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recommendation: combine weekly sale ad threads on the deals forum

19 October 2013 - 02:45 PM

Right now there are 11 pinned threads for weekly or recurring deals on the deals forum. I think that is too many. There are two of them just for toys r us, and two for other retailers as well, the current week and the previous week. I think they should be combined into one thread for the current week and one thread for the next week.

That would leave 3 threads instead of 11. One for the amazon digital downloads, one for current week ads, one for next weeks ads. And of course things that come up like black Friday or something would have more opportunity to be featured.

I feel like the weekly ads are mostly just msrp stuff these days anyway and people highlight the good stuff in normal threads.

I just think having 10 of the 30 first page threads be weekly ad sales is a waste. Would allow other deals to stay on the front page faster.

Or sticky popular threads like amazon warehouse and steam, psn, and Xbox live deals, or the ps4/xb1 reserve threads right now. Just not so much attention on these msrp ads and threads with often less than 50 replies.

Thanks for your time.