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raarar's blog > It's been awhile.

Posted 01 May 2014

Hi everybody (Hi Dr. Nick!)

It's been awhile since I've written a blog and just felt like chiming in. I'm still here lurking around at deals and checking out DBJ's blog every weekend. Otherwise I game when I can like any adult with some responsibilities and not a lot of time. Just want to sum up what I've done in that regard so far this year.

- Borderla...

raarar's blog > Backlog

Posted 18 January 2014

My limit is 31 games in here, which I'm sure I'm over the limit already. Games are color coded by year acquired, acquisition details are next to that. If it's not coded then I will buy it when I get to it in my backlog.

Acquired in 2011
Acquired in 2012
Acquired in 2013
Acquired in 2014

Currently Playing:
Handheld: :psp: Final Fantasy IV: T...

raarar's blog > Loving the new menu under "Community"

Posted 12 September 2013

But what the hell is Super Secret Moderator forum that I tried clicking on many times to no avail...


raarar's blog > Questionable Purchases?

Posted 24 August 2013

I've owned a 3DS since there was that small window of the price dropping and being eligible as an Ambassdor to get the 20 free games. I've never played any of the them. Outside of those 20 games I have never purchased anything for it. I plan on buying Mega Man 2 from the eShop for the hell of it and this would be my first official game purchased for the s...

raarar's blog > Fallout 3

Posted 04 July 2013

It's been a long time since I've written a blog and it was basically because I didn't have anything worth writing about. I used to have my weekly/monthly gaming blogs but gaming slowed down so much that I figured there was no point in boring everyone with them. I just wanted to pop in because I beat Fallout 3. I started playing it in January, and decided...