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In Topic: buy.com $25 off $100 with v.me and code vc25+15% Back in pts with S...

Today, 06:49 PM

In for credit card theft.

In Topic: Gamer mom/dad thread

Today, 06:44 PM

My son was born last Monday, so now we have 2 boys in the house.  I can't wait till he grows up a bit more so he can play with his older brother.

Congrats, dude!

Congrats to you as well, the first 3-4 weeks are always the foggiest.  Unless you can reach that zen-like state of accepting your complete fatigue and not feel that bad, that happened with my second.

I was the Zen Master. :D

In Topic: Gone but not forgotten - CAGs of the past

Today, 04:28 PM

Pretty sure that slidecage is ban-proof too, so if he ever leaves, it'll be on his own.

In Topic: PS4 with Infamous SS and 3 month PS Plus for $399.99 at Gamestop

Today, 03:49 PM

Hmmm...now I'm starting to wonder if I should return the PS4 I bought this weekend and wait for the inevitable BF bundle instead. I doubt that the mover's coupon would stack with any deals though.

In Topic: Walgreens 20% Friends & Family

Today, 03:46 PM

Hmm that is really weird. I wonder what is up with that coupon..

I should also mention that I ordered a baby toy online this weekend and CS applied the discount. I'm guessing YMMV on that one.(edit: looks like they weren't able to apply it because it was a sale item, whoops!)

edit: For those wondering, the coupon is right on the frontpage of their website and it's where I pulled it from. The manager tried to tell me that the coupons are specific to Walgreen's rewards and employee accounts. I wasn't looking to argue with the guy and just wanted my snacks at 20% off at that point. :rofl: