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Best Buy - PS3 racing wheel: $19.99 in store, possible ymmv?

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#1 kitsunisan


Posted 01 April 2013 - 07:34 PM

Not sure if this is universal so ymmv, but one of my local Best Buys have the PlayStation Move racing wheel priced at $19.99. In store price only it seems, it's still $26.99 online. Wasn't in the clearance section, just right in with the move accessories. If you got in on the PS Move bundle for $15 at Sears this is a nice gadget to go along with it.


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#2 Saix_XIII


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Posted 01 April 2013 - 07:41 PM

This is rather hard to find, I bought it for the $27, but I thought I was going to have to call for a PM. You might want to add YMMV


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#3 TooPoor


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Posted 01 April 2013 - 07:58 PM

I have never seen this wheel in my store, which games would benefit from this?

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#4 kitsunisan


Posted 01 April 2013 - 08:24 PM

This is rather hard to find, I bought it for the $27, but I thought I was going to have to call for a PM. You might want to add YMMV

I kind of did, saying I wasn't sure if it was a universal price, but you do have a point. Edited.
Any CAG in Minnesota looking, the Eden Prairie store has two more of them, and one on hold for store pick up for me, which I've cancelled just a few minutes ago, so don't believe the "unavailable" on the website just yet.
According to Frisky in the PSN thread, it works with just about anything you can use a wheel with. The handles even extend and the right handle turns like a throttle for motorcycle games. And according to Sony, it was also designed with flight sims in mind, stating that the accuracy of the move controller really helps with pitch, yaw and roll.
Keep in mind, the Move controller and camera are needed, obviously. Now I just need to grab GT5.

#5 scottman



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Posted 01 April 2013 - 08:26 PM

Also shows up at this price in the online clearance list for the store I picked one up for $27 the other week. Probably widespread for the few stores that still have these. Darn 15 day return policy will mean I probably won't bother trying to get the difference back. Best buy knew what they were doing, to thwart the devil customers.

#6 kitsunisan


Posted 01 April 2013 - 11:07 PM

Ugh, tried to edit the thread title to add "possible YMMV", wound up wikifying it instead. That's what I get for trying to edit on my phone.

#7 token2k6


Posted 01 April 2013 - 11:11 PM

IDK, don't think the $19.99 is YMMV..usually when stuff like this is said to be YMMV, it sure enough is for me and I don't get the deal. But I just popped into a store to pick up GTA IV Complete and they had one last steering wheel unit left. Shelf tag showed $19.99 and it rang up the same. I don't plan on opening this, so I hope there is somewhat of a rare factor to this..
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#8 kitsunisan


Posted 02 April 2013 - 12:22 AM

Just tried it out with Need for Speed: the Run, works great with it.

#9 ChunLiBarbie



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Posted 02 April 2013 - 02:36 AM

Just tried it out with Need for Speed: the Run, works great with it.

Ooo... Thanks for the heads up! I gotta finish that game!

I got this wheel when it first came out, played with it and GT5XL for a minute or 2, and they've been sitting ever since.

..............I put a developer vid in here for whoever's interested: http://www.cheapassg...t=340414&page=2

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