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CAGcast #228: Putting It On You

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#61 Janaak


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Posted 14 February 2011 - 02:53 AM

Off topic, but I was wondering…. Do you guys follow boxing at all & if so, what boxers do you like in the ring? I'm a Tyson & Paquiao fan myself.
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#62 rogueweapon



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Posted 14 February 2011 - 04:05 AM

Hey Shipwreck, Transformers Prime Cartoon, should I even bother? Also Womanbat's wow portable idea is good, the 3G would be incorporated in the monthly fee.
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GET SMART, sub my videos & favorites on youtube.

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#63 Chris_GTR1



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Posted 14 February 2011 - 04:49 AM

LOL!! someone already bought cheapassgamer.co and is selling it for 30$. you guys are making a big deal out of the whole thing. .CO are just colombian sites who cares lol.

#64 FriskyTanuki


    Get bopped, son.

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Posted 14 February 2011 - 08:47 AM

I enjoyed Stacking a lot. It was a really fun adventure game that allowed for some exploration and experimentation to solve the puzzles in every way that they offered. Nobody else would've thought to make a game around Russian nesting dolls than a company like Double Fine.

Explodemon is only a rip-off of Splosion Man to dumb people. In fact, people have actually been mistaking it for the Capcom iPhone game and been boycotting the game because of their ignorance.

The dumbest part about the multiplayer in Mindjack is that if the host loses, the winners (aka the enemies) get to replay that level again because they're technically messing with another player's progress, so there's zero reward for winning if you're not the host. A better developer will come along and do the idea right at some point.

Shipwreck thinks MLB 2K10 was a good game? It was at least playable, but they have a long way to go before they're offering a good game.

The Killzone 3 beta was capped for how many people can access it at a time, so you would get a denial when trying to get on. That won't be an issue with the full game. Cheapy might as well try out the Move stuff since he was against 3D and micro-transactions and has become supporters of both lately.

Sony's got a suit with LG over patent infringements, as well. So that probably won't go far beyond both companies coming to some kind of agreement/settlement.

Cheapy, the automatic download isn't really able to tell which games you own/still have, so you have to start them up and quit so that the feature can grab updates the next time it looks for them. You can do that quickly by just starting up one game, pulling up the in-game XMB, and selecting the next game to switch to that game. You can do the same for retail games if you want it to know what to keep updated, as well.

Decent show.

#65 banodyne



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Posted 14 February 2011 - 12:54 PM

The chick from the Kinect Show is Bridget O'Neill. I have to concur that Xbox throws her tits at you but I do not mind in the least.

At least it's not the douchey British grown men with Justin Bieber haircuts like on their other video show.

#66 Thomas96


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Posted 14 February 2011 - 03:10 PM

The Wraith - "He's heaven sent and hell on wheels!"

I remember that movie.

BTW - "Puttin it on you" just means good poon tang. Not necessarily sexually aggressive. Can be, doesn't have to be.

there's a video that illustrates the "puttin it on you" concept really well.. but ahhh I guess its not appropriate for this forum. oh well.
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#67 Backlash



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Posted 14 February 2011 - 10:17 PM

The dumbest part about the multiplayer in Mindjack is that if the host loses, the winners (aka the enemies) get to replay that level again because they're technically messing with another player's progress, so there's zero reward for winning if you're not the host. A better developer will come along and do the idea right at some point.

When Shipwreck mentioned enemy players invading your game I immediately thought of Demon's Souls, which did a pretty darn good job of that, I think. It had some flaws but overall was good. Can't wait to see how the online multi-player in Dark Souls is implemented.

#68 FriskyTanuki


    Get bopped, son.

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Posted 14 February 2011 - 11:05 PM

When Shipwreck mentioned enemy players invading your game I immediately thought of Demon's Souls, which did a pretty darn good job of that, I think. It had some flaws but overall was good. Can't wait to see how the online multi-player in Dark Souls is implemented.

That's not really the same concept as what Mindjack and others have gone for, which was to replace all AI enemies in a level with real people. The Crossing was sort of the first game to take on the idea but was at least put on hold a while ago.

#69 bgame2


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Posted 15 February 2011 - 06:54 PM

So Cheapy, what's with all the random advertising banner ads recently? I'm pretty sure that I saw one for weight loss a few days ago and now you've got one criticizing NJ Governor (and complete showboat) Chris Christie. Are these ads the result of your $7000 sound bar?

Regardless, the Chris Christie ad gave me a chance to tangentially align my wife (a New Jersey teacher) with CAG so thanks for that.

Edited by bgame2, 15 February 2011 - 08:10 PM.

#70 SeanNOLA


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Posted 15 February 2011 - 09:59 PM

Kevin Butler? Don't you mean Jerry Lambert? http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1208801/

#71 Kaneco



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Posted 16 February 2011 - 05:40 AM

What's the name of the song in the intro.

I really like it, it's quite catchy!

#72 bgame2


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Posted 17 February 2011 - 04:06 AM

I'm pretty disappointed that you guys almost forgot to mention TDU2 with the new releases and pretty much didn't talk about it or give any input. I guess you really had to be fans of the first one to understand. A lot of people loved the first game (it was one of the first few racers on the 360 besides the launch titles), they explored the hell out of it and wanted more. We thought a sequel would never see the light of day until it was announced a little over a year ago. I gladly pre-ordered the game 6 months ago when GS first advertised they would have the Casino DLC. I picked it up on release day and almost got a gutted copy b/c the clerk said people had been picking it up all day and they only had 4 copies left.

As soon as I played it, I realized it was almost completely different than the original, but contained subtle cues and nods to the first game. From the start, the driving was less stiff and felt better. Then my mind was blown when I was given the option to choose b/t 3 distinct driving options ('arcade', sports, hardcore) I had been playing Forza 3 and GT5 for the past month, and it was nothing like them. Rather, I was reminded of NFS: Hot Pursuit with the way the vehicles drove in the fully-assisted 'arcade' mode. The fact that there is a story line (why did we all come to hate story lines in our racers? with TDU2, its a breath of fresh air it seems..) and that your character can quasi-walk around (you're really just moving the camera) is a really neat addition over the first. There is way more to explore and achieve, and an off-road vehicle and track selection just seals the deal.

Cheapy, I thought you would have at least tried this, being the biggest fan of racers on the show. If you're getting stuck in NFS:HP, then I don't see why you wouldn't try this, as its the freshest thing. Hell, even at a $50 price point, I would consider buying you a copy just so you could spend 2 minutes on it the next time ;)

Token, I might be wrong but didn't wombat mention the 2 metacritic scores from Eurogamer and GameInformer? I thought he said something about it getting an 85 and a 70. I also think Cheapy mentioned being interested in it. Again, I could be wrong but I do think they mentioned it.

#73 Shachaxarbono


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Posted 17 January 2013 - 04:29 AM

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#74 Shachaxarbono


    CAG in Training

  • CAG in Training

Posted 18 January 2013 - 04:54 PM

Maintaining style lacks to be a daunting process. There are several things you need to know to help you get the most from your wardrobe along with other design products. The following tips boosts your knowledge of what you need to do today to be trendy. .

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Make a complete type. Consider a distinct celeb that you would like to product your self right after, or perhaps a personality in the film you would like to seem like. That way, . you may have one thing under consideration when you go shopping. It offers you a place to start, and that will help you to selecting facts you love.

Showing just a little epidermis in no way harm anyone, but make certain you will not be showing completely a lot of. Whenever you go overboard leaving very little for the creativity, that is not deemed attractive. It may be beneficial to use a backless outfit or a semi-utter top rated, but a see-via t-shirt with nothing at all beneath is tasteless.

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#75 Shachaxarbono


    CAG in Training

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Posted 21 January 2013 - 07:16 AM

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#76 Shachaxarbono


    CAG in Training

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Posted 22 January 2013 - 01:04 AM

You may possibly not have ever thought about fashion. But the initially impression is the most powerful impression once you meet up with a person. Precisely what is your personal style declaring? You must commence considering differently about fashion to make the ideal initially effect, and below are a few fashion guidelines to help you generate an impression that's wonderful. .

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#77 Shachaxarbono


    CAG in Training

  • CAG in Training

Posted 22 January 2013 - 10:05 PM

Many people who adore absolutely nothing better than to boost their appear. But, the realm of fashion can be a complicating one particular, with a lot of features that are challenging to understand. In this post, you may be supplied with clear and understandable fashion advice that could have you hunting amazing in no time!

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