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Blog burritoman > Week 10 Update!

Posted 10 March 2010

Hello friends.

I have been really busy so I forgot to post last week.

I am down to 224 pounds now! Started at 259.75!

Still going still in first place. Soon I will be at my target weight so I gotta slow down.

Anyways this is just a quick update, because i am still busy. Been thinking about everyone here though and thanks for the support.

Have a...

Blog burritoman > Week 8 Weigh In Results

Posted 23 February 2010

Weel it's that time again and I am still losing weight.

My goal was to smash the 230 barrier and this week I ended up at 229.75 pounds!

That is 30 pounds since this contest began!

I have lost 11.55% of my starting weight. Comfortably in first place by a couple points. My biggest rival gained 5 pounds and is at 1.333%.

Sweet isn't it?

Still got a...

Blog burritoman > Week 7 Weigh in!

Posted 18 February 2010

Another day late update...

Well guys I had a successful week this week.

Lost 3 more pounds I think. Can't remember if it was 3 or 3.5.

My body weight is now 232.25 pounds! I have lost 10.58% of my body weight! I am almost to the last hole in my belt!!!! I gotta find a before and after picture. I'll have to find the most recent pic of me before and n...

Blog burritoman > Week 6 Weigh In, Halfway There!

Posted 11 February 2010

Hey guys, sorry i didn't post this last night I got caught up in playing some DDO and fell asleep before I posted.

This week wasn't as good as the last. Only lost 1.5 lbs.

That still makes the total 25.25 lbs. Still averaging about 5 lbs. a week, which is way over my goal.

Anyways I have 9.34% and still in first place. The next guy is at 8.99% and...

Blog burritoman > Week 5 Weight In!

Posted 03 February 2010

Well guys, I've been waiting to write this for a week.

I lost a little bit more weight, but that's not the big deal.

The big deal is I AM IN FIRST PLACE!!!

I (somehow) lost 5 more pounds this week, to get me down to a smooth 237, from the initial 259.75 (22.75 lbs. total by the way). So by doing that I increased my total percentage of lost weight...