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Gamestop said I could preorder the Wii U ?true?

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#31 Josh5890


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Posted 07 June 2012 - 04:17 AM

Strange quote from Reggie in an IGN article:

That is a very strange way of dancing around whether it will be a pack-in or not. Aggressively promoting a "very high attach between Nintendo Land and Wii U" could mean bundle options but not a pack-in with every system. They just need to include the damn thing and stop waffling about it.

Have you ever read or heard a Reggie interview? He is the King of Dancing.


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#32 pacemakerguy


Posted 07 June 2012 - 05:06 AM

^haha very true, he lets so many questions just jump around him, I watched the interview on IGN and he just lets things pass by him...very annoying
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