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#1 SillyWilly1718


Posted 30 April 2013 - 05:15 PM

So, I was trade banned, is it forever?

I know I have 3 bad refs but one was from Rozz that I specifically said it was from gamefly and no case.

Ps3 one and Skyrim I guess are my fault, even though I did send the guy multiple messages about the Ps3 and refused to reply.

I assume I can't buy anything in game share as well?

If I buy with gameshare, I'm more than happy to pay full first like I have done many times already. Don't like my feedback then don't sell to me, thanks.

#2 shrike4242


    Not My Job Anymore, Go Bother Someone Else.

  • CAGiversary!

Posted 30 April 2013 - 05:42 PM

You have three negative feedbacks, which is the point where users are removed from being able to trade on CAG. It removes the user from accessing CAG Marketplace as well as the Trading Forum and sub-forums.

Since PS3 gamesharing doesn't occur in the Trading Forum, you're not prevented from going there to do gamesharing. Though, if you're listed as being in Trading Ban, most, if not all, users in there will avoid you like the plague.

There's reasons why you have negative feedbacks and it's best for everyone that those issues that caused them not be repeated with other users. It shows you can't follow through on trades and you're unable/unwilling to fix the issues that caused the negative feedback. Reading over the feedback, it's pretty clear why they were left. Also, it was three neg feedbacks out of five total deals, which is more than a little concerning.

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#3 shrike4242


    Not My Job Anymore, Go Bother Someone Else.

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Posted 07 May 2013 - 04:32 PM

I adjusted the post in question, since I think it's best for everyone concerned.

He's not going to get out of Trading Ban for any reason and he seems to be blacklisted in the Gameshare thread from the discussions that came up there about his track record.

It's clear that he has a differing view on the situation than you do and I think your feedback speaks for itself, Rozz.

I wouldn't worry about the OP any longer and would suggest you put him on ignore if not already done so.