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PS3 320GB Uncharted 3 Bundle w/ Bonus DLC available for pre-order on Amazon for $299

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Posted 27 September 2011 - 03:00 AM

while thats good advice for most people, and I appreciate the effort thats a no go for me. I never trade in my games, ever. Im gonna have to wait for a sale around xmas probably. I defintely want the 320 gig model too. After living with an old 40 gig for years and being out of space constantly, i dont want to worry about that again. Espeically with the PS3's memory hogging with all its games.

I just really wish sony would put out a console i would give a damn about buying =( theyre so plain

The old PS3 fattys are starting to YLOD en masse. I strongly suggest you back up any saves you want to keep. If you don't get a console before it dies, you'll lose all your saves if you don't do a direct transfer or put it on the PS+ cloud. I learned the hard way.:cry:

TBH, this is a pretty good bundle. Even if you don't want the game, you can always trade it in to offset some of the cost considering 320GB version retails at $299 anyways, so it's like getting a free game. You'll also avoid accidently striping the blue hdd screw on your fatty because they're made out of butter.:lol:

I don't doubt that there'll be some promotions for the holidays, but I don't see any straight $200 PS3 blowouts like a few weeks ago popping up.