEye battle it out in a fight to the death. They are fighting to see which one is more awesome. (I'm going with James Bond on this one).

On a side note, all the fighting will be done in either complex or facility/felicity.

#48 homeland


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Posted 12 May 2008 - 05:08 AM


From the creators that brought you nintendog, comes their new smash hit Nintendrock! Now new generations can experience the fun their parents had in the 70's by having their own virtual rock to take care of. You will get to choose from a Igneous, Sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. The fun never stops as you will have to make sure your rock is well cared for and loved. Exclusively on the Nintendo Wii!

was either this or Sims: alzheimer's edition

#49 kewlrats


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Posted 13 May 2008 - 08:58 PM

You Have To Burn the Rope Vs. Image Comics
A fighting game where your favorite has-been comic book heroes from Image (Spawn! Pitt! Savage Dragon!) take on characters from You Have to Burn The Rope.

All battles include burning a rope, which is done with the first button press of the match, and is subsequently also the Fatality.

#50 BarryC



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Posted 14 May 2008 - 09:01 AM

Too Hyped

You play as a developer for the famous video-game company, Plastic Soldiers. Your job is to over-hype your upcoming game as much as possible and at the last second, somehow manage to make it look like it should of came out on the Gamecube in the first place. Everyone loves two player co-op RPGs!

#51 Pyramid_Party



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Posted 16 May 2008 - 07:00 AM

Eye Of Judgement Vs Magic: The Gathering

#52 DarkKenpachi


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Posted 19 May 2008 - 02:44 AM

well if i am not too late to enter:

my idea would be Robotech of the Enders.

combines the great anime feel of robotech with the gameplay and graphics of zone of the enders. plus the added 2 player vs. from Z.O.E.
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