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#11783692 The official "How much should I pay for this?" Thread

Posted by FOnewearl on 23 May 2014 - 07:27 PM

Landstalker (cart only) 8 bucks and some change. I rarely buy genesis games that aren't CIB but this seems like a hard game to find. I could just print out the artwork as I have extra cases.

If your interested in playing it I'd say yes. I still remember seeing good reviews for this and Gunstar Heroes in the first issue of Diehard Gamefan I remember reading and ended up buying both of them. They are both some of my personal favorites on the Genesis.

#11751607 2014 Yardsale thread

Posted by FOnewearl on 12 May 2014 - 07:06 PM

Blinky Plush (Toy Factory) - Free
NES Bundle With All Cords Zapper & 2 Controllers & Some Misc - 42
Everything Else - 15
Lion King (SNES) & 2 Ryu Toys - .75
2 PS3 Games (Uncharted 3 GOTY Sealed) - Buck Each
2 Complete 360 Games - 8
5 Mystery Label 2600 Games - 2

#11722712 Fleamarkets of 2014. GO AMERICA!

Posted by FOnewearl on 29 April 2014 - 04:14 PM

Heavy Nova (Complete), Rock 'N Roll Racing (No Manual) & Castlevania - 13
Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong 64 & Space Station Silicon Valley - 15
SMS & 2600 Stuff - 5
Everything Else - 25
The 2 Genesis games were 2 each and Castlevania was 10 took 13. The next 3 games were 6 each but took 15 for the 3. These games came from your somewhat typical reseller types. No manual with Hang-On & Astro Warrior, Star Raider is missing the game itself & E.T. is complete (interesting weekend to find this). For everything else I asked about the NES stuff and it was 20 but the guy said I could have all of the game stuff which was in a plastic bin for 30 to which I countered with 25 which was taken. All of the NES games on the left have manuals. Pinball Quest hidden in the top left and if the NES games are hard to make out Snoopy's Silly Sport Spectacular! is the only other one that isn't really common or crap with Tyson & SMB3 being the best of the rest. Unfortunately the blue Game Gear doesn't have the battery covers has this is my first time finding a blue system.

#11722705 2014 Yardsale thread

Posted by FOnewearl on 29 April 2014 - 04:12 PM

Atomic Purple Game Boy Color - 1
Everything Else - 20
The GBC was actually from a lone sale near my place that I walked to on 4-19-14. Asked about video games and this was brought out to which my offer of a buck was taken. Everything else was at one sale, the Xbox stuff was 15 and the Game Gear stuff was 5 and the PC games were a buck each to which I offered 20. The Madden game is missing the disk and Final Fantasy VII I'm pretty sure is missing one disk, it has 3 disks in it with an open spot but I couldn't remember if it was 4 disk or 3 like the PS1 version. IIRC the rest of the Xbox & PC games were complete.
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#11529919 2014 Thrift Store Thread - Post your finds here!

Posted by FOnewearl on 15 February 2014 - 08:17 PM

I rarely ever find anything interesting at the thrift store and don't even find much in the way of meh parting gifts even so it was a rather pleasent surprise finding these games at 2.50 each. Before this I want to say the last time I had a good find at the thrift store was about 3 years ago. Parasite Eve is the only game missing it's manual and all of the disks are in mint to near mint condition.

#11299098 Shipping To Canada

Posted by FOnewearl on 29 November 2013 - 05:51 PM

First-Class Mail International = 8.55


That is how much it cost at the post office it should be a little cheaper if you find a means to do so online. If PP doesn't have a FCMI option then I'm guessing you would still get said discount if you do it from the USPS site which you would have to make an account for if you don't already have one.

#10999249 2013 Yard Sale Thread

Posted by FOnewearl on 20 August 2013 - 06:43 PM

NES systems x2 With 4x 1st Party Controllers, x2 Zappers & Hookups x2 & 28 Games With Some Misc Instructions - 100
This was actually from another buyer I ran into at a yard sale back on 5-4-13 at a big community sale that over heard me asking about games and offered to take my number. They wanted 125 and I offered 100 which they took. Gold game is Quattro Adventure, manuals included for NES system, Zapper, Final Fantasy, Spot: The Video Game, SMB/DH, SMB/DH/WCTM & Super Mario Bros 2.

#10999242 2013 Yard Sale Thread

Posted by FOnewearl on 20 August 2013 - 06:42 PM

2 Complete Xbox Games - 2
Xbox With Hookups, 1 Duke & 1 Regular Controller - 3
Marvel Ultimate Alliance (PS2, Complete) & Resident Evil 4 With 2 Playstation systems - 15
Everything Else Pictured And All of The Generic Stuff I Didn't Bother To Include In The Picture (Also Genesis Model 1 x2 & Model 2 x1 With Misc Controllers & Hookups) - 25
Xbox games were a buck each. Xbox system was 10 but offered to do 5 and took 3. IIRC the PS2 slim I got had hookups and a controller and was 10, the fat system I got was marked 3 and IIRC had a controller and A/V cords. The games were 2 each and took 15 for what I got. The last sale had a bunch of random stuff most in the .25 to 1 range. I left a bunch of boring stuff out of the picture for the sake of trying to keep it to one picture. Some stuff was a 2600 AC Adapter - 1, 3 NES hard cases for games for .10 each, x2 Atari Joysticks so many general stuff that I've had in pictures before. I at least wanted to have the games, systems and unique or something I've never ran into and got in the wild in the picture. Came up to 25.90 and we ended up just making it an even 25.
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#10999233 2013 Yard Sale Thread

Posted by FOnewearl on 20 August 2013 - 06:41 PM

Donkey Kong & Mario Kart Super Circuit - 4
Ultimate Alliance 2 (PS2, Complete), Mario & Sonic Winter Olympics (Wii, No Manual) & Mario Galaxy (Disk Only) - 6
Crash Bandicoot & Crash Bash - 2
3 2600 Games - 3
All NES, SNES & DS Stuff (DS & Boxed NES Games All Complete Including The Map For Zelda) - 22
The Game Boy games were at a sale that advertised games for said systems and were 2 each. At another sale I asked about games and the lady brought out what was mostly PS2 with a few Wii games in the mix out that she forgot to bring out, sounded like jr was to sort them out for the yard sale and never did, 2 dollars each again. The Crash games were asking a buck each at a sale that advertised video games. Asked about games and some Atari stuff was brought out to which I offered a buck each for the 3 I got. DS games were out and a buck each, when I asked about games the lady mentioned some Nintendo stuff she had at home, I ended up going back and she was asking $5 for the system and a buck a game which I was happy with since she was nice enought to follow up on bringing and selling. The NES also came with 2 controllers and hookups which I didn't bother to put in the picture but I did want to include the NES in the picture since it's on crack.
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#10973317 2013 Yard Sale Thread

Posted by FOnewearl on 10 August 2013 - 08:55 PM

Genesis Sports Game (Complete) - .25
Playstation 2 System (Kingdom Hearts Was In The System) & Misc DS Stuff - 12
Mario Party DS (Game Only) - 2
Asked about video games and the PS2 and some games were brought out offered 10 for the system which was countered with 12, the DS misc was in a free box. The other 2 games were asking price.
Friday Non Find BS
N64 With 9 Games (Forgot To Show It Did Have A 4 Meg Expansion) - 5
Kobe Bryant In NBA Courtside - .50
Fat Playstation 3 In Slim Box With Power Cord & Remote - 15
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (PS3, Complete) - 5
The Kobe Bryant game was a buck but took .50. The PS3 was 50 to which I told the guy I was thinking more like 5 and explained to him how these things breakdown (he didn't really seem to know anything about it). He countered with 25 but ended up taking 15. Other two were asking price.
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#10956936 2013 Yard Sale Thread

Posted by FOnewearl on 03 August 2013 - 08:23 PM

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (Xbox, Complete), Silent Hill 2 (PS2, Complete), SMS & Genesis Controllers & Nintendo RF - 4.75
Crash Bandicoot Plush - .10
Game Boy, Game Boy Color And 9 Games, Dreamcast Controller & Fishing Rod - 23
Pink DS Lite & Wild Arms 3 (No Manual) - 5
4 PC Games (Beyond Atlantis II Looks To Be Complete) - 5
The 2 Last Gen games & controllers were asking price at 2 each for the games and .25 each for the controllers & RF. The Game Boy Color bundle was marked 10 so I offered 20 total for both Game Boy sets. They were thinking a buck or two for each of the Dreamcast items so I offered 3 for both, I'm guessing the controller was never used as it was still in the bag inside the box. Offered 5 for the DS & PS2 game which was marked .75. The PC games were 2 each and I offered 5 for the 4 I got.
Game Boy Games - Game & Watch Collection 2, Some Mary Kate & Ashley Planner game, Super Mario Land 1 & 2. Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Street Fighter II, Super Mario Land & Toy Story.
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#10942377 2013 Yard Sale Thread

Posted by FOnewearl on 28 July 2013 - 07:46 PM

Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of The Crimson Elixir (No Manual) - 1
All of The Games In Jewel Cases - 4
18 Cart Games - 140
The PS2 game was 2 and took 1. The PS1 Games were a buck each and the 3 Dreamcast games & Dune on The PC were 2 each but when I was gonna pass on them since the Dreamcast games were scratched and could be shot the lady offered to let me have them for .50 each. Jet Grind Radio is actually a sports game. The cart only games were from a sale that advertised having old games and sounded like it was going to be expensive. I remember the guy mentioning Yoshi's Island being worth 25, he also mentioned Pokemon being the same price and TMNT being "expensive" I ended up offering $100 for most of these not knowing what he wanted for each and every one and he ended up countering with 125 then I added in DKL3, SML2, StarFox & Romance of The Three Kingdoms II for 15 more.

Skyrim (360, Manual But No Map) - 5
N64 Stuff (No Styrofoam In The System Box But The Games Are All Complete) - Close To 10
When I asked about games at the first sale of the day I was brought in to look at some games, probably about 50 games between Xbox & Xbox 360. I was only interested in Skyrim and 5 was the asking price. Asked about games at one sale and they had an N64 for sale that they forgot to bring out (this was about an hour after the sale started). I was interested in a few other things and nothing was priced, I offered 10 for everything which was taken. I figured about 7 for the N64 stuff if I had to break it down.
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings (Card Only) - .50
SNES system With Dr Mario/Tetris But No AC Adapter - 10
This stuff was only pictured separately as I ran out for a CL deal around 11 and ended up going to a yard sale nearby and tripped over a few others of which I found something at 2 of them. The Final Fantasy game was asking price and the SNES was brought out when I asked about games. Wanted 15 but took 10.

#10868761 2013 Flea Market Thread

Posted by FOnewearl on 30 June 2013 - 09:08 PM

Sega Saturn Stuff, GBA With Namco Game (101) & Game Gear System Manual - 20
5 NES Games & Toy Story 2 For N64 - 10
Looney Tunes B-Ball - 3
SNES AC Adapter - 2
Resident Evil 4 (PS2, Complete) - 2.50
Chuck Rock 2: Son of Chuck - 3
Empty PS2 Case - Free
Looney Tunes B-Ball was 5 but took 3. The Saturn games were a buck each and the GBA was 8 but ended up getting everything for 20. Anything else not mentioned was asking price.

#10854971 2013 Yard Sale Thread

Posted by FOnewearl on 24 June 2013 - 03:37 PM

I went to my first yard sale today and had a great time, some awesome finds.
I think I'll start roaming yard sales more often.

Won't let me post links since I'm new, but here's a list.

Pokemon Emerald - cart only
Pokemon Fire Red -CIB
Blue Gameboy Advance SP - CIB
Spyro season of ice - CIB
Rock Em Sock Em Robots - CIB
Pokemon White - CIB
Pokemon black - CIB
Pokemon Diamond - CIB
Pokemon Platinum - CIB
Megaman Zero 3 - CIB
GameCube Controller - Black
Megaman Zero 2 - Cart Only
Contra - GBA
14 other GBA Games in a ziploc baggy

Pokemon Platinum DS Manual
Cooking Mama CIB
6 Assorted Pokemon figures, pikachu, raichu, pichu, charmander, etc
24k plated Pokemon card in pokeball, Charizard, from Burger King promotion a long time ago
Pokedex book
Pokedex Toy in box has a price tag from 2005 on it
Nintendo DS Travel Case with Mario embroidered on it
12 other assorted GBA Games

And a Coach purse

$35 for everything! (Coach bag isn't a game obviously, but still an awesome find to me)


Pictures - http://s33.photobuck...ge-1-1.jpg.html