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In Topic: 30% Off All Games at Big Lots (Now 50% Off) (Now 75% Off What is Left)

10 April 2014 - 11:40 PM

I got lucky and found a 3DS Samurai hidden in the DVDs, but aside from that, totally picked clean.  Another one had about 7 really rubbish titles that wasn't worth $1 or however cheap.  

In Topic: PS2 games are 75% off at Gamestop

22 February 2014 - 01:14 AM

LaPussy Tactics

Your Freudian slip would have made for a much better game than La Pucelle: Tactics.  


13 January 2014 - 12:09 AM

At least we still have Family Video, which is actually a company that is flourishing.  Hope they stay around for many years to come!

We have a Family Video.  It's the last movie rental store in the area, but it's some 20 miles away from me in the next city so I rarely go there, but I do like their selection and prices.  I would rent from there if it was closer.  I use Redbox as they seem to have a machine just about everywhere.     


Oddly enough, there is a closed down rental in Utica NY that is lost in time.  It has been closed for I think 10 years.  The posters are faded and you can still see rows of VHSs though the window.  I discovered this place by accident about 3 years ago as I never usually go down this road.  At first I thought perhaps it was something out of that "Be Kind Rewind" film a store that only does VHSs, but it just seems just to be an abandoned shop as I've never actually seen it open.  I drive by every few months to check.   




12 January 2014 - 11:06 PM

I was at the one in New Hartford NY an hour before they closed.  It was so picked over that there was nothing I would have taken if they were giving it away for free.  I did snap some images for memories sake and I'll post a few of them here.   I think I had over heard one of the clerks saying that although they close at 5 they had to stay longer (to 9?) to pack the stuff up.  I wonder where the junk could possibly go as most of it really should have been tossed directly to the dumpster.  




Lazy people forgot to change the last 3 days sign.  Love how they say "store closing this location only" when there are only 3 Blockbusters left in the state according to the map and the nearest one is about 150 miles away. 




The wall of DVDs left overs, but they are so bad that I just could not find one worth getting. One title they had about 50 of but I forgot what it was.  Some cheesy romance comedy.   




Someone bought a good deal of their shelving and was taking it down and stacking it up.  To the right a pile of bin cards scattered on the floor and two guys kicking though it.  Unseen is the huge boxes of it, they probably had several thousand of them 20 for $1.00.  I was tempted to buy some, but I already have enough junk on my walls and I couldn't figure out any other use for them.  As expected they still had a ton of blue sleeve DVDs and on the floor in those black things are those white sleeve rental DVDs that has the worse selection of films ever.  Stuff that in the old days that they would have smashed with a hammer to cash in on their insurance plans.




As you can see, the games were down to that Black Eyed Peas Experience and a few random PS2 sport games in white sleeves.  And below that was a few newer release used DVDs marked down to whatever.  Like give it up and mark them as well down to a dollar!  




Goodbye Blockbuster.  I wonder if you still have me on file as to owing a late fee on a VHS from 20 years ago.  I got into an argument about it and refused to ever rent from them again.  I kept that promise.  You ain't ever going to get that 1.99 now sucka!


Seriously, I cannot say I'll miss you.  I never really bothered to shop here other than for the deals that CAGers told me about.  Selling DVDs for $9.99 used when you can get them at any pawn for $2 or $3 was just insane.  Yet the last few weeks were pretty amusing so I do thank you for that.  




On a side note, I went to Walmart and found a Skylanders Gill Grunt soap container in the Christmas discount junk for only $1.40.  Sweet!  Yet for some odd reason it was only half full.  Like where did the rest end up?






10 January 2014 - 07:32 AM

Shockingly, my Blockbuster in New Hartford NY had quite a few $1 TV box sets both DVD and Bluray.  Sadly most were fairly new to me as I'm a classic 60s to 80s TV watcher.  I honestly had no idea what was worth watching, so I went with comedy and science fiction related as that's generally what I like.  I bought Weeds, Terminator Chronicles, Glee, 30 Rock, Ugly Betty, Borgias, Dexter, and True Blood.  The stuff I passed on was Californication, Big Love, Entourage, Gossip Girls, Grey's Anatomy, Hung, In Treatment, Nurse Jackie, Office, Desperate Housewives and Madmen.  Spent $14 or so and I'll probably flip what I don't like on ebay to at least break even.  I didn't need to hoard all those sets to make a 3 dollar profit off each one, you know?  But I'm sure it'll be done by someone soon.  


I bought most of the horror Blurays and DVDs that I wanted last week at $2 each (about 40 or so) as I felt they would not last until this week.  I only got about 10 random ones today that I somehow overlooked.  I had planned to buy at least 100 random DVDs today, but my heart wasn't really into it as everything seemed extra crappy.  I mean, I can get normal big budget DVDs at garage sales and flea markets for $1 all day long, so getting crappy unknown no budget ones that I probably won't watch isn't really worth it.  B-grade horror films are a bit harder to find, so I went with those.  


Anyway, the game selection was really slim as well, the decent stuff sold over a month ago.  I got DMC 360 for a friend's birthday gift for $5 or so and Lord of the Rings DS for under $2 for myself.  Oddly enough, two days ago they got a box of stuff from another store, so they had a few new sealed Blurays and DVDs which I bought.  I think they were 70% off or something.  


Bought a few candies at 80% off and some lady who runs a pet charity bought the rest of the candy and pop corn, I guess to resell to help feed the animals or something.  We both checked out at the same time and it took forever as they had to de-shuck and ring up all my DVDs (about 100 thanks to every DVD in the box sets being in one) and ringing up about 300 of her candy.  There was a very long line of upset peoples behind us. >.<!!!  I seen at least one guy with about 50 DVDs himself at the end of the line!   


Will visit again Sunday just for kicks, although I don't plan for there to be any crazy last day sale to cash in on.  When Bradlees (a department store) went out of business, the final day was rather insane where the last hour was fill a bag for $5, so I'm hoping for something drastic like that here.  They have several hundred blue sleeve DVDs that will never sell and a couple thousand white rental sleeve ones full of really beyond awful crap that they should have given away for free with every purchase.  I'm hoping they won't strike a deal with a pawn shop...that's what happened to the local Hollywood Video stock about 5 years ago and that pawn shop still has all those awful DVDs today which they'll never ever be able to sell off.  I'm sort of hoping a final day 25 cent each type deal, but I doubt it'll happen.