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Arrow - First Season on DVD $14.99 at Target - ends today (Dead)

12 April 2014 - 08:52 PM

If this was posted I apologize. On my phone and didn't see it. Target has first season of Arrow on dvd for $14.99. Sale ends today though if that's your price point.

Best Buy: 3 for $20 select blu rays - in store only

25 March 2014 - 01:56 AM

Noticed this in store and seems to be in store only. A bunch of movies are on sale for $7.99 but almost missed that they are also 3 for $20. There was a separate display for these movies, though there are a lot of movies on sale for $7.99 right now and I do wonder if it applies to movies not in the display. 


I made this thread a wiki so people can submit other movies they saw... but some of the titles I saw:



Batman Begins

The Dark Knight


Blade Runner

I am Legend

Sherlock Holmes

The Fighter

There will be Blood

The Hangover

National Lampoon: Vacation

Blazing Saddles

Gran torino
Hangover II
The Departed
Dumb & Dumber
Blood Diamond
The Blind Side
Miss Congeniality 1&2 combo
Harold & Kumar 1&2 combo
Almost famous
Shawsshank redemption
The score

+ Possibly more depending on store but this is most likely the entire list.

Half Price Books (also sells Blu Rays and DVDs): "Coupon Week" 3/17-23 40% off...

18 March 2014 - 01:14 AM

I posted this in the video game section but thought it worth reposting here. This week Half Price Books has coupons good for 40% off today and tomorrow and 50% off on Sunday (single item).  Of course every deal is YMMV as stock is based on what people sell to them but all the stores in the Minneapolis area are starting to have solid Blu Ray sections. Picked up Iron Man 3 for $10 on Blu with coupon.


Link to the gaming deal thread with the coupons: http://www.cheapassg...-50-off-sunday/



Groupon - Splinter Cell: Blacklist (All platforms) $17.99, COD Ghost (PS3 $34...

17 February 2014 - 05:21 PM

Might be the cheapest I've seen Blacklist and not a horrible price for PS4 copy of Ghost.


Splinter Cell Blacklist (all platforms) - $17.99: https://www.groupon....u-or-xbox-360-2


COD Ghost - $34.99 (PS3), $39.99 (PS4): https://www.groupon....f-duty-ghosts-3



If you're looking for something to put your order over $19.99 for Splinter Cell and not pay $3 in shipping they have Iron Man 1 and 2 on Blu Ray for $5 each. http://www.cheapassg...5-each-groupon/

Get $5 back with $50 (or $10 w/$100) Best Buy purchase(s) through I...

12 December 2013 - 07:50 PM

It's back!


Ibotta is sort of a rebate app for smart phones that allows you to get money back for certain items (typically grocery).  Right now, through  "4/7/14 at 12:59 am" (apparently it was extended YET again), they are offering $5 for purchasing $50 (or $10 for spending $100) at Best Buy (can be multiple purchases). Ibotta did this once with a $10 for $100 before so I am simply updating the old thread. Last time they did this some users got an offer for spend $100 get $10 so it may vary, and it seems that new users who haven't redeemed before are getting the $10 for $100 offer, a few have even gotten $20 for spending $200 - you won't know until you open the app. New users also get a $2 bonus (read below).


You should be able to submit any receipt less than a week old (including purchases from this last week). It says not valid on the purchase of gift cards and BestBuy.com orders and it was confirmed last time that store pick-up orders do not work. This should stack nicely with everyone who took advantage of the B2G1 glitch last week on Xbox One games. ;-) 


The money can be deposited into your paypal or used for some gift cards (Starbucks for example).  It is an app actually worth checking out anyway but this new deal certainly bound to speak to some CAG folk.


You can download the app through their site (or read below if you'd like to thank me for sharing this offer with you): https://ibotta.com/. There is no bonus to using my referral link below but if you'd like to as a thank you for posting this I certainly won't argue - your rebate will go through all the same but I get a bonus too so it's pretty awesome.  :) To do so correctly make sure to register at the below link and then sign in with those same credentials once you install the app. 




New Ibotta user you can earn an additional $2 bonus for redeeming your first offer. Simply redeem your first offer (this offer or any other) within 10 days of signing up. Once you redeem your first offer (again, you must do so within 10 days of signing up not just installing the app) you will get a bonus $2 welcome reward. So $7 total back for a $50 purchase (or $12 for $100).  


Reminder, you can only submit a receipt for a week (i.e. if the receipt is dated 1/16/14 the last day to submit it is 1/23/14). You do not have to submit all $50/$100 at the same time/purchase (can be multiple purchases).