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Ebay/shipping drama thread

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#1 2DMention


Posted 14 April 2011 - 12:53 PM

Post your ebay/paypal/shipping drama here. Buyer or seller, it doesn't matter.

Drama # 1 PO Box
Sold a JVC X'Eye and specified UPS as the shipping. The winning bidder had a PO Box. UPS won't ship to PO Boxes. Long story short - I had to ship it USPS and I took $9 up the ass. Lesson learned. Will cancel all PO Box shipments in the future and include a little note. Ebay/Paypal really need to allow you to change the shipping when you print a label. If you specify UPS and you come across something like this - you're locked in. Now that I think about it, I should have specified USPS and calculated shipment. Shame on me.

Drama # 2 "The Cracked Case"

Sold Guardian Heroes on ebay. It's a Saturn game, which, like the Sega CD, and early PSOne games has a notoriously fragile case that is huge and cracks easy. Case got damaged in shipping because my dumb ass didn't ship it in a box, but a bubble mailer. Another lesson learned. Gave a refund, took $15 in the ass, but still made $$.

Drama #3 The Canadian Lot

In 12 years on ebay, I've shipped many games overseas and canada, but few over $100 or in big boxes. Sold a large # of games to someone in Canada, printed the shipping label, took it to the UPS store, dropped it off. I thought things were fine. I filled out a customs form. Got a call from them 2 hours later saying they needed an Invoice. I asked them if they had the form I could fill out there. They didn't know or didn't care and said I'd have to pay for shipping again. After a frantic call to paypal, I was able to get the form. We'll see if they take it. I'll take it to another UPS store, because obviously this place has their head up their ass. Too bad - it was on the way home, too.

It's a very humbling experience, and even though I've been doing this for 12 years, I still feel like a dumbass and an amateur.
It also reminded me that shipping overseas, especially to Canada is a pain in the ass and not worth the extra 1-2 bids you get. For the longest time, I'd not ship outside the US. I decided to give it another go, but now I wonder if it's worth all the hassle.
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#2 emeraldgsl


    Beginning of the End

  • CAGiversary!

Posted 15 April 2011 - 12:15 PM

Thanks for posting these. Drama #1 & #3 are things I will watch out for in the future.
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#3 2DMention


Posted 19 April 2011 - 02:46 PM

Thanks for posting these. Drama #1 & #3 are things I will watch out for in the future.

Lessons learned:

#1 Give them the option to ship via USPS and calculated shipping besides UPS in case of a PO Box.

#2 Only ship USPS priority Canada and worldwide. so it can be tracked. Never ship worldwide or canada first class, because you can get screwed. If you look at it this way, it isn't even worth shipping worldwide or Canada because people aren't gonna pay 6X the shipping cost unless it's something really rare or a Neo Geo game.
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