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How will Team USA (men's basketball) do in the Olympics?

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Poll: How will Team USA (men's basketball) do?

How will Team USA (men's basketball) do?

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#31 c0rnpwn



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Posted 25 August 2008 - 05:50 PM

It just show just shows what kind of NBA stars they are. If they are not getting paid to play most rather not do it. Everything to Athletes now a days revolves around money. This is why we haven't won gold in the past couple of Olmypics.

First, it was only one Olympic that this team was redeeming (two if you want to count 1972, I don't). Secondly, don't act so high and righteous. KG already won gold for America in 2000, why should he have to repeat again unless he wanted to? Do you think Kobe is any less selfish than KG? Besides, I'd wager most players are being paid while they're playing - fat marketing/advertising contracts. It's much more exposure than just sitting at home watching the games.
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#32 GuilewasNK


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Posted 26 August 2008 - 09:36 AM

Speaking of KG not wanting to play. I say if you're one of the NBA's elite players you HAVE to play in the Olympics. They shouldn't even have to ask it should be a necessary part of every NBA Players contract. If they pick you, you have to play regardless.

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