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Time Paradox! > Horror Chicken: Resident Evil Part 2 & System Shock 2

Posted 16 August 2014

I return with two more videos as I begin returning to previous games on Mondays that I survived to see what else they have to offer while checking out a new game on Fridays.

Resident Evil continues to prove that playing that particular game with no prior history with this series means that the game's unique logic is completely foreign to me, so I jus...

Time Paradox! > Horror Chicken: Betrayer and Slender: The Arrival

Posted 10 August 2014

I've got two more videos for you today:

Note: I accidentally played Slender on Easy, though it was interesting to see how that affects the game with a weird ending to cap it off.

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Time Paradox! > Horror Chicken: F.E.A.R. and Resident Evil 4

Posted 28 July 2014

I haven't stopped making Horror Chicken videos, but I've neglected posting them here as often as I should. Sorry about that, so let's catch up with what I've put out:

FEAR was a weird video to record as I accidentally hit the stop recording button on accident and th...

Time Paradox! > Horror Chicken: Amnesia: The Dark Descent & Alan Wake

Posted 04 July 2014

I'm making a bit of a change to how I post this feature due to some feedback, as I'm going to post both episodes in one blog every Friday.

It's becoming more of a common thing that these games aren't quite running me out right away, so I'm able to play the first ~40...

Time Paradox! > Horror Chicken: Master Reboot & Alien Breed Impact

Posted 27 June 2014

While I did make a video for Monday, I forgot to make a blog post on CAG for it, so you get two-for-one in today's post!

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