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2012 Blu-ray/DVD Spending Tab

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#1 Ardrid


Posted 01 January 2012 - 06:59 AM

I'll start this year off.

I'm going to round up/down for simplicity's sake. The list is limited to movies I've purchased for myself. Gifts are excluded.

2011 Blu-ray/DVD Spending Tab: $115.45


:br: Boyz n the Hood - $0.00 ($10.00 Amazon GC)
:br: Trading Places: Looking Good, Feeling Good Edition - $0.00 ($10.00 Amazon GC)
January Total: $0.00
Total Movies Purchased: 2
Average Cost Per Movie: $0.00

February Total: $0.00
Total Movies Purchased: 0
Average Cost Per Movie: $0.00

March Total: $0.00
Total Movies Purchased: 0
Average Cost Per Movie: $0.00


:br: Ocean's Trilogy - $0.00 ($14.00 Amazon GC)
April Total: $0.00
Total Movies Purchased: 1
Average Cost Per Movie: $0.00


May Total: $0.00
Total Movies Purchased: 0
Average Cost Per Movie: $0.00

June Total: $0.00
Total Movies Purchased: 0
Average Cost Per Movie: $0.00

July Total: $0.00
Total Movies Purchased: 0
Average Cost Per Movie: $0.00

:br: Rush Hour - $0.00 (WBShop Rewards Promo)
August Total: $0.00
Total Movies Purchased: 1
Average Cost Per Movie: $0.00

Septmber Total: $0.00
Total Movies Purchased: 0
Average Cost Per Movie: $0.00

October Total: $0.00
Total Movies Purchased: 0
Average Cost Per Movie: $0.00

:br: John Adams - $0.00 ($5.00 Amazon PC & $14.00 Amazon GC)
:br: Collateral - $0.00 ($6.00 Amazon GC)
:br: Shutter Island - $0.00 ($6.00 Amazon GC)
:br: Captain America: The First Avenger - $0.00 ($8.00 Amazon GC)
:br: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol - $0.00 ($8.00 Amazon GC)
:dvd: Entourage S7 - $0.00 ($10.00 Amazon GC)
:dvd: Entourage S8 - $0.00 ($10.00 Amazon GC)
:br: Fight Club (10th Anniversary Edition) - $0.00 ($3.95 Amazon GC)
November Total: $0.00
Total Movies Purchased: 8
Average Cost Per Movie: $0.00

:br: Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas - $0.00 ($10.00 Amazon GC)
:br: A Charlie Brown Christmas - $0.00 ($10.00 Amazon GC)
December Total: $0.00
Total Movies Purchased: 2
Average Cost Per Movie: $0.00

Final Totals
Yearly Total: $0.00
Total Movies Purchased: 14
Average Cost Per Movie: $0.00

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#2 GoAztecs


Posted 01 January 2012 - 07:18 AM

01/07 - DVD/CD - Adele - Live At The Royal Albert Hall - New - Costco - $0.00 (Gift)

Total: $0.00
DVD: 1

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#3 TheBigAndy



  • CAGiversary!

Posted 01 January 2012 - 09:40 AM

January -
Source Code - $12.99 (Zia Records)
South Park Season 12 - $15.99 (Zia Records)
Scream 2 - $9.99 (Zia Records)
Scream 3 - $7.00 (Amazon)
Cujo - $5.00 (Target)

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#4 namtrahj



  • CAGiversary!

Posted 01 January 2012 - 12:25 PM


#5 Scorch



  • CAGiversary!

Posted 01 January 2012 - 08:23 PM

I've never done one of these before. I'll be here often.

Posted Image

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

#6 tossin



  • CAGiversary!

Posted 01 January 2012 - 08:30 PM


#7 The Questyen

The Questyen

Posted 02 January 2012 - 12:43 AM

An Idiot Abroad Season 1 (dvd) - $25.99 / Amazon
Drive (blu-ray)- $19.99 / Amazon

Downton Abbey Season 2 (blu-ray) - $23.74 / Amazon
Lady and the Tramp (blu-ray) - $17.99 / Amazon
Adventure Time: My Two Favorite People (dvd) - $10.99 / Amazon
The Protector (dvd) - $3 / Half Price Books
Osaka Tough Guys (dvd) - $3 / Half Price Books
Full Metal Yakuza (dvd) - $3 / Half Price Books

Adventure Time: It Came from the Nightosphere (dvd) - $10.99 / Amazon
Battle Royale: The Complete Collection (blu-ray) - $19.99 / Amazon
Bambi (blu-ray) - $15 / Zia Records
Toy Story (blu-ray) - $15 / Zia Records
Curb Your Enthusiasm Seasons 1-4 (dvd) - $32 / Half Price Books
Rise of the Planet of the Apes (blu-ray) - $9.99 / Best Buy

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 5 (dvd) - $12.99 / Zia Records
Tangled, Ratatouille, Princess and the Frog (blu-ray) - $34 / fellow CAG
Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7 (dvd) - $15.99 / Zia Records
Sleepy Hollow (blu-ray) - $3.84 / Target

[Kitano flicks (Boiling Point, Violent Cop, Kikujiro) (dvd)
Miike flicks (Gozu, Graveyard of Honor, White Collar Worker Kintaro, Deadly Outlaw Rekka, One Missed Call, Big Bang Love, Juvenile A, Demon Pond, Bodyguard Kiba 2, Family Part 2, The City of Lost Souls, Rainy Dog, Ley Lines, Andromedia, Imprint) (dvd)
Sono flicks (Strange Circus & Hair Extensions) (dvd)
Bruno (blu-ray)
The Happening (blu-ray) / $65 shipped for all gohastings.com]

Psycho (blu-ray) - $4.99 / best buy
Spartacus (blu-ray) - $4.99 / best buy
Leon: The Professional (blu-ray) - $4.99 / best buy
To Catch a Thief (blu-ray) - $9.99 / best buy
Justified Season Two (blu-ray) - $14.99 / best buy
Manhattan (blu-ray) - $8.99 / frys
Annie Hall (blu-ray) - $8.99 / frys
Spellbound (blu-ray) - $8.99 / frys
Notorious (blu-ray) - $8.99 / frys
Rebecca (blu-ray) - $11.99 / frys
Takashi Miike Collection (Bodyguard Kiba 1 & 2 / Family 1 & 2) (dvd) - $15.99 / amazon
Dead or Alive Trilogy (dvd) - $21.71 / amazon
Black Society Trilogy (dvd) - $9.97 / amazon
The Lady Vanishes: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) - $20.99 / amazon

America Lost and Found: The BBS Story: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) - $56.99 / amazon
Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie (blu-ray) - $16.96 / amazon
Miike Flicks (The Way To Fight, Crows Zero, Detective Story, 3 Extremes)
Whatever Works (blu-ray) - $22.88 for all shipped from gohastings.com
Coen Brothers Boxset (blu-ray) - $19.99 / best buy.com
Fight Club (blu-ray) - $9.99 / best buy
The Last of the Mohicans (blu-ray) - $9.99 / best buy
Da Ali G Show: Complete Series (dvd) - $14.99 / best buy
New York Stories (blu-ray) - $5.99 / amazon
Miike Flicks (Young Thugs: Innocent Blood, Yakuza Demon, The Great Yokai War, The Happiness of the Katakuris)
Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 6 (dvd) - $19.70 for all shipped from half.com
Seance (dvd) - $6.40 / half price books
Tim Burton 3 Pack (Beetlejuice, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Corpse Bride) (blu-ray) - $14.99 / best buy

Sabu (dvd) - $2.89 / amazon
Young Thugs: Nostalgia (dvd) - $4.76 / amazon
The Bird People in China (dvd) - $13.00 / half.com (ended up being a bootleg)
Visitor Q (dvd) - $11.36 / half.com
Silver (dvd) - $12.62 / half.com
Ichi the Killer (dvd) - $6.99 / ebay
Cronos: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) - $18.49 / amazon
The Darjeeling Limited: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) - $18.99 / amazon
Three Colors Trilogy: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) - $38.49 / amazon
Kiss Me Deadly: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) - $18.99 / amazon
Rushmore: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) - $18.99 / amazon
The Seventh Seal: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) - $18.49 / amazon
12 Monkeys (blu-ray) - $5.00 / fry's
King Kong (2005) (blu-ray) - $6.99 / fry's
Lowball bundle from CAG (Nausicaa, Alice in Wonderland (2010), Almost Famous: Bootleg Cut, Fist of Legend, Gangs of New York, True Legend) (blu-ray) - $53.50 shipped
Gohastings.com bundle Dvds: (IZO, Cold Fish, Noriko's Dinner Table) Blu-rays: (Zebraman 2, A.I., Haywire, Contagion) - $58 shipped

Home on the Range (blu-ray) - $19.96 / amazon
Treasure Planet (blu-ray) - $19.96 / amazon
Chungking Express: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) - $15.99 / zia records
Tokyo Drifter: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) - $15.99 / zia records
Sukiyaki Western Django (uncut bootleg version) (dvd) - $7.99 / zia records
Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 (dvd) - $22.99 / best buy
Adventure Time: Complete First Season (dvd) - $17.96 / amazon
M: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $18.74 / barnes and noble
Bottle Rocket: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $18.74 / barnes and noble
Harold and Maude: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $18.74 / barnes and noble
The 39 Steps: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $18.74 / barnes and noble
The Inbetweeners: The Complete Series (dvd) $29.99 / amazon
Sweetie: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $19.99 / barnes and noble
Childrens Hospital: The Complete Third Season (dvd) $19.29 / amazon
The Last Days of Disco: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $19.99 / barnes and noble
Metropolitan: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $19.99 / barnes and noble

Mel Brooks Collection (blu-ray) $28.99 / amazon
Pulse & Retribution (K. Kurosawa) (dvd) $5.40 total / gohastings.com
Community: The Third Season (dvd) $19.96 / amazon
The Royal Tenenbaums (blu-ray) $18.99 / amazon
Like a Dragon (dvd) $7.11 / amazon marketplace
Negotiator (dvd) $7.01 / amazon marketplace
MPD Psycho: The Complete Miniseries (dvd) $9.82 / amazon marketplace
The Bird People in China (dvd) $21.73 / amazon marketplace
Aristocats (blu-ray) $14.99 / amazon
The Rescuers/Rescuers Down Under 2 Pack (blu-ray) $14.99 / amazon
Toy Story 2 (blu-ray) store credit / bookmans
Apocalypto (blu-ray) store credit / bookmans
Cast Away (blu-ray) store credit / bookmans
No Country for Old Men (blu-ray) store credit / bookmans
There Will Be Blood (blu-ray) $11.99 / zia records
gohastings bundle: blu's (Baby Mama, Donnie Darko, Unleashed, The Assassination of Jesse James, Requiem for a Dream, The Neverending Story, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Juno, V for Vendetta), dvd (30 Rock Season 3) $50 shipped
Dreamchild (dvd) $10.49 / amazon

The Aviator (blu-ray) store credit / bookmans
High Fidelity (blu-ray) store credit / bookmans
Good Night, and Good Luck (blu-ray) store credit / bookmans
Menace II Society (blu-ray) store credit / bookmans
Open Your Eyes (dvd) store credit / bookmans
Quadrophenia: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $19.99 / deep discount dvd
The Fountain (blu-ray) store credit / zia records
Lost in Translation (blu-ray) store credit / zia records
Jerry Maguire (blu-ray) store credit / zia records
30 Rock: Seasons 4-6 (dvd) $56 / best buy
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (blu-ray) $26 / fellow CAG
The Departed (blu-ray) $6 / fellow CAG
Ed Wood (blu-ray) $12.24 / amazon
Wonder Showzen: Season 2 (dvd) store credit / bookmans
The Game: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $13.74 / amazon
Godzilla: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $19.48 / amazon

Cinderella (blu-ray) $19.99 / amazon
Adventure Time: Jake vs Me-Mow (dvd) $17.32 / amazon
The Great Mouse Detective (blu-ray) $18.96 / amazon
Good Will Hunting (blu-ray) store credit / bookmans
It's Always Sunny... Season 7 (blu-ray)
The League Season 3 (blu-ray)
Planet of the Apes (2001) (blu-ray)
E.T. (blu-ray)
James & the Giant Peach (blu-ray) $15 total / best buy
Check It Out Season 1 & 2 (dvd) $14.99 / amazon
Edward Scissorhands (blu-ray) store credit / bookmans
La Haine: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) store credit / bookmans
Moonrise Kingdom (blu-ray) store credit / zia records
Romeo + Juliet (1996) (blu-ray) store credit / zia records
Moulin Rouge (2001) (blu-ray) store credit / zia records
Run Lola Run (blu-ray) store credit / zia records
The Artist (blu-ray) store credit / zia records
Big Fish (blu-ray) $14.99 / amazon
A Bug's Life (blu-ray) $16.56 / amazon marketplace
Tim Burton Collection (blu-ray) $44.99 / amazon
Do the Right Thing (blu-ray) $9.99 / zia records
Umberto D: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $19.19 / tcm website
Pale Flower: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $17.99 / barnes and noble
High and Low: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $17.99 / barnes and noble
Rosemary's Baby: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $17.99 / barnes and noble
North by Northwest (blu-ray) $10.49 / barnes and noble

Late Spring: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $17.99 / barnes and noble
Charade: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $17.99 / barnes and noble
Universal Monsters Box-Set (blu-ray) $55.49 / amazon uk
Volver (blu-ray) store credit / zia records
Walkabout: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) store credit / zia records
Closer (blu-ray) store credit / zia records
Rashomon: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $17.99 / barnes and noble
The Godfather Trilogy (blu-ray) $19.99 / best buy
Fudoh: The New Generation - Deluxe Edition (dvd) $10.98 / amazon marketplace
Alfred Hitchcock Box-Set (blu-ray) $130 / amazon.uk
Tarantino XX Collection (blu-ray) $69.99 / amazon
Modern Family: Season 3 (blu-ray) $19.99 / amazon
The Red Shoes: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $17.99 / amazon
Seven Samurai: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $20.99 / amazon
Traffic: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $17.99 / amazon
12 Angry Men: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $17.99 / amazon
Anatomy of a Murder: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $17.99 / amazon
Being John Malkovich: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $17.99 / amazon
The Phantom of the Opera (1925) (blu-ray) $12.69 / amazon
Archer: Season 2 (blu-ray) $12.99 / amazon
Parks and Recreation: Seasons 1-3 (dvd) $27.47 / amazon
Fringe: Season 4 (blu-ray) $16.99 / amazon
Planet of the Apes: 5 Film Collection (blu-ray) $22.99 / amazon

Magnolia (blu-ray) $9.99 / amazon
Boogie Nights (blu-ray) $9.99 / amazon
Something Wild: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $14.99 / amazon
Following: Criterion Collection (blu-ray) $20.99 / amazon
Louie: Season 2 (blu-ray) $7.99 / amazon
Eastbound & Down: The Third Season (blu-ray) $16.99 / amazon
Lone Wolf & Cub: Complete Set (blu-ray) $16.49 / amazon

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#8 bardockkun


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Posted 02 January 2012 - 05:16 AM


Posted Image Heat - $7.99
Posted Image Alien Anthology (UK version) - $25.04
Posted Image Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, part 2 (Special Edition) - $10.95
Posted Image Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, part 3 (Special Edition) - $6.94
Posted Image Drive - $16.29
Posted Image Spawn: The Animated Collection - $6.99


Posted Image Evil Dead 2 - $5.99
Posted Image The Simpsons: Season 10 - $12.99


Posted Image The Muppets (with lunchbox) - $30.44
Posted Image Death Race - $1.08
Posted Image Blues Brothers - $5.42
Posted Image Battle Royale The Complete Collection - $17.99


Posted Image The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Posted Image Purple Rain - $21.73
Posted Image Forgetting Sarah Marshall - $5.43
Posted Image The Incredible Hulk - $5.42
Posted Image The Godfather Collection - $23.74
Posted Image Attack the Block - $14.49


Posted Image All-Star Superman - $10.09
Posted Image Code Geass R2 Part 2 (limited edition) - $7.31
Posted Image Space Ghost Coast to Coast - $5


Posted Image Iron Monkey
Posted Image Star Trek (3-disc) - $10.85
Posted Image Step Brothers
Posted Image Dark Knight (Steelbook) - $15.86
Posted Image Observe and Report - $8.65
Posted Image Batman: Year One (blu/DVD combo) - $7
Posted Image Batman: The Animated Series vol. 1 - $14


Posted Image Batman: The Animated Series vol. 3 - $16.30
Posted Image Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season 1 vol. 1
Posted Image Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season 1 vol. 2 - $10.81
Posted Image Batman: The Animated Series vol. 4 - $15.50
Posted Image Super 8 - $8.66
Posted Image Batman: The Brave and the Bold season 2 vol. 1 - $5.41


Posted Image Nightmare on Elm Street - $8.66


Posted Image Prometheus: 4-Disc Collectors Edition
Posted Image 50/50 - $27.16
Posted Image Trainspotting
Posted Image The Hurt Locker
Posted Image Sex Drive - $19.13
Posted Image Saw III - $4.53
Posted Image Chasing Amy/ Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back/ Clerks - $4.53
Posted Image Hanna - $5
Posted Image Slither - $1.50
Posted Image Adventure Time: The Complete First Season -$13.93
Posted Image Metalocalypse: Season 4 - $16.29


Posted Image The Raid: Redemption
Posted Image 21 Jump Street - $16.30
Posted Image Justified: Season 2
Posted Image Breaking Bad: Season 1
Posted Image Breaking Bad: Season 2
Posted Image Breaking Bad: Season 3
Posted Image Breaking Bad: Season 4 - $46.72
Posted Image Justice League: Doom
Posted Image Superman vs. The Elite - $15.89
Posted Image Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths - $8.66
Posted Image Taxi Driver
Posted Image The Pirates! Band of Misfits
Posted Image Spartacus: Vengeance
Posted Image Spartacus: Gods of the Arena
Posted Image Batman: The Animated Series vol. 2 - $15.61
Posted Image The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - $5.99
Posted Image Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Posted Image The Adventures of Tintin
Posted Image Thor - $23.94
Posted Image No Country for Old Men - $5
Posted Image Community: Season 3 - $9.99
Posted Image Captain America: The First Avenger - $7.49
Posted Image Cabin in the Woods - $7.49
Posted Image Brave - $8.96
Posted Image Dollhouse - $11.99
Posted Image Iron Man: 2-Disc Ultimate Edition
Posted Image Green Lantern: First Flight
Posted Image Fix: The Ministry Movie - $21.39
Posted Image The Social Network - $7.99


Posted Image There Will Be Blood
Posted Image Vengeance Trilogy - $23.37
Posted Image Cowboy Bebop: Remix vol. 1
Posted Image Gundam Zeta vol. 3 - $4.36
Posted Image Gundam Zeta vol. 4 - $2.18
Posted Image Gundam 00 part 3 - $2.18
Posted Image Gundam 00 part 2 - $7.49
Posted Image Gundam 00 part 1: Special Edition - $6.68
Posted Image Cowboy Bebop: Remix vol. 4 - $2.18
Posted Image Cowboy Bebop: Remix vol. 5 - $2.18
Posted Image Code Geass R2 part 4 Limited Edition - $6.68
Posted Image Code Geass R3 part 3 Limited Edition - $6.68
Posted Image Haruhi Suzumiya vol. 1 Limited Edition - $6.69
Posted Image Haruhi Suzumiya vol. 2 Limited Edition - $6.68
Posted Image Haruhi Suzumiya vol. 3 Limited Edition - $6.68
Posted Image Haruhi Suzumiya vol. 4 Limited Edition - $6.68
Posted Image Gundam Zeta vol. 2 - $4.78
Posted Image Redline - $11.99

Total titles purchased: 93
Total $ spent: $ 775.98

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#9 skiizim



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Posted 02 January 2012 - 07:06 AM

I'm almost to 1000 Blu-Rays, I don't want to know how much I spend.

#10 wolverinefactor



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Posted 03 January 2012 - 03:10 AM

Previous Years

2007 total: 2631.58 - http://www.cheapassg...14&postcount=44
2008 DVD spending tab: 726 - http://www.cheapassg...843&postcount=3
2009 DVD Spending Tab: 1050 - http://www.cheapassg...843&postcount=3
2010 DVD Spending tab: 0.00 (sold a ton of stuff) - http://www.cheapassg...76&postcount=22
2011 DVD Spending Tab: 416.00 (best year w/o selling) - http://www.cheapassg...76&postcount=22

2012 goal: Spend even less. This shouldn't be too hard unless I break and buy my missing Disney Treasures :-D


:dvd: Everwood Season 3 - $10
:dvd: Everwood Season 4 - $
:dvd: Walt Disney Treasures: Chronological Donald Duck VOl. 3 - $75


:br: Hugo (3D) - $13
:br: Game of Thrones Season 1 - 35
:br: The Muppets - $22
:br: Battle Royale Collection - $20

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#11 kube00


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Posted 03 January 2012 - 08:23 PM

Spending so far

Here's to 2012

Sold, bought new, bought used, Goozex, trade

Justice League Unlimited Season 1 $14 from Gylde
Big Love Season 5 from Goozex




Beerfest from Goozex


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#12 KillerRamen


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Posted 04 January 2012 - 10:32 PM






:br:: 0
:dvd:: 0

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Posted Image

#13 EXStrike



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Posted 05 January 2012 - 05:51 AM

2010 Total: 19 DVD/BRs, $302.76
2011 Total: 23 DVD/BRs, $423.92

:dvd: School Rumble Vol.2 - $2.89 (Amazon)
:dvd: School Rumble Vol.3 - $2.89 (Amazon)
:dvd: Jing: King of Bandits Vol.4 - $6.05 (Amazon)
:dvd: Voltron Vol.5 - $6.36 (Newbury Comics - Natick, MA)
:dvd: Voltron Vol.3 - $6.36 (Newbury Comics - Natick, MA)
:dvd: Tenjho Tenge Vol.2 - $4.24 (Newbury Comics - Natick, MA)
:dvd: Tenjho Tenge Vol.5 - $2.11 (Newbury Comics - Natick, MA)
Total: $30.91, 7 DVD/BRs, $4.42 per DVD/BR

:dvd: Jing: King of Bandits Vol.3 - $6.80 (Amazon)
:dvd: Grenadier Vol.1 - $4.82 (Amazon)
:dvd: Tenjho Tenge Vol.3 - $5.05 (Amazon)
:dvd: Tenjho Tenge Vol.4 - $4.54 (Amazon)
:dvd: RahXephon Vol.5 - $6.77 (Amazon)
:br: The World God Only Knows Season 1 - $38.47 (Amazon)
:br: Boston Bruins Stanley Cup 2011 - $26.49 (BJ's - CT)
:dvd: Kino's Journey Vol.4 - $12.26 (Amazon)
:dvd: Voltron Vol.4 - $14.70 (Book Off - Manhattan, NY)
:dvd: Godannar Vol.2 - $9.80 (Book Off - Manhattan, NY)
Total: $129.70, 10 DVD/BRs, $12.97 per DVD/BR

:dvd: Ski School - $11.19 (Amazon)
Total: $11.19, 1 DVD/BRs, $11.19 per DVD/BR

Total: $0.00, 0 DVD/BRs, $0.00 per DVD/BR

Total: $0.00, 0 DVD/BRs, $0.00 per DVD/BR

:dvd: Cowboy Bebop Remix: The Complete Collection - $32.30 (Amazon)
Total: $32.30, 1 DVD/BRs, $32.30 per DVD/BR

Total: $0.00, 0 DVD/BRs, $0.00 per DVD/BR

:dvd: Community Season 3 - $19.96 (Amazon)
Total: $19.96, 1 DVD/BRs, $19.96 per DVD/BR

Total: $0.00, 0 DVD/BRs, $0.00 per DVD/BR

Total: $0.00, 0 DVD/BRs, $0.00 per DVD/BR

Total: $0.00, 0 DVD/BRs, $0.00 per DVD/BR

Total: $0.00, 0 DVD/BRs, $0.00 per DVD/BR

Total: $224.06
DVD/BRs: 20
Cost per DVD/BR: $11.20
DVD/BR per month: 1.6
:dvd: 18
:br: 2

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#14 dashrendar



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Posted 07 January 2012 - 05:42 PM

2011 Blu ray Spending Tab

Total: $43.27

January: $38.28

:br: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - $9.99 [Best Buy]
:br: American Beauty - $9.99 (credit) [Amazon]
:br: Transformers Trilogy - $28.29 [Amazon]

February: $4.99

:br: Fargo - $4.99 [Best Buy]

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#15 CaoPi


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Posted 08 January 2012 - 01:42 AM

Bone so far, I realized I don't watch my movies so much after buying over 50 blues from the BB $1 sale. It will remain this way

MY TRADE LIST ------ (pictures included)


#16 tangytangerine



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Posted 12 January 2012 - 05:59 PM















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#17 leichstein



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Posted 17 January 2012 - 03:58 PM

2012 Spending Tab

Watchmen (Blu): $4.99
Inglourious Basterds (Blu): $4.99
American Beauty (Blu): $0.00






















#18 arcane93



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Posted 17 January 2012 - 10:14 PM

:br: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time $11.00 [Buy.com]
:br: X-Men: First Class $9.99 [Best Buy]
:br: The Bridge on the River Kwai $7.79 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Big Fish $7.79 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Last Tango In Paris $7.79 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre $7.99 [BJs]
:br: Despicable Me $9.99 [Best Buy]
:br: Underworld Trilogy: The Essential Collection $19.99 [Best Buy]
:br: Vengeance Trilogy $19.99 [Amazon]
:br: Heavenly Creatures $9.99 [Best Buy]
:br: Scarface $9.99 [Best Buy]
:br: American Beauty $4.99 [Best Buy]
:br: From Dusk Till Dawn $4.99 [Best Buy]
:br: Good Will Hunting $4.99 [Best Buy]
:br: Red Dragon $4.99 [Best Buy]
:br: Ashes of Time Redux $8.58 [Zavvi]

January total: $150.84

:br: Hannibal Rising $8.58 [Zavvi]
:br: Lady and the Tramp $17.99 [Amazon]
:br: The Cider House Rules $6.75 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Cinema Paradiso $6.75 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Hannibal $8.58 [Zavvi]
:br: Amadeus $7.99 [Amazon]
:br: Doctor Zhivago $9.49 [Amazon]
:br: The Hangover $7.19 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: The Ultimate Bourne Collection (UK) $0.00 [trade]
:br: Romeo + Juliet $10.79 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: City of God $8.63 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Evil Dead 2: 25th Anniversary Edition $5.99 [Best Buy]
:br: Kung Fu Panda 2 $8.99 [Best Buy]
:br: Puss In Boots 3D $22.99 [Amazon]
:br: Shakespeare in Love $5.99 [Amazon]
:br: Riddick Collection $9.99 [Sound Garden]
:br: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy $8.06 [Barnes & Noble]

February total: $144.29

:br: Hugo 3D $23.76 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season $34.99 [Best Buy]
:br: Memento $6.99 [Best Buy]
:br: Monty Python and the Holy Grail $12.99 [Amazon]
:br: Sin City $6.99 [Best Buy]
:br: National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets $12.99 [Best Buy] (John Carter movie cash)
:br: Triad Trilogy $15.99 [Palisades Tartan]
:br: Remember the Titans $9.99 [Best Buy] (John Carter movie cash)
:br: The French Connection $14.99 [Best Buy]
:br: Battle Royale: The Complete Collection $19.99 [Amazon]
:br: The Muppets (w/steel case and lunchbox) $22.99 [Best Buy]
:br: Rise of the Planet of the Apes $9.99 [Best Buy]
:br: The Last Temptation of Christ $14.99 [Deep Discount]
:br: A Trip to the Moon $29.96 [Flicker Alley]
:br: Bridge to Terabithia $0.00 [Disney Movie Rewards]

March total: $237.60

:br: Micmacs $13.87 [Deep Discount]
:br: Star Trek $19.96 [Wal-Mart]
:br: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World $7.99 [Amazon]
:br: Jacob's Ladder $7.88 [Walmart]
:br: Stargate (15th Anniversary Edition) $6.00 [Walmart]
:br: The Frighteners $9.99 [Amazon]
:br: Forgetting Sarah Marshall $4.99 [Best Buy] (Five Year Engagement movie cash)
:br: Animal House $7.99 [Best Buy] (Five Year Engagement movie cash)

April total: $78.67

:br: Eden of the East: The Complete Series $12.00 [The Exchange]
:br: The Coen Brothers Collection $24.99 [Amazon]
:br: Men In Black 2 $13.00 [Amazon] (Men In Black 3 movie cash)
:br: Knight and Day $9.99 [Best Buy] (Prometheus movie cash)
:br: Taken $9.99 [Best Buy] (Prometheus movie cash)
:br: Underworld: Awakening $4.99 [Best Buy]
:br: Green Lantern (Extended Edition) $4.99 [Best Buy]
:br: The Kingdom $7.99 [Best Buy] (Snow White & the Huntsman movie cash)
:br: Jarhead $9.99 [Best Buy] (Snow White & the Huntsman movie cash)
:br: Female Convict Scorpion $5.99 [Best Buy]
:br: The Secret World of Arrietty $19.94 [Amazon]
:br: Whisper of the Heart $19.94 [Amazon]
:br: Castle in the Sky $19.94 [Amazon]
:br: Moonraker $7.44 [Amazon]
:br: Poirot series 1 $25.19 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Poirot series 2 $25.19 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Poirot series 3 $25.19 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Deadwood: The Complete Series $54.99 [Best Buy]

May total: $301.74

:br: Sherlock season 2 $19.19 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Planet Earth $19.99 [Best Buy]
:br: John Carter 3D $19.99 [Amazon]
:br: Spider-Man $11.99 [Best Buy] (Amazing Spider-Man movie cash)
:br: Spider-Man 2 $11.99 [Best Buy] (Amazing Spider-Man movie cash)
:br: Boardwalk Empire $34.99 [Best Buy]
:br: Drive $9.99 [Best Buy]
:br: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid $7.99 [Best Buy]
:br: Midnight Cowboy $7.99 [Best Buy]
:br: The Man With No Name Trilogy $14.99 [Best Buy]

June total: $159.10

:br: The Magnificent Seven $7.00 [Target]
:br: Paris Je T'aime $7.00 [Target]
:br: Event Horizon $7.00 [Target]
:br: Spaghetti Western Double Feature: The Grand Duel/Keoma $4.00 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Dirty Pretty Things $5.99 [Best Buy]
:br: 12 Angry Men $13.33 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: The 39 Steps $13.33 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Anatomy of a Murder $13.33 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: And Everything is Going Fine $13.33 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Being John Malkovich $13.33 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Belle de Jour $13.33 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Branded to Kill $13.33 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Certified Copy $3.25 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Godzilla $13.33 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: The Gold Rush $13.33 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Gray's Anatomy $13.33 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: La Haine $3.25 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Harold and Maude $13.33 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: La Jetée/Sans Soleil $13.33 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: The Lady Vanishes $3.25 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Late Spring $13.33 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Letter Never Sent $9.99 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: The Moment of Truth $9.99 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: A Night to Remember $13.33 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Rushmore $13.33 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Shallow Grave $13.33 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Summer With Monika $13.33 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Three Outlaw Samurai $9.99 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Tiny Furniture $13.33 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Tokyo Drifter $13.33 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Traffic $3.25 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Vanya on 42nd Street $13.33 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: World On a Wire $13.33 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Summer Interlude $13.49 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Firefly: The Complete Series $4.99 [Best Buy]
:br: Sucker Punch $4.99 [Best Buy] (The Dark Knight Rises movie cash)
:br: Constantine $4.99 [Best Buy] (The Dark Knight Rises movie cash)
:br: Altered States $4.99 [Best Buy]
:br: The Prophecy Collection $4.99 [Best Buy]
:br: The Name of the Rose $4.99 [Best Buy]
:br: Melancholia $14.99 [Best Buy]
:br: Down By Law $0.00 [Barnes & Noble]
:dvd: The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou $0.00 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: The Samurai Trilogy $0.00 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Metropolitan $0.00 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: The Last Days of Disco $0.00 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: The Artist $7.06 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol $9.99 [Best Buy]

July total: $402.39

:br: Blue Velvet $9.00 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Volume 1 $25.99 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader 3D $14.99 [Best Buy]
:br: Grosse Pointe Blank $7.99 [Best Buy]
:br: High Fidelity $7.99 [Best Buy]
:br: The Royal Tenenbaums $9.99 [Best Buy]
:br: The Hunger Games $18.99 [Amazon]
:br: The Tigger Movie $14.99 [Amazon]
:br: Pocahontas/Pocahontas II $14.99 [Amazon]
:br: The Aristocats $14.99 [Amazon]
:br: The Rescuers/The Rescuers Down Under $14.99 [Amazon]
:br: Batman: The Movie $6.00 [Walmart]
:br: Escape From New York $6.00 [Walmart]
:br: Mad Max $6.00 [Walmart]
:br: Winter's Bone $5.00 [Walmart]
:br: Hang 'Em High $6.00 [Walmart]
:br: Get Shorty $6.00 [Walmart]
:br: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind $5.00 [Walmart]
:br: Stir of Echoes $5.00 [Walmart]
:br: Frailty $5.00 [Walmart]
:br: Ratatouille $17.49 [Best Buy] (Finding Nemo 3D movie cash)
:br: A Bug's Life $17.49 [Best Buy] (Finding Nemo 3D movie cash)
:br: The Shawshank Redemption $0.00 [WB Rewards]
:br: Quadrophenia $17.27 [Barnes & Noble]

August total: $257.15

:br: Film Socialisme $15.12 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Hard Boiled $8.64 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Johnny Handsome $4.99 [Best Buy]
:br: Avengers 3D $14.99 [Amazon]

September total: $43.74

:br: Cinderella $19.99 [Amazon]
:br: Se7en $7.49 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: A View to a Kill $9.99 [Target]
:br: Tomorrow Never Dies $9.99 [Target]
:br: Diamonds Are Forever $9.99 [Walmart]
:br: Octopussy $9.99 [Walmart]
:br: Goldeneye $9.99 [Walmart]
:br: The Living Daylights $14.99 [Target]
:br: The Spy Who Loved Me $4.99 [Best Buy] (Skyfall movie cash)
:br: On Her Majesty's Secret Service $4.99 [Best Biuy] (Skyfall movie cash)
:br: You Only Live Twice $4.99 [Best Buy] (Skyfall movie cash)
:br: Eating Raoul $17.99 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: The Great Mouse Detective $14.99 [Amazon]
:br: Rosemary's Baby $17.99 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: The Game $17.99 [Barnes & Noble]

October total: $176.35

:br: In the Mood for Love $17.99 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Jennifer's Body $4.99 [Best Buy]
:br: Rashomon $0.00 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Pandorum $5.00 [Amazon]
:br: Sunday Bloody Sunday $0.00 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: The Forgiveness of Blood $0.00 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Le Havre $4.50 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Children of Paradise $0.00 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: David Lean Directs Noel Coward $35.24 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Les Visiteurs du Soir $14.39 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Umberto D. $14.39 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: La Promesse $14.39 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Rosetta $14.39 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Design for Living $14.39 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: ¡Alambrista! $14.39 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Brave 3D $19.99 [Amazon]
:br: Trilogy of Life $35.99 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Weekend (Godard) $17.99 [Barnes & Noble]
:br: Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection $129.99 [Amazon UK]
:br: Wanted $3.96 [Walmart]
:br: The Rite $3.96 [Walmart]
:br: The Matrix $3.96 [Walmart]
:br: The Poseidon Adventure $3.96 [Walmart]
:br: Platoon $3.96 [Walmart]
:br: Colombiana $3.96 [Walmart]
:br: The Strangers $3.96 [Walmart]

November total: $385.74


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#19 The Questyen

The Questyen

Posted 25 April 2012 - 02:09 AM

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#20 Squarehard


Posted 15 May 2012 - 02:51 PM

2011 Blu-ray/DVD Spendings $5499

January Spendings

dvd.pngMegazone 23 Complete Collection
dvd.pngBlue Drop Complete Collection
dvd.pngKiba Complete Collection
dvd.pngNinja Nonsense Complete Series
dvd.pngEmma: A Victorian Romance Complete Series
dvd.pngMagical Knight Rayearth Complete Series
dvd.pngPiano Vol.1-3
dvd.pngTenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki
dvd.pngElf Princess Rane
dvd.pngGalaxy Railways

Total: $154

February Spendings

dvd.pngPersona Trinity Soul Premium 1+2
dvd.pngMaburaho Complete Collection
dvd.pngSol Bianca The Legacy
dvd.pngNadia: The Secret of Blue Water Collection 1
dvd.pngTrouble Chocolate Complete Series
dvd.pngArea 88 Complete Series
dvd.pngSoultaker Complete Series
dvd.pngEden's Bowy Complete Series
dvd.pngSaikano Complete Series
dvd.pngMy Santa: Special
dvd.pngNeon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth
dvd.pngFushigi Yugi - The Mysterious Play: Box Set 1 - Suzaku
dvd.pngFushigi Yugi - The Mysterious Play: Box Set 2 - Seiryu
dvd.pngFushigi Yugi - The Mysterious Play: OVA Box
dvd.pngSeraphim Call
dvd.pngRed Garden Complete Series
dvd.pngHell Girl First Season
dvd.pngRocket Girls Complete Series
dvd.pngGuin Saga Collection 1
dvd.pngAngel Links Complete Series
dvd.pngIkki Tousen Complete Series
dvd.pngRobotech Protoculture Collection
dvd.pngTenchi Muyo! GXP Complete Series
dvd.pngInuYasha Complete Movie Box Set
dvd.pngEureka Seven Complete Collection 1+2
dvd.pngD.I.C.E. Season 1
dvd.pngFushigi Yugi Eikoden
dvd.pngRagnarok The Complete Series
dvd.pngMobile Suit Gundam 0080 War in the Pocket
dvd.pngMouse Complete Collection

Total: $427.75

March Spendings

dvd.pngMaster of Martial Hearts Complete Series
dvd.pngAkira Special Edition
dvd.pngAir Gear Complete Series
dvd.pngDeath Note Complete Series
dvd.pngDragon Ball Z Kai Season One
dvd.pngEden of the East Complete Series
dvd.pngEden of the East The King of Eden
dvd.pngNaruto Shippuden Box Set 1
dvd.pngTower of Druaga Part One
dvd.pngNaruto Season DVDs (3)
dvd.pngDeath Note Movie
dvd.pngSound of the Sky
:br:Arakawa Bridge X Bridge
dvd.pngBuso Renkin Box 1
dvd.pngWedding Peach Season 1
dvd.pngNabari no Ou Complete Series
dvd.pngKaze No Stigma Complete Series
dvd.pngParasite Dolls Complete Series
dvd.pngAD Police Complete Series
dvd.pngTales of Phantasia The Animation
dvd.pngBig-O Complete Collection 1
dvd.pngAgent Aika Complete Collection
dvd.pngShamanic Princess
dvd.pngStarship Girl
dvd.pngOne Piece Season One First Voyage
dvd.pngOne Piece Season One Second Voyage
dvd.pngOne Piece Season One Third Voyage
dvd.pngOne Piece Season One Fourth Voyage
dvd.pngOne Piece Season Two First Voyage
dvd.pngOne Piece Season Two Second Voyage
dvd.pngOne Piece Season Two Third Voyage
dvd.pngTrue Tears Complete Series
dvd.pngSola Complete Series
dvd.pngBubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Perfect Collection
dvd.pngGundam Wing Complete Collection 1
dvd.pngMobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory Complete Series
dvd.pngDisgaea The Complete Series
dvd.pngLe Portrait de Petite Cossette Complete Series
dvd.pngSaber Marioneete J Complete Collection
dvd.pngDragon Drive Collection 1
dvd.pngLegend of Crystania Complete Collection
dvd.pngPandora Hearts Premium Bundles 1+2
dvd.pngHand Maid May Complete Series
dvd.pngEat-Man '98
dvd.pngMobile Suit Gundam Movie Collection

Total: $640.50

April Spendings

dvd.pngTide-Line Blue Complete Series
dvd.pngAika R-16 Virgin Mission
dvd.pngMagical Meow Meow Taruto Complete Series
dvd.pngRescue Me: Mave-Chan
dvd.pngLucky Star Complete Series
dvd.pngLucky Star OVA
dvd.pngGhost Slayers Ayashi Complete Series
dvd.pngFantastic Children Complete Series
dvd.pngGundam Seed Destiny Complete Collection 2
dvd.pngHaunted Junction Complete Collection
dvd.pngSuper Gals Season 2
dvd.pngGun X Sword Complete Series
dvd.pngCyberteam in Akihabara: Complete Collection
dvd.pngGirl's High
dvd.pngBoogiepop Phantom DVD Thinpak Collection
dvd.pngArc the Lad: Complete Collection
dvd.pngWolf's Rain - Complete Collection 2
dvd.pngClamp School Detectives: Complete Collection
dvd.pngBludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan
dvd.pngMobile Suit Gundam Seed: Complete Collection II
dvd.pngSilent Mobius: Complete Collection
dvd.pngMobile Suit Zeta Gundam: Anime Legends, Vol. 1
dvd.pngTenamonya Voyagers
dvd.pngAD Police Complete Series
dvd.pngNeo Tokyo
dvd.pngNinja Resurrection
dvd.pngNana Boxed Set 1
dvd.pngDevil Hunter Yokho Complete Collection
dvd.pngLinebarrels Collection 1
dvd.pngBludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan
dvd.pngNew Fist of the North Star
dvd.pngMagical Play Complete Collection
dvd.pngCarried by the Wind: Tsukikage Ran
dvd.pngNeo Angelique Abyss
dvd.pngKaras Complete Collection
dvd.pngMagical Project S Vol.2
dvd.pngGalaxy Fraulein Yuna Complete Collection
dvd.pngGlass Maiden Complete Collection
dvd.pngYukikaze Complete Collection
dvd.pngSuzuka Complete Series
dvd.pngKnights of Ramune
dvd.pngHarlock Saga
dvd.pngShrine of the Morning Mist Complete Collection
dvd.pngUshio & Tora Complete Collection
dvd.pngSakurai Diaries Complete Collection
dvd.pngPet Shop of Horrors
dvd.pngKino's Journey
dvd.pngEscaflowne Complete Series + Movie
dvd.pngMushishi Complete Series
dvd.pngGoldenboy Complete Series
dvd.pngBECK Mongolian Chop Squad Complete Series
dvd.pngMartian Successor Nadesico Perfect Collection
dvd.pngHere is Green Wood
dvd.pngMobile Suit Gundam Anime Legends 1
dvd.pngMobile Suit Gundam Anime Legends 2
dvd.pngMetal Fighter Miku Complete Series
dvd.pngEx-Driver Perfect Collection
dvd.pngAssemble Insert Complete Collection
dvd.pngGaraga Complete Collection
dvd.pngKimikiss: Pure Rouge
dvd.pngMagical Witch Punie-Chan Complete Series
dvd.pngRamen Fighter Miki Complete Series
dvd.pngBamboo Blade Complete Series
dvd.pngEl Cazador de la Bruja Complete Series
dvd.pngLinebarrels of Iron OVA
dvd.pngKaze No Yojimbo Complete Series
dvd.pngLa Corda d'Oro: Primo Passo Complete Series
dvd.pngSpectral Force Complete Collection
dvd.pngAll-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku Dash! Complete Collection
dvd.pngAll-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku Collection
dvd.pngRuin Explorers
dvd.pngFight! Iczer One
dvd.pngMaster of Mosquiton
dvd.pngMidori Days: The Handheld Collection
dvd.pngSaber Marionette R
dvd.pngThe Tokyo Project

Total: $864

May Spendings

dvd.pngPanda-Z Complete Series
dvd.pngFullmetal Alchemist Season One Pt.1
dvd.pngFullmetal Alchemist Season One Pt.2
dvd.pngKyo Kara Maoh! Complete Season One
dvd.pngKenichi: The Mightiest Disciple Season One Pt.1
dvd.pngKenichi: The Mightiest Disciple Season One Pt.2
dvd.pngPumpkin Scissors Complete Series
dvd.pngAkane Iro ni Somaru Saka Complete Series
dvd.pngMoonlight Mile
dvd.pngKnight Hunters & Knight Hunters Eternity Complete Collection
dvd.pngDon't Leave Me Alone, Daisy Collection
dvd.pngTwin Signal Complete
dvd.pngGinrei Special Complete
dvd.pngBattle Skipper Complete
dvd.pngSchool Rumble Season 2, Pt 2
dvd.pngBaldr Force Exe Complete
dvd.pngThe Wallflower Complete Series
dvd.pngSailor Victory Complete
dvd.pngIf I See You In My Dreams OVA Series
dvd.pngPhantom The Animation Complete
dvd.pngIf I See You In My Dreams Complete Series
dvd.png009-1 Complete Series
dvd.pngGrave of the Fireflies
dvd.pngToradora! Box Set 1 Premium Edition
dvd.pngProject A-Ko
dvd.pngKekkaishi Box Set 1
dvd.pngPrincess Resurrection Complete Collection
dvd.pngPuppet Princess Complete
dvd.png10 Tokyo Warriors Complete Collection
dvd.pngEl Cazador de la Bruja Collection 1
dvd.pngEl Cazador de la Bruja Collection 2
dvd.pngJubei-Chan 2: Complete Collection
dvd.pngChrono Crusade: Holiday Special Collection
dvd.pngTo Love Ru: Collection 1
dvd.pngLand Lock Complete
dvd.pngKimikiss: Pure Rouge Collection 2
dvd.pngDetonator Orgun Complete
dvd.pngMemories Complete
dvd.pngGundress Complete
dvd.pngDe:Vadasy Complete
dvd.pngNinja Cadets! Complete
dvd.pngStep Up Love Story Complete Collection
dvd.pngShin Kohime Muso
dvd.pngShin Kohime Muso Otome
dvd.pngMy Bridge is a Mermaid Part 1
dvd.pngMy Bridge is a Mermaid Part 2
dvd.pngPsychic Force Complete
dvd.pngAngel Sanctuary Complete
dvd.pngPatlabor The Movie
dvd.pngPatlabor 2 The Movie
dvd.pngKoihime Muso
dvd.pngGrrl Power!: They're Out of School...And Into Trouble!
dvd.pngDragon Half Complete
dvd.pngOh! Edo Rocket Part 1
dvd.pngOh! Edo Rocket Part 2
dvd.pngStrait Jacket
dvd.pngThe Weathering Continent
dvd.pngWolf's Rain Collection 1
dvd.pngDivergence Eve Complete Collection
dvd.pngFullmetal Alchemist Season Two Part 1
dvd.pngR.O.D -THE TV Complete Series
dvd.pngR.O.D OVA
dvd.png5 Centimeters Per Second
dvd.pngScrapped Princess Complete Series
dvd.pngSteel Angel Kurumi Complete Series
dvd.pngStrawberry Marshmallow Complete Series
dvd.pngGetBackers Complete Series Seasons 1/2
dvd.pngJungle de Ikou! Complete Series
dvd.pngPrincess Minerva
dvd.pngBirth 1
dvd.pngLinebarrels Part 2
dvd.pngMy Dear Marie Complete
dvd.pngVirgin Fleet Complete
dvd.pngPrincess Princess Complete Collection
dvd.pngFight!! Spirit of the Sword Complete
dvd.pngShattered Angels Complete Series
dvd.pngSamurai: Hunt for the Sword Complete
dvd.pngKurogane Communication Complete Series
dvd.pngDirty Pair Flash Complete Series
dvd.pngThe Sacred Blacksmith Complete Series
dvd.pngGhost Hunt Part 2

Total: $839.75

June Spendings

dvd.pngGhost Hunt Part 1 $7
dvd.pngKampfer Complete Collection $22
dvd.pngMiyuki-chan in Wonderland Complete
dvd.pngSentimental Journey Complete $5
dvd.pngMarriage $4
dvd.pngStrawberry Panic $11
dvd.pngMadonna $3
dvd.pngRanma Season 5 $58
dvd.pngRanma Season 6
dvd.pngRanma OVA Series Box Set
dvd.pngVampire Hunter D: Bloodlust $10
dvd.pngBlade of the Phantom Master $52
dvd.pngNurse Witch Komugi Complete Collection
dvd.pngPuni Puni Poemi Complete Collection
dvd.pngKekko Kamen Complete Collection
dvd.pngSaiyuki Complete Collection
dvd.pngThe Skull Man Complete Collection
dvd.pngUtawarerumono Complete Series $24
dvd.pngTokyo Majin Complete First Season
dvd.pngAmon Saga $6
dvd.pngRuin Explorers Complete
dvd.pngNeo Angelique Abyss Complete Collection $24
dvd.pngBattle Angel
dvd.pngGhost Talker's Daydream $17
dvd.pngThe Asylum Session
dvd.pngPhantom Quest Corps. $6
dvd.pngPhoenix Complete Series $11
dvd.pngUrda:The Third Reich
dvd.pngBurn Up! $6
dvd.pngEx-Driver The Movie
dvd.pngBaccano! Complete Series $15
dvd.pngMelty Lancer Alpha $14
dvd.pngMelty Lancer Omega
dvd.pngNinja Scroll Movie
dvd.pngRanma 1/2 the Movie: Big Trouble in Nekonron, China $14
dvd.pngStreet Fighter II V: The Complete Series
dvd.pngRanma 1/2 the Movie: Nihao My Concubine $8
dvd.pngSamurai X: Director's Cut Collection $34
dvd.pngHello Kitty's Paradise Complete Collection
dvd.pngLittle Snow Fairy Sugar: Collection 1
dvd.pngCosplay Complex Complete $4
dvd.pngOriginal Dirty Pair OVA Collection $10
dvd.pngDarkside Blues $2
dvd.pngPopotan Complete Collection $29
dvd.pngLiving for the Day After Tomorrow
dvd.pngTower of Druaga Sword of Uruk $9
dvd.pngJyu-Oh-Sei Complete Series $40
dvd.pngNegima!? Spring & Summer Specials Complete
dvd.pngA Little Snow Fairy Sugar Summer Special
dvd.pngTokko Complete Collection
dvd.pngGintama Complete Collection 4
dvd.pngSaiyuki: Requiem
dvd.pngBattle Arena Toshiden Complete
dvd.pngMartian Successor Nadesico: The Motion Picture – Prince of Darkness
dvd.pngYou're Under Arrest Fast & Furious Complete Season $50
dvd.pngGenshiken Complete Series Collection
dvd.pngSchool Rumble Complete Series + OVAs
dvd.pngBig Windup Collection 1 $15
dvd.pngBig Windup Collection 2
dvd.pngIce Movie $4
dvd.pngUFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie: Seasons 3 & 4 $9
dvd.pngThe Irresponsible Captain Tylor Complete OVA Series $24
dvd.pngCrying Freeman Complete Collection
dvd.pngAir: The Motion Picture
dvd.pngSubmarine 707R $2
dvd.pngFruits Basket Complete Series $15
dvd.pngTayutama: Kiss on my Deity Complete Series $35
dvd.pngPolyphonica Complete Collection

Total: $599

July Spendings

dvd.pngLegend of Crystania: The Motion Picture
dvd.pngCoicent/Fiver Numbers Collection
dvd.pngOnce Upon A Time
dvd.pngTactics Complete Series
dvd.pngGuin Saga Collection 2
dvd.pngICE Complete Series
dvd.pngFirst Squad
dvd.pngNew Kimagure Orange Road: Summer's Beginning
dvd.pngTokyo Babylon Complete Collection
dvd.pngHell Girl Two Mirrors Collection 1
dvd.pngHell Girl Two Mirrors Collection 2
dvd.pngLoveless Complete Series
dvd.pngOtoboku Complete Collection
dvd.png11 Eyes Complete Collection
dvd.pngAllison & Lillia Generation 1
dvd.pngAllison & Lillia Generation 2
dvd.pngTokyo Babylon Complete Collection
dvd.pngAkikan Complete Collection
dvd.pngNighthead Genesis Complete Collection
dvd.pngBest Student Council Complete Series
dvd.pngKanokon OVA Collection
dvd.pngStrikes Witches First Season Complete
dvd.pngMobile Suit Gundam F91: The Motion Picture
dvd.pngTytania Collection 1
dvd.pngTytania Collection 2
dvd.pngGintama Collection 1
dvd.pngGlass Mask Collection 1
dvd.pngTenchi in Tokyo Complete Series
dvd.pngBlack Cat Complete Series
dvd.pngLegend of the Dog Warriors: The Hakkenden
dvd.pngGodannar: Complete Collection
dvd.pngA Little Snow Fairy Sugar Collection 1
dvd.pngMotto To Love-Ru
dvd.pngSchool Rumble Complete Series + OVA
dvd.pngEarly Reins Complete
dvd.pngEyeshield 21 Collection 1
dvd.pngEyeshield 21 Collection 3
dvd.pngTo Love Ru Complete Collection 2
dvd.pngGenma Wars Complete Series
dvd.pngKite Remastered/Kite Liberator Complete
dvd.pngZenki Saga 1
dvd.pngZenki Saga 3
dvd.pngTime Bokan Royal Revival
dvd.pngZenki Saga 2
dvd.pngOtaku no Video
dvd.pngLunar Legend Tsukihime Complete Collection
dvd.pngAppleseed Movie
dvd.pngPapillon Rose
dvd.pngPlease Teacher! Complete Collection
dvd.pngKurogane Communication Complete Series
dvd.pngFullmetal Alchemist Season Two Part Two
dvd.pngHimawari!: Season 1 Collection

Total: $564

August Spendings

dvd.pngZaion: I Wish You Were Here Complete Collection
dvd.pngHetalia: Axis Powers - The Complete First Season
dvd.pngAngel's Feather
dvd.pngDemon Fighter Kocho
dvd.png3 X 3 Eyes Collection
dvd.pngSadamitsu the Destroyer: The Complete Collection
dvd.pngCleopatra DC
dvd.pngHell Girl: Three Vessels - Collection 1
dvd.pngRozen Maiden: Ouverture
dvd.pngGintama: The Movie
dvd.pngFruits Basket Complete Series
dvd.pngBastard!! Complete Series
dvd.pngDark Myth Complete
dvd.pngIdol Project: Super Pop Anthology
dvd.pngGungrave Complete Series
dvd.pngKanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox Complete Series
dvd.pngThey Were Eleven
dvd.pngMegaman Collection 1
dvd.pngMarmalade Boy Complete Vol.1
dvd.pngMarmalade Boy Complete Vol.2
dvd.pngBirdy the Mighty Decode Part 1
dvd.pngSprite Between Two Worlds
dvd.pngZone of Enders Complete Collection
dvd.pngThis Boy Can Fight Aliens
dvd.pngA-Channel Complete
dvd.pngPolyphonica Crimson S Complete
dvd.pngOrphen Complete Collection
dvd.pngBig-O Collection 2
dvd.pngHell Girl Three Vessels Collection 2
dvd.pngNight Raid 1931 Complete
dvd.pngTrigun Complete Series
dvd.pngDevil Lady Complete Series
dvd.pngKenichi Season Two Part One
dvd.pngMarmalade Boy Vol.4
dvd.pngInuYasha Season 4
dvd.pngInuYasha Season 5
dvd.pngInuYasha Season 6
dvd.pngInuYasha Season 7
dvd.pngSupernatural Complete Series
dvd.pngSlayers Season 1-3
dvd.pngReal Bout High School Complete Series

bluray.png Clannad First Season Complete

Total: $374

September Spendings

dvd.pngToradora! Premium Box Vol.2
dvd.pngTenchi Muyo Movie Collection
dvd.pngBurn Up! W
dvd.pngSakura Wars OVA Collection
dvd.pngSpecial A Part 1
dvd.pngSpecial A Part 2
dvd.pngSamurai Harem Complete Series
dvd.pngVampire Knight Complete Collection
dvd.pngEight Clouds Rising Complete
dvd.pngCorpse Princess Part 1
dvd.pngCorpse Princess Part 2
dvd.pngHero Tales Part 1
dvd.pngHero Tales Part 2
dvd.pngSquid Girl Series Part 1
dvd.pngDragonaut: The Resonance Complete Series
dvd.pngSquid Girl Series Part 2
dvd.pngBoys Be... Complete Series
dvd.pngX: Complete Series
dvd.pngMahoromatic: I'm Home
dvd.pngNana Seven of Seven
dvd.pngMM! Complete Series
dvd.pngNyan Koi Complete Series
dvd.pngArea 88 OVA Series
dvd.pngBubblegum Crisis Complete Series
dvd.pngShuffle! Complete Series
dvd.pngBrighter Than The Dawning Blue Complete Series
dvd.pngSpring and Chaos
dvd.pngStarship Operators Complete Series
dvd.pngTekkaman Blade Vol.1
dvd.pngTekkaman Blade Vol.2
dvd.pngTekkaman Blade Vol.3
dvd.pngVoltron: Fleet of Doom
dvd.pngUrusei Yatsura Complete TV Vol.1-50
dvd.pngUrusei Yatsura Complete OVA Vol.1-12
dvd.pngBabel II Beyond Infinity Complete
dvd.pngBleach Movie 1
dvd.pngDeath Note Relight 1
dvd.pngDeath Note Relight 2
dvd.pngMD Geist I/II Complete Collection
dvd.pngNaruto the Movie 2
dvd.pngNaruto the Movie 3
dvd.pngYawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl Box Set
dvd.pngSaber Marionette J Again Complete
dvd.pngMao-Chan 1: I Will Protect The Peace of Japan
dvd.pngMao-Chan 2: Go Unified Defense Force
dvd.pngMao-Chan 3: Song of Defense
dvd.pngMao-Chan 4: Let's Defend Happiness
dvd.pngGolgo 13 Collection 1
dvd.pngGiant Robo - The Animation: Perfect Collection
dvd.pngErgo Proxy: Box Set
dvd.pngFruits Basket, Vol. 3: Puddles of Memories
dvd.pngNeo Angelique Abyss: Season 2
dvd.pngClannad After Story: Collection 1
dvd.pngClannad After Story: Collection 2
dvd.pngAmagami SS: Collection 1
dvd.pngTales of the Abyss: Part 1
dvd.pngDead Leaves
dvd.pngThe Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Complete Collection
dvd.pngHetalia: Axis Powers - Season 02
dvd.pngHetalia: World Series - Season 03
dvd.pngHetalia: Paint It, White!
dvd.pngBakugan Battle Brawlers: Chapter 1
dvd.pngBakugan: Chapter 2
dvd.pngSasami: Season 2
dvd.pngKing of Bandit Jing in Seventh Heaven: OVA
dvd.pngPower Dolls: Detachment of Limited Line Service
dvd.pngSoul Hunter Complete

bluray.png Samurai Girls Complete Series
bluray.png Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works
bluray.png Highschool of the Dead Complete
bluray.pngStar Driver Vol.1
bluray.pngBleach: Fade to Black
bluray.pngThe Muppets
bluray.png Lady and the Tramp
bluray.png Sword of the Stranger
bluray.pngPokemon Collection

Total: $1182

October Spendings

dvd.pngNinja Scroll Complete Series
dvd.pngSteam Detectives THP Complete Collection
dvd.pngFencer of Minerva: The Emergence
dvd.pngFencer of Minerva - Tempest
dvd.pngTaisho Baseball Girls Complete Collection
dvd.pngYozakura Quartet Complete Collection
dvd.pngGhost Sweeper Mikami Collection 1
dvd.pngGokusen: The Complete Lesson
dvd.pngAlien Nine
dvd.pngA Wind Named Amnesia
dvd.pngMonster Box Set 1
dvd.pngMaria Watches Over Us Season 3
dvd.pngMaria Watches Over Us Season 4
dvd.png.Hack//G.U. Trilogy
dvd.pngI''S (2PC
dvd.pngGintama: Collection 2
dvd.pngSin: The Movie
dvd.pngTwilight of Dark Master
dvd.pngPlease Twins! Complete Box Set
dvd.pngNaruto Movie 1
dvd.pngYu Yu Hakusho: Eizou Hakusho OVA
dvd.pngCardcaptors Sakura The Movie
dvd.pngCoffee Samurai/Hoshizora Kiseki
dvd.pngPlease Save My Earth Complete
dvd.pngRoujin Z
dvd.pngEureka Seven: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers
dvd.pngAoi and Mutsuki: A Pair of Queens Complete Collection
dvd.pngGurren Lagann Complete Collection
dvd.pngToward the Terra Part 3
dvd.pngDigimon Season 1: Digimon Adventure Complete Collection
dvd.pngArcade Gamer Fabuki
dvd.pngToward the Terra Part 1
dvd.pngToward the Terra Part 2
dvd.pngTea Society of a Witch
dvd.pngKekkaishi Box Set 2
dvd.pngBleach Uncut Box Set 9
dvd.pngBleach Uncut Box Set 10
dvd.pngPrince of Tennis Box Set 3
dvd.pngOne Piece Season Three First Voyage
dvd.pngOne Piece Season Three Second Voyage
dvd.pngOne Piece Season Three Third Voyage
dvd.pngOne Piece Season Three Fourth Voyage
dvd.pngOne Piece Season Three Fifth Voyage
dvd.pngOne Piece Season Three Fifth Voyage
dvd.pngLegends of the Dark King A Fist of North Star Story
dvd.pngPolyphonica Complete Collection
dvd.pngKoihime Muso Complete Collection
dvd.pngLove Hina Box Set
dvd.pngHighschool of the Dead Complete Collection
dvd.pngTaisho Baseball Girls Complete Collection
dvd.pngNana Uncut Box Set 2
dvd.pngBuso Renkin Box Set 2
dvd.pngIntrigue in the Bakumatsu: Irohanihoheto 1
dvd.png Book of Bantorra Collection 2
dvd.pngSaint Tail The Enchanted Collection
dvd.pngTristia of the Deep Blue Sea
dvd.pngNyan Koi Complete Series
dvd.pngThe World God Only Knows: Complete Collection
dvd.pngUFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie Season 1&2
dvd.pngCutey Honey Collection 1 & 2
dvd.pngJin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade
dvd.pngCode Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
dvd.pngHyper Doll Complete
dvd.pngFLCL Complete Series
dvd.pngQueen's Blade 2: The Evil Eye Complete Series
dvd.pngIkki Tousen Dragon Destiny Complete Collection
dvd.pngGundam Wing Complete Collection II
dvd.pngHoop Days Complete Collection
dvd.pngVoices of a Distant Star
dvd.pngBetterman Complete Collection
dvd.pngMaid Sama! Complete Collection 2
dvd.pngArjuna Complete Collection
dvd.pngG Gundam Box Set Round 10-12
dvd.pngDice Season 2
dvd.pngGhost in the Shell Season One
dvd.pngDNA² Complete Collection
dvd.pngHyper Speed Grandoll
dvd.pngGintama Complete Collection 4
dvd.pngGarzey's Wing Complete
dvd.pngVoogie's Angel Complete
dvd.pngMobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Part 1
dvd.pngRay Complete Collection
dvd.pngSquid Girl Complete Part 1

bluray.pngThe Girl Who Leapt Through Time
bluray.pngBroken Blade Complete Collection
bluray.pngFreedom Complete Collection
bluray.pngMobile Suit Gundam 00 Movie
bluray.pngNaruto: Shippuden - The Movie 2
bluray.pngSpice and Wolf: Season One
bluray.pngGhost in the Shell: The Laughing Man
bluray.pngGhost in the Shell Solid State Society
bluray.pngDragon Age Dawn of the Seeker
bluray.pngSummer Wars

Total: $1200

November Spendings

dvd.pngMagic User's Club Complete Series
dvd.pngMobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Part 1
dvd.pngBarefoot Gen Collection
dvd.pngSD Gundam Force Complete Season 2
dvd.pngTenchi Muyo! Universe Box Set
dvd.pngUtakata Complete Series
dvd.pngNightwalker: Midnight Detective Complete
dvd.pngPlease Teacher! Anime Legends
dvd.pngTea Society of a Witch Collector's Edition
dvd.pngIshika & Honori
dvd.pngGhost in the Shell 2nd Gig Complete
dvd.pngPlastic Little: The Adventures of Captain Tita
dvd.pngNaruto Shippuden Box Set 3
dvd.pngAh My Buddha Complete Series
dvd.pngDaphne in the Brilliant Blue Collection 1
dvd.pngDaphne in the Brilliant Blue Collection 2
dvd.pngDojin Work Complete Series
dvd.pngMaid Sama Collection 1
dvd.pngMazinkaiser Complete
dvd.pngShuten Doji Complete
dvd.pngSpace Travelers
dvd.pngGuy: Double Target
dvd.pngMecha Masters: Explosive Anime Classic Box Set, MD Geist, Cybernetics Guardian, Genocyber
dvd.pngMichel Complete Collection
dvd.pngMy Beautiful Girl Mari
dvd.pngA Tree of Palme
dvd.pngSuper Gals Complete Collection
dvd.pngSonic Soldier Borgman - Last Battle/Lover's Rain
dvd.pngPhantom of Inferno
dvd.pngBlame! Complete
dvd.pngBlood Reign: Curse of the Yoma Complete
dvd.pngDesinty of the Shrine Maiden Complete Collection
dvd.pngPapuwa Complete Collection
dvd.pngRozen Maiden Complete Collection
dvd.pngKobato Complete Collection 1
dvd.pngKobato Complete Collection 2

bluray.pngFractale Complete Series
bluray.pngMoribito: Guardian of the Spirit Part 1
bluray.pngMoribito: Guardian of the Spirit Part 1
bluray.pngMoribito: Guardian of the Spirit Part 1
bluray.pngThe World God Only Knows Season One Complete Collection
bluray.pngThe World God Only Knows Season Two Complete Collection

Total: $522

December Spendings

dvd.pngL/R: Licensed by Royalty Complete Series
dvd.pngGaoGaiGar King of Braves Premium Box 1
dvd.pngGaoGaiGar King of Braves Premium Box 1
dvd.pngClannad The Motion Picture
dvd.pngZenki Saga 4
dvd.pngRental Magica Part 1
dvd.pngGenerator Gawl Perfect Collection
dvd.pngYou're Under Arrest S3: Full Throttle Complete Collection
dvd.pngVandread Complete Series Box Set
dvd.pngArmitage III Complete Collection
dvd.pngOriginal Dirty Pair Movie Collection
dvd.pngDetroit Metal City Complete Collection
dvd.pngGakuen Alice Complete Collection
dvd.pngThe Karma Saiyuki
dvd.pngLegend of the Lyon Flare Part 1
dvd.pngLegend of the Lyon Flare Part 2
dvd.pngStr.A.In.: Strategic Armored Infantry Complete Series
dvd.pngTattoon Master
dvd.pngTweeny Witches Complete Series
dvd.pngPetite Princess Yucie Complete Collection
dvd.pngDoki Doki School Hours Complete Series
dvd.pngCroisee Complete Collection
dvd.pngDark Cat
dvd.pngDemon Lord Dante
dvd.pngCase Closed Season Four
dvd.pngFullmetal Alchemist Premium OVA Collection
dvd.pngHaruhi Complete Season Two

bluray.pngDream Eater Merry Complete Collection
bluray.pngNo.6 Complete Collection
bluray.pngFullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OVA Collection
bluray.pngQueen's Blade: The Exiled Virgin Complete Series
bluray.pngMazinkaiser SKL Complete
bluray.pngInfinite Stratos Complete Collection
bluray.pngLady Death
bluray.pngK-On! Vol. 3
bluray.pngOblivion Island
bluray.pngTales of Vesperia
bluray.pngLegend of the Millennium Dragon
bluray.pngTowa no Quon Complete Collection
bluray.pngK-On! Vol.4
bluray.pngGrave of the Fireflies
bluray.pngShiki Part 2
bluray.png[C]: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control Complete Series
bluray.pngSekirei Complete First Season

Total: $648

YTD Total Spendings: $8064

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#21 Squarehard


Posted 05 June 2012 - 04:11 PM

3k on stuff so fars this year, and not even half way through yet! :3


#22 ZerotypeX



  • CAGiversary!

Posted 06 June 2012 - 05:30 AM

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#23 bardockkun


    Porn, Kitsch And Firearms

  • CAGiversary!

Posted 07 June 2012 - 07:19 AM

3k on stuff so fars this year, and not even half way through yet! :3

And here I thought my $268 on 25 titles this year so far was bad...
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#24 iduncurr


Posted 07 June 2012 - 08:14 AM

Fringe Season 1 BD - $22.99
Fringe Season 2 BD - $22.99
Fringe Season 3 BD - $22.99
Glee Season 1 BD - $22.99
Glee Season 2 BD - $26.99
House Season 7 BD - $17.99
True Blood Season 1 BD - $34.99
True Blood Season 2 BD - $34.99
True Blood Season 3 BD - $34.99
Total for the Month= $241.91

Big Bang Theory Season 3 BD - $19.99
Big Bang Theory Season 4 BD - $19.99
The Vampire Diaries Season 1 BD - $19.99
The Vampire Diaries Season 1 BD - $19.99
(Steelbook) V for Vendetta BD - $9.99
(Steelbook) Batman: Begins BD - $9.99
(Steelbook) Batman: The Dark Knight BD - $9.99
(Steelbook) 300 BD - $9.99
(Steelbook) Hangover BD - $9.99
(Steelbook) Hangover 2 BD - $9.99
(Steelbook) Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring BD - $9.99
(Steelbook) Lord of the Rings: The Twin Towers BD - $9.99
(Steelbook) Lord of the Rings: Return of the King BD - $9.99
(Steelbook) Sherlock Holmes BD - $9.99
(Steelbook) Inception BD - $9.99
(Steelbook) Suckerpunch BD - $9.99
(Steelbook) The Matrix BD - $9.99
(Steelbook) The Shawshank Redemption BD - $9.99
(Steelbook) Gran Torino BD - $9.99
(Steelbook) The Last Samurai BD - $9.99
(Steelbook) Clash of the Titans BD - $9.99
Total for the Month = $248.79

Overall Total = $490.70

My wallet dislikes me right now. I might pick up Breaking Bad BD and most likely picking up Game of Shadows when it comes out too.

#25 Squarehard


Posted 07 June 2012 - 03:36 PM

And here I thought my $268 on 25 titles this year so far was bad...

Well no worries, I'm here to make you feel better about your own spending. :P


#26 bardockkun


    Porn, Kitsch And Firearms

  • CAGiversary!

Posted 09 June 2012 - 06:19 AM

Well no worries, I'm here to make you feel better about your own spending. :P

You're the hero I need on CAG right now at this time. Our silent collector. A watchful shopper.
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#27 simdog


Posted 09 June 2012 - 07:36 AM

Always Sunny Season 1-6 $45 (Got a sweet deal)


Anchorman Deluxe Edition Blu FREE

Step Brothers Blu ($8)
Talledega Nights Blu ($6)
Family Guy Banned from TV DVD ($5)


Getting more into collecting now though so I'm guessing a rise :P

#28 Squarehard


Posted 16 June 2012 - 09:43 PM

I'm almost at $300 for this month already... ~_~

*correction* Almost at $400 for this month... @_@

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#29 Squarehard


Posted 29 June 2012 - 05:07 AM

I don't see myself spending anymore for this month, so updated my June total.


#30 Squarehard


Posted 13 July 2012 - 05:14 PM

I know many more of you buy DVDs/Blu-rays, so show us your spendings!

Om nom nom nom!