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Yesterday, 06:44 PM

There are three benefits I see to getting MCC on disc. 


1)  Pure collectibility and having the case on the shelf

2)  Selling the retailer exclusive DLC to bring down the cost of the game or just to have the DLC (but that's not very cheap-ass like) [-(

3)  Getting it at Best Buy for 20% off + $10 in reward cash for use later

Guess I'll go the physical route, once I get my $10 from Sunset Overdrive and save the MS $ for the season pass/DLC, if any.

In Topic: Target ad 10/19-10/25

Yesterday, 05:41 PM

It's the bd+dvd combo pack

Well, snap.  So much for that.


I've passed on getting the 3D since it doesn't seem to be a good 3D movie, though I'd prefer to have the digital copy.  Guess I can always track it down elsewhere since Vudu doesn't have a disc-to-digital for it.

In Topic: Target ad 10/19-10/25

Yesterday, 03:50 PM

For IM3 in-store, is it the BD + DVD version or the BD + DVD + digital copy version?

In Topic: Official Collector's Edition Compilation III: Dragon Age Inquisition Inqu...

Yesterday, 03:04 PM

I was so happy when my friend Shrike posted this in the DA thread in the xbox forums.  I was kicking myself for not picking it up earlier in the year, thinking that it was too expensive and not that great a CE.  Then, poof, sold out for months. 


I was able to grab one for the Xbox One.  Honestly, and not to be a downer, I don't expect these to pop up again. 

Happy to help, chubby.   Surprised it lasted as long as it did on XB1, since the PS4 seems to have disappeared in a few hours versus near 12 hours.


There will almost certainly be one more opportunity to order as Gamestop authorizes credit cards 7 days before release and whatever payment doesn't clear within a few days after that results in a cancelled order.  I would agree that it will only be a small amount of copies popping up that final time though.  

It will likely be just a handful at most, so the window of opportunity is likely to be quite small and probably will disappear in a few hours to an hour, if that long.   It may not even be enough to have it go back onsite, for all we know.

In Topic: Dragon Age: Inquisition - E3 TRAILER

Yesterday, 02:58 PM

I don't think anyone knows this yet. It could go either way. If the codes for the bonuses are EA/BSN codes, then it's possible that the same code will unlock the content for multiple consoles, since they've done it that way in the past. If it's XBLM codes, it will probably unlock the content only for Xbox 360.


Destiny is a recent example of both setups happening for the same game. Some of the bonus codes were codes that you enter on Bungie.net, that unlock content for your character regardless of what console you're playing on. But for instance the Red Sparrow preorder bonus from Gamestop was console-specific. I can use it on Xbox 360 but if I play the same character on Xbone my Red Sparrow won't be there.

I think that with Bioware, some of the DLC that was pre-order was mutli-console, some of it wasn't.    I think a number of the DLC items that were tied to the season pass for ME2 were unlocked on PC as well as X360 when you added it to your X360, though they didn't unlock on PS3.   Any paid DLC was console-specific, so the only way to find out for sure is wait until Nov 18th.