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BlazBlue:Calamity Trigger Premium Pack for Xbox 360 $41.99 + FS @ Newegg

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#31 Alba69


Posted 19 December 2009 - 12:27 AM

This game pwns. The visuals are great and the fighting mechanics are spot on.

The LE version was a real treat as it was being sold for $60, just like the regular version.. it was just a matter of getting your hands on an LE.

I also doubt the LE is going to hit the $30 mark. I don't think they made too many of these, and the PS3 version was sold out at a shitload of major retailers (including Amazon) right when the game released. I'm just assuming there's more 360 copies around because they printed more or just because people like me prefer getting their fighters for the PS3.


Online is still okay on the PS3.. the problem is that most of the time, you're being matched up with a real avid player as many noob players moved on or are the more veteran players now. The learning curve is pretty easy for the game, but mastering it is hard. Didn't even attempt to as I didn't have hours a day to simply commit to one game. The girlfriend still likes playing this once in a while though because with Noel, you can just button mash like shit and still get a win every now and then. Haha.

lol tagers sledge hammer goes through like half of her moves.
and this game was worth it. especially the limited edition. i still play it daily since i got it back in july. and listening to the tutorial of mike z just made me want to use tager. mike z is also one of the best tagers out there.