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GOG Galaxy, DRM-free Steam competitor?

05 June 2014 - 10:15 PM

GOG Galaxy platform (via Gamasutra)


So apparently, Good Old Games has decided to launch it's own software platform to support and manage the current offerings of their web store/service. The current plan is that there will be client software, some manner of achievement system, and possibly on-line play for supported titles. Whatever this turns out to be will also be DRM free, and entirely optional. Users will still have the option of downloading GOG games from the site itself and running them without ever accessing the service or signing up for a profile.


Some news sites are pitching this as a Steam competitor. I think it much more likely that it will be a Steam alternative, especially attractive to anyone who insists on DRM independence and off-line play. I think EA and Origin have a lot more to worry about from this service than Valve.


GOG has been a popular Steam alternative for publishing for smaller indie devs. It's quite common for a lot of the big indie titles to find their way onto GOG. Having a service like this will be better for the current GOG user base, and will help to draw more developer support.

Red Vs. Blue 10-Year Blu-Ray

06 January 2014 - 07:27 PM



This week, one of the Amazon deals is the Red Vs. Blue 10-year anniversary Blu-Ray set. This is the first 10 seasons of Red Vs. Blue, all remastered in high definition on Blu-Ray, with a ton of extras on top. The sale price is $59 USD, which is quite good for this particular box set. I think there might have been a lightening deal last year that had it for around $50, but this is still a fantastic price for this box set.


If you like the show and want to show a little support for the Rooster Teeth gang without punishing your wallet, pick this one up.