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GameStop Trade-in Values XXVI: Values available on iOS app. Upcoming 50% bonus with coupon.

gamestop gs trade tiv values trade-in trade-in values

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#2281 motaku96


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Posted Today, 08:55 PM

EDIT: All gone

Shit, I didn't even think about giving these coupons away. I have 3. I don't want 'em. PM me. First come first served. Expires tomorrow. Would've given them away sooner if I remembered someone might want it.

Actually while I was there today, the guy in front of me was trading in a 360 and bunch of games. Wish I'd thought to bring the coupons. Would've given them to him on the spot.

Cashier at gs today asked me what kinda games I liked and when I said jrpg, he said, "aww you're not interested in trading them in right?" I told him "Nope, I like to keep my collection."

#2282 KingofOldSchool



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Posted Today, 09:10 PM

Would showing them my email for the 50% work? Last time they did something like this, I went to print it off and they said it was already attached to my account. Don't really feel like printing it and just want to use my iPhone and show them the email.

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#2283 blueweltall


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Posted Today, 09:17 PM

I got some 50% trade-in codes if you need them, pm me. I'll only give it to certain cags though, this is based on my own criteria to make sure no lurkers get them.

#2284 srocky26


Posted Today, 09:24 PM

Did you trade a copy in? That's a heck of a drop.

Sorry, I guess I did order and receive Black Ops, not Black Ops 2. Derp...

:ps3: Call of Duty: Black Ops - $10

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#2285 Prison Mike

Prison Mike

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Posted Today, 09:36 PM

Been getting a lot of PMs asking for the coupon template so I'm going to link it here again


The template is attached to the bottom of THIS POST and is meant for those that are getting denied at stores by having the code only