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In Topic: CAGcast #379: Follow the Money

12 September 2014 - 03:09 PM

I haven't been disappointed in the PS4 at all, but I did wait till June to get it.  Resogun, AC4, TLoUR and Diablo 3 UEE have all been great.


I skipped Destiny at launch despite liking the Alpha because I'm not the biggest fan of FPS on consoles, and I still have tons left to do in D3.  But I found the muted storyline and atmosphere infinitely preferable to the terrible, unfunny "personality" the Borderlands series has.  Garbage characters like Tiny Tina make those games unplayable for me.

In Topic: CAGcast #378: EA Ruined My Birthday

07 September 2014 - 12:58 PM

I like how wombat said that cheapy was being racist. The real racist is wombat. Bringing out outdated japanese references. Mr Miyagi? Get this guy off the show. Can do some racist jew statements?

Wombat's gonna wombat.  Honestly, I was more surprised at Shipwreck's reaction to Cheapy explaining how some common parts of English don't exist in Japanese.




Japanese is a syllabic language, meaning all consonants apart from a final n must be followed by a vowel. This is most noticeable when an English word finishes with a consonant that is not n, for example booto (boat) and hoomu (home/ short for platform).

Another issue which is common to all nationalities and is a significant one here is sounds and sound distinctions which don’t exist in L1 but do in the English words that the Japanese word comes from. One common example is th, which is usually transformed into s (e.g. saado- third) or z (e.g. mazaa – mother). This can cause problems even for a Japanese learner who can pronounce thatch and this as a British person or American might, as they may remain unaware that the Japanese word shieta (theatre) is supposed to have that th sound when not speaking Japanese.

In Topic: CAGcast #378: EA Ruined My Birthday

06 September 2014 - 12:45 PM

Yes, of course I'm aware the nub is used for Monster Hunter. The discussion was about if it made sense to redesign the 3ds and add a stick for one or two games that will support it?

Wombat sure wasn't aware of it, so it might have been worth you mentioning Monster Hunter 4G somewhere in here.


Wombat: This is two extra shoulder buttons and the second analog stick


Cheapy: But what games are gonna use that?  No one, I mean....

Wombat: That's what I'm saying, what's the point of this?  It is, it is a big change.

Cheapy: Nintendo thinks it's going to sell another fourty millions 3DSes I think

Wombat: But why? For what? What is the application of these two extra [buttons] and the second analog stick?

Shipwreck: So you can play games like any other console.

Wombat: But what games?



I think it does make sense for Nintendo to slap in some extra components (that are very cheap) that will make the newest installment of an extremely popular game play better.  The last Monster Hunter sold 4.1 million copies.

In Topic: CAGcast #378: EA Ruined My Birthday

05 September 2014 - 11:06 PM

The new 3DS discussion was painful to listen to.  Wombat kept asking what the new version was designed for with its second analog stick/nubbin and two new shoulder buttons.  But even the guy who actually lives in Japan had no clue.



In Topic: CAGcast #377: Social Justice Knee Defenders

28 August 2014 - 07:16 PM

Diablo 3 not letting two local co-op players use the Inventory menu at the same time is a crushing blow.  I don't think my wife and I want to play thru the game again and have to spend minutes waiting each time the other wants to go thru their stuff. 


Champions of Norrath let you two players access their inventory at the same time on the PS2, but Blizzard can't get it working on the PS4 and Xbone? Ridiculous.