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In Topic: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Select 1st Party Nintendo 3DS Games, $30 Wii U Pro Cont...

20 July 2014 - 05:13 AM

GCU Worked for me. Overall I bought 6 games for my Brother GCU worked with all of them. 5 For in-store pick up and Bravely Default for shipping.

Did you make one order or several orders?

In Topic: Anime Steals and Deals (Rightstuf, Amazon, DD...etc)

02 May 2014 - 10:59 AM

If you are looking for Gundam 00, RightStuf has all parts for both seasons for $9-$10 each. Even Season 2 Part 4.

Thanks! I ordered and now have the complete season 2 after 2 years. Now if I can ever find a good price for Code Geass R2, Part 1.

In Topic: LEGO Deals 3

29 March 2014 - 07:14 AM

^He'll be gone quicker than Martian Manhunter that's for sure! Unless they actually make a decent amount of him.

It's only available for 3 days so you're right.

In Topic: LEGO Deals 3

29 March 2014 - 06:55 AM

Darth Revan will be the May 4th promo. Free after spending $75 worth of Star Wars sets.





In Topic: Walmart.com: Xbox One Titanfall Console Bundle - $449

21 March 2014 - 09:02 AM

I expect every retailer to have this price soon or at least give out a $50 gift card.