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Good news for Move owners:"2012 is Move's Relaunching Year" expect big things @ E3

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#31 Enuf



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Posted 01 May 2012 - 12:04 AM

I did.

LBP2 bundle is out of stock and not sold in stores, and the Heroes Bundle is at no stores near me and after tax + $6 shipping, it kills the deal.

I do want Move, but like I said not for as much as it is now. If I could have got it for $80 with R3 or Goldeneye I would have if I had wanted it back when they first dropped.

Even with the current $25 deal on Move Controller, and $20 for the sharshooter, the other 2 parts even on a deal of $20 each, come to $85 when the bundles cost $80 with all that and a game.

I'll just wait for the next bundle drop. $85 for an accessory seems like way to much IMO.

only other real cheapy option would be to check CL, Ebay or other CAG's that haven't been satisfied w/move $50ish should get it.
The Sport champion bundles should be phase out since the 2nd game is incoming & we're only 1 month away from E3 anyways so the wait should be that long.

edit:sam's club has a bundle on sale for less than $80


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Posted 01 May 2012 - 08:13 AM

I think the dipping sales of the Wii are good indication that people are done with motion controlled gaming. If anything, Kinect is the next step...

This re-launch is just going to be a waste of time and money for Sony. They should focus on more integrated gameplay between the Vita and PS3.

There is a difference between the death of a fad and a genre finding its saturation point.

Designer jeans became a craze unto insanity in the late 70s. They've made tons of money ever since be nothing like the fever pitch of that era. A good new Mortal Kombat title can make good money but is unlikely to match the fervor of when the SNES and Genesis versions came out, marking when the launch of a big game title was comparable to a major movie's opening weekend.

The big problem with the Wii is that it depended too much on new hardware sales because the software attach rate was lousy, especially for those people who didn't care about the big Nintendo franchises like Mario platformers. These people were content with Wii Play and a few other items, with no more purchases ever. They got a worthwhile novelty for their money but didn't produce the ongoing revenue stream Nintendo expected. When the hardware sales peaked it meant a huge hit on revenue.

But that doesn't mean the death of motion controls. It just means a hard lesson in expecting them to be the primary basis of a platform. It is a subset, just as connection between a set top and a mobile platform is a market of limited value. Sony will do both to the exclusion of neither and neither overwhelming the core products.

I personally have no use for sports games. I cannot image why I'd pretend to play a game on a computer that I wouldn't play for real. And if I liked to play for real, why would I bother with the fake version when I can have so much more experience from the real thing even if I'm bad at it.

That said, the platform company that ignored the market for sports games would have to be run by monumentally stupid people. Invest to support people looking to spend money on a particular thing in proportion to their numbers.
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Posted 01 May 2012 - 05:46 PM

seeing epobirs signature reminds me of last weekend when I was fantasizing about how to make Boktai work again. Screw putting the game in reality, I'm all about putting reality in my game.

Not everyone needs to look like a 16 year old girl cosplaying a 16 year old boy, every-Japanese-artist-ever.

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#34 epobirs



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Posted 06 May 2012 - 11:36 PM

seeing epobirs signature reminds me of last weekend when I was fantasizing about how to make Boktai work again. Screw putting the game in reality, I'm all about putting reality in my game.

Now that all of the latest handhelds and phones have cameras it should be pretty easy to do.

Consider the pedometer function in the 3DS. You can have a game that not only requires you to get outdoors but also to move around. Special bonus for playing in traffic!
If I thought I needed to get out in the sunshine I'd play Boktai.

#35 metaphysicalstyles


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Posted 08 May 2012 - 02:40 PM

What are you playing? Because aside from the fact that my playing area is really shallow

, once I actually calibrate I haven't had any issues actually needing recalibration.

I'm about 6-8 feet away from my TV. Camera mounted atop the TV, and I either sit or stand (depending on the game). The only thing I can figure is that the glass top coffee table in my living room is causing a reflection that the camera is picking up. I can play for approximately five minutes before needing to recalibrate. I even bought a new camera, and tried a second Move controller... but experienced the same results. When it is calibrated, it still doesn't feel like a true 1:1 experience.
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