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Blog Otherguy676 > Tales from the Otherguy - Red Sox Opening Day Running Diary III, Return of the Sox!

Posted 05 April 2012

Its the most wonderful time of the year, when you grab yourself a Fenway Frank, a high fructose corn syrup beverage, and take a seat for 4 hours and watch a glamorized game of catch mixed with keep away. Thats right, its Red Sox season. And what a season it will be. I have erased the memory of last season so ESPN has been more than happy to remind all...

Blog Otherguy676 > Tales from the Otherguy - The Captain and The Longball

Posted 09 March 2012

The summer in Florida is very hot. I mean like scorching hot. I tend to stay away from going outside in the middle of the day as I never quite adjusted to the climate change since I left the great state of Connecticut when I was a kid. I have always looked to other things to occupy myself in the summer. In fact, I blame the heat on as one of the reaso...

Blog Otherguy676 > Tales from the Otherguy - The final death of Square's Fantasy

Posted 06 March 2012

I have been driven out of CAG blogging hiatus to write my thoughts on a topic that probably very few people care about. I hope to praise more than bury, however, it is time to say Final Fantasy and possibly the Square side of Squenix is dead.

As I said, not many people care and that is the problem. I have been with Final Fantasy since the first one hit...

Blog Otherguy676 > Tales from the Otherguy - Opening Day 2011 running Diary - Part Duex

Posted 01 April 2011

***Read part 1 before you read this***

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In case your just joining in now, the score is 5 - 4 Texas. The Rangers are the biggest winners thus far today and giving Charlie Sheen a run for his money in the victory circle.

Bam Bam, who is 3 for 3 on the day, leads off. Orel has calmed down and is back to making bad jokes. I think if someone gave Bo...

Blog Otherguy676 > Tales from the Otherguy - Opening Day 2011 running Diary - Part 1

Posted 01 April 2011

Here we are again. Opening Day for the Red Sox, which is the official start of the season known as Sox season. It spreads from April (with a precursor in March) until late October - early November. It all depends on if Theo and Terry see their shadow in September down the stretch. Opening day is a time for hope and to dream. It is a time to recover f...