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In Topic: Amazon Warehouse Deals Thread XIII

Today, 03:39 AM

Found a rare pic from the Fappening.

(Warning: don't click the spoiler)



Holy shit dude where did you find that?


That is hot!

In Topic: Amazon Warehouse Deals Thread XIII

Yesterday, 02:37 PM

I really hope this is a joke. (:

You gotta have that thing. That's why they sell the console without one, so you gotta go to Gamestop and pay $150 for a used one to make you Xbone do whatever you want it to do.

In Topic: Ultimate Warrior memorial wrestling thread 1959-2014

Yesterday, 03:49 AM

I will post about tonight's WWE event I went to after I sober up and find my camera It was fucking amazing, and the place went fucking hysterical for Cena.


I'm hoarse and drunk as shit, thank god for wives who drive.

In Topic: GameStop TIV/Promos XXVI: Values available on Android/iOS app. Madden Guarant...

Yesterday, 03:47 AM

You should really call their District Manager if they're going to be pulling that shit. They can do it. They're just trying to keep their preorder numbers high. Pretty scummy move.

Burn his nuts on the survey. Make a huge scene in the email too.


If you didn't get a survey, just go to the link on the website and light him up. Fuck him. He ain't superman, he's a damn Gamestop employee.

In Topic: Amazon Kindle Card

18 September 2014 - 02:20 AM

Me teach you lesson.


Cookie Monster speak this way.


You get kindle card at gamestop when trade. Me do it all time.