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In Topic: Club Nintendo Deals ~ New Games 7/78/3-: Kid Icarus 3D (3DS) | Metal Torrent...

28 July 2014 - 03:31 AM


I think you're right and at the same time wrong. I think many people view Club Nintendo as a program to get exclusive rewards, so naturally getting things you could have bought isn't desirable. However, I would say a fair amount of frustration comes from the fact people want physical items instead of digital items. You can look at people like myself, Conan and it's pretty clear that some people don't care for digital items in general. 


I totally get that, and I share your frustration. I would have MUCH preferred a nice statuette or limited soundtrack to the digital rewards they offered this year. However, I'm trying to envision a scenario that would satisfy a Platinum member's desire for an exclusive reward while also working with Nintendo's limited budget. I think the lukewarm acceptance of the WiiU in North America (and the marked increase in the cost of shipping goods) has caused ClubN US to slash their budget for Platinum rewards. Physical goods like the Mario statue and pins are likely a thing of the past unless there is a dramatic change in sales. My DLC described above would be an inexpensive bonus for those of us who have the games and reached platinum, but this scenario would only be viable if offered in conjunction with a more practical but mundane reward, like the selection of digital titles.


I also want to point out that I would have bought all these games regardless of Club Nintendo. I don't buy them because I want to reach platinum; I buy them because Nintendo is arguably the greatest developer in gaming, that they consistently produce fantastic games and unique experiences, and that I got the games at a nice bargain due to the hard work and dilligence of the good people here at CAG. Platinum rewards are icing on the cake for me.

In Topic: Club Nintendo Deals ~ New Games 7/78/3-: Kid Icarus 3D (3DS) | Metal Torrent...

28 July 2014 - 02:15 AM

I don't think going off what idiots on eBay pay for things is a good indicator of its actual value


Not trying to be snarky, but I'm pretty sure that's the definition of value, correct? Whatever people are willing to pay for it at the time determines it's momentary value. Will it hold that value over time? Doubtful. In any case, I would have no desire to sell the fictional DLC I described above if I were to have it. I would want it to show off my Platinum status.


I think some of the frustration over the rewards are due to the lack of exclusivity; any shmoe with $15 e-credit can have one of the digital titles offered this year. Many Platinum members wanted something limited to a certain select few, like the previous physical goods. Nintendo's obviously cutting the cost of ClubN, so they could have given us some Platinum-limited (and inexpensive) DLC for their biggest online multiplayer games to satiate our desire for exclusivity while in addition offering a selection of downloadable titles that would feel like a more valuable, practical reward.


I know I would LOVE to be the only player in an online match with a Platinum-exclusive livery or palette-swap. As a Platinum member, I'm fairly likely to have their biggest games like MK8 and Smash4, and even if I didn't it would be a small encouragement to get the game to make use of the DLC, which is good for Nintendo's bottom line. In addition, it might raise ClubN's profile among more casual players (some of whom seem to be oblivious that it exists) and also inspire players to reach Plat status. Just a thought.


Regardless, if implimented, I don't think exclusive DLC of the nature I described in my last post should be the only reward. Just a little something extra that Nintendo could provide to us Platinum members so we can gloat.

In Topic: Nintendo Wii/Wii U/3DS eShop Code Trading Thread

28 July 2014 - 01:44 AM

Have: Code for Mario Party 2 Wii/WiiU virtual console


Want: Code for another VC game (like Mario Kart 64 or this month's Paper Mario) or Amazon/Xbox credit


PM offers if interested. Thanks!

In Topic: Club Nintendo Deals ~ New Games 7/78/3-: Kid Icarus 3D (3DS) | Metal Torrent...

28 July 2014 - 01:36 AM

You know, I would be 100% ok with downloadable prizes if they were EXCLUSIVE ! Remember Doc's DLC for Punch Out? That was an awesome reward... small, but exclusive. I guess Nintendo is too lazy to do more DLC, but that would fix most of the whining. Even if it's just a variation, make it feel special. A couple of special DLC that remain exclusive and one physical reward option, and Club Nintendo could be great. I don't think that's asking for much.


I had mentioned last year that Nintendo could have made exlusive DLC for Platinum members, like an all-gold skin/color swap for the characters in Smash 4 (that did NOT affect the character's attributes otherwise), or an exclusive rainbow paintjob for your kart in MK8. It would be a way of showing off your Platinum status without changing the gameplay. I remember people paying for the gold lancer preorder bonus in Gears and other silly cosmetic changes over the past generation of games.


I'm not saying this should be the only reward, it would just be something nice and (I believe) relatively inexpensive for Nintendo to deliver for their most loyal fans, perhaps in addition to their digital rewards or physical goods.

In Topic: "DEAD" Xbox 360 4gb S model console $303 trade in Best Buy

27 July 2014 - 08:30 AM

Damn. 4:30 eastern time, I'm at work until 7AM, and I have to work again tomorrow night so that means I oughtta sleep when I get home. Practically guarantees BBuy will have this mess cleaned up before I can ride out.


Good luck to all you magnificent bastards.