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In Topic: Anime Steals and Deals (Rightstuf, Amazon, DD...etc)

Today, 03:04 AM

Yeah that bestbuy sale is pretty weak unless you got a gift certificate.

In Topic: Anime Steals and Deals (Rightstuf, Amazon, DD...etc)

Today, 02:59 AM

Umineko...that anime had me shaking my head. It was so bizarre and nonsensical all the way to the end. I think whoever created that was doing crack every time he had to write a new script for each episode.

More nonsensical than such shows as Inferno Cop?

In Topic: Anime Steals and Deals (Rightstuf, Amazon, DD...etc)

Yesterday, 04:43 PM

They also bumped Sentai products back to their normal price. Surprised they took so long too jump the prices up on everything.

In Topic: Surprisingly The Last Movie You Saw Didn't Suck Pt. 2

Yesterday, 03:31 AM

High Noon:

It's a masterpiece. They really build up to that gunfight and they sure deliver on it.

Assault on Precinct 13(John Carpenter's):

It was awesome. John really knows how to build up tension which he does great here. I liked how none of the gang members had dialog and were just these cold emotionless killers. It's a solid action film and well worth watching.

In Topic: Anime & Manga Thread Vol. 2: Za Warudo!!!

09 July 2014 - 08:31 PM

just curious do you have something against NEET?

Don't have anything aganist them,but it's not a lifestyle to glorify and these shows are so damn ridiculous when it comes to it.