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Possible Bad News for the PS3?

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#61 freestyledust77



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Posted 09 January 2006 - 04:33 AM

You can look at it like this the sony ps2 came out at it's set price (what ever it was), during the first year of production they lost $125-150 per unit (this is due to the recouping of costs associated with it) now several years, price drops, and a redesign later they are making a profit by selling it at $149.99. We all seem to be spoiled w/ prices and saving money, but we forget that first gen of any technology is very expensive (i.e. first atari's were in the range of 299-399 and that was back in the early 80's, vcr's took 10 years to drop below $100 it tool dvd players less than 4) and no matter how you speculate there is no such thing as a cheap blu-ray dvd player, not on a first gen. and look a first gen set top box (or for the non tech savy a standard style dvd player) is going to go for near the $900 and up mark. the rest of the technology is stuff that pretty much already exsists (like video scalers, and hd upconverters). but in a ps3 almost all of it is stuff that is not out or on the market, so it going for $400-500 is a heck of a deal. This is when I learned my lesson about new technology....1997.....philips cd recorder,.....$500......only one cd tray and you had to have a seperate cd changer to hook up too it......oh did i mention the cost of disks were near $4 a disk if you could find them,,,,,sold it for $100 and only made 5 cd's, now I wait for it to level off......but I sure can't wait to get one :)

#62 Survivor Charlie

Survivor Charlie

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Posted 09 January 2006 - 07:53 PM

If the PS3 doesn't get annouced for $300 at E3, something is wrong. The $300 price point is a Sony tradition at E3.