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The new 1.12 update for Gran Turismo 6 adds some new free cars, a new track, and a new online quick match mode.

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Zoe Quinn didn't sleep with five men like her ex-boyfriend claimed in that angry blog post, as he admitted making it up to get back at her. I think it's only been proven that there was just one guy and at that point, it's their private business. The 4chan people from the IRC rooms that posted their chat logs in response to her weird infiltration of their discussions/planning were shown to have focused on her and started the whole GameGate thing to try to mask the attacks they planned on Zoe and others. The ex-boyfriend was a part of the whole thing as he coached them on what to do and how to do it, which his Twitter feed shows the same sort of thing where he actively engages in this stuff in such a weird way that I don't really know how to react to it. It's kind of easy to see these conspiracy people on the GamerGate twitter feed as they find new wrinkles to obsess about that leads to threats against Anita that claims she never filed a police report like she claimed and the focus on Zoe's donations like they find something to spread around that if it were true, would mean nothing in the grand scheme since it proves nothing in their arguments. My point is that it's all insane in the kind of ways that only could occur on the internet and it's a shame that a number of people have had irreparable damage done to them because of it.


I can definitely appreciate the other aspect of GamerGate that is about ethics and conflicts of interest, but the shit-flinging and generalizations being thrown in both directions diminishes my ability to take either side that seriously on the matter.


I agree with Cheapy about the Destiny alpha/beta making it harder to get through the beginning of final game since they included the first several missions that was generous for a beta, but makes it hard for me to rush through those levels for the third time. It's Borderlands syndrome where I've played through the first bit so many times that trying to start over (new platform or class) gets harder and harder each time. I don't think the game really has loot at all. I may still be early, but it doesn't seem to be changing the look of my space person very much and I've seen higher level characters that look like mine with armor of unique colors. I do hope that Bungie has updates in the work to add and overhaul things about the game over the next few weeks and months beyond what the expansions will add.


I'd have loved to see Destiny become a more polished, fleshed out version of the Defiance shooter MMO that released last year and has since become free-to-play on PS3 and PC that is pretty cool for many of the same reason people were excited about Destiny originally.

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Anyone remember how much Chinatown Wars was last time it went on sale?  Was it the same?

$5.99 PSN, $4.79 PS+.



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I definitely want more Sega back catalog. They released the four or five Dreamcast games, then nothing. They released the AM2 fighters like Virtua Fighter 2, Sonic the Fighters, and Fighting Vipers but no more. I want Virtua Fighter 3tb and Fighting Vipers 2! But that's unlikely to happen since the first Fighting Vipers only has just over 600 players ranked on the scoreboard. And don't get me started on the long-rumored Shenmue HD port.

Come to think of it, Sega sales were frequent for a time and now they've become much more sporadic.

Atlus stole all of the sales mojo from Sega.

In Topic: PSN Weekly Deals - 9/9: GTA/Just Dance Sales, $3 Under Defeat, $5 D...

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Klaus is a 2015 puzzle platformer with a 4th wall-breaking story to it from a relatively new Venezuelan studio that won a Square Enix Latin American contest in 2012. There's a post mortem of their time working on Klaus for that contest here.