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CAGcast #134: Pure Credibility

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#91 Z_meista


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Posted 27 September 2008 - 11:42 PM

Hey Cheapy and Wombat. The Giantbombcast talked about Wombat's fake rumor contest on their show. They answered one of the listener's e-mail.

#92 TheTrueSephiroth


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Posted 28 September 2008 - 03:18 AM

I've been a CAG for many years, although I hardly ever post. (Am a religious CAGcast listener since episode 1 however.) And while I always knew that there was a CAG community with people who bought and traded games with one another, I have never been a part of that.
I posted in the contest thread about which games I would buy during Gamestop's B2G1F sale, in hopes of winning a gift card. I thought nothing more of it.
The next day I checked my Gmail account and to my suprise, a CAG had replied to my post directly to me! He told me about how he had found Chrome Hounds at Sears for $2.97 and that I should check that deal out at my local Sears instead of wasting my free game at the Gamestop sale on Chrome Hounds. (I could get a more expensive game for free) He went on to tell me his opinions on the game and whether I should pick it up at all etc.
The point of all this, is that I just wanna say that I had no idea that the CAG community was so openly helpful and friendly to its members. I am not a forum regular by any means, so for me to make a fluke post, and to get such an out-of-the-blue, courteous and helpful response, just blew me away. It's amazing to me that in this day and age, some people are still out to help their fellow man. Cheap Ass Gamer truly is the best place to find cheap games, and CAG "DrumsVocalsKeys" made that clear to me. Keep up the great work everyone and thanks again for the tip!

#93 tcolberg



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Posted 29 September 2008 - 07:03 AM

With no disregard to Shima, CheapyD has a very valid point in being annoyed with gamer blogs and "news sites" running with clearly B.S. rumors as their lead stories. And he is right to do so. Public opinion shapes policy, and sometimes the truth cannot withstand against the things people believe to be the truth. Political parties know this already, which is why they readily repeat rumors, and even will acknowledge them as such, knowing that the seeds of the idea, however erroneous, still take root. These bits of misinformation can unintentionally shape or guide a consumer's attitudes and their spending patterns, such as in causing buyers to hold off on buying a console because of a rumored price drop. For real world examples of the havoc rumors can cause, look to Nashville, Tennessee and their dry gas stations.

Brian Crecente and others who are angry with CAG need to come clean and admit that the REAL reason that they are annoyed with Cheapy and Wombat is because getting a blatantly unfounded rumor to the front page of their video game "news sites" was shooting fish in a fucking barrel, and CheapyD and Wombat knew it. They knew it would work, and that's why Cheapy hesitated in the first place. Because it was Too. Damn. Easy. It wasn't like suggesting that users hack the sites to make them look silly, which would have been both illegal and non-constructive, but it was merely exploiting the very nature of the beast that was already causing it to look silly, which was Cheapy's whole point to begin with.

So suck it up, Brian. Cheapy did you a favor. If you want to bank your following and page-views on rumors while keeping a modicum of respect, you are going to have to look at sites like macrumors.com that "do it for a living," and see how they rake over EVERY story from EVERY source, giving it the "sniff test" and considering the source and the history or success rate of the source before giving it even a page 2 slot, much less front page importance. You were exposed. Learn from it and make yourself better.


As for the Xbox 360 Arcade, it allows people to buy the console incrementally. Lets say a kid wants a 360. His parents might be amenable to something that's $200 + games and not $300. He can later buy the accessories he wants after the parents forget about the initial cost of the console. Same goes for an adult who's on a monthly budget. It might also get first time console buyers to give the console a shot because they can get an entry-level system and addon as they feel comfortable. Of course it's probably more cost effective to go with the Pro system off the bat, but having a low-level model offers flexibility.

#94 Shady3011


Posted 29 September 2008 - 07:42 AM

Cheapy, if you want a more linear progression in RB2 in terms of songs, do the challenge mode. The marathons go through all the songs on the disc in order of difficulty. You can also save and quit anytime and continue later. Plus, people can jump in to help you out in case you want to play with others or need help passing a tough song.