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Blog el swordo > Military Worship

Posted 08 August 2014

I went to a soccer game last week. Yes I said soccer get over it. Anyway before the game the paraded out a few soldiers and had them have a shot on goal. Of course they got a standing ovation. It seems like they do this same thing at other sporting events and the reaction is almost always the same. Now my question is why do we blindly respect anybod...

Blog el swordo > How much does smartphone battery life matter to you?

Posted 25 July 2014

Current smartphones if you actually use them to their max will be lucky to make it all day on a single charge. Sure I can put chargers everywhere I might possibly go but, that defeats the purpose of being mobile. Sure I could carry a battery pack around with me but, that defeats the purpose of a super thin phone. Most people put cases on their phones...

Blog el swordo > Anyone else not feel the need to upgrade their phone every 2 years?

Posted 08 July 2014

I'm a techie I'm obsessive over the latest technology but, I don't feel the need to get a new phone all the time? Why? Because, I use my phone mostly for listening to podcasts and looking something on twitter/facebook occassionally. So what if it's not top of the line? I'd much rather upgrade my tablet or my desktop pc which get used for extensive pe...

Blog el swordo > How Did Star Wars Get Blown So Out of Proportion?

Posted 07 March 2014

So last weekend I finally decided to sit down and watch every Star Wars movie as a grown up. And while I enjoyed many parts of it, I would have to say it's vastly overrated on the whole. Out of the first trilogy I'd probably only watch the second two again. They're good popcorn B movies. But, jesus christ, Mark Hammil may be the worst actor I've ever seen...

Blog el swordo > Do you prefer dedicated devices vs All in One Devices?

Posted 06 January 2014

I love my smartphone and I love nexus 7 but, I still have a dedicated mp3 player and my trusty old kindle lying around. The mp3 player is so tiny and weight next to nothing. On top of that it has physical buttons and doesn't have anything running in the background that could interrupt my music experience. The kindle is great if you plan on doing more...