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Budget PS4 headset (over-the-ear prefereable)

10 December 2013 - 08:50 PM

I've tried all of the stereo headsets I have and none work with the PS4. The boxed in one is terrible and I get terrible echoing when I use it.


Looking around some people have said the Rocketfish headset(s) aren't bad for what they cost, $25.


Anyone found any better deals on budget headphones that work with the PS4? I wasn't in the market for one during BF so I probably missed out on a few deals then.


I'd also consider a headset that required a Y-adapter or whatever to work if its a good price. 


Some people also recommended the Vita headset, but I'd prefer cans over buds as buds tend to hurt my ears after a while.


EDIT: After asking on another forum I was recommended the Turtle Beach Z11s, which aparantly are plug and play. Have one on hold at Bestbuy as its only about $35 there, or on amazon as well.