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In Topic: PlayStation 4 Thread

Today, 06:18 AM

The problem with the pass is that other companies will follow then take it too far. Even at just $5/month you can EA, Rockstar, Ubisoft... so if you add 3-5 of them it`s now $15-$25 per month or $30x 5 per yr. Sony/MS may then also add it to PS+/ive so that goes up or paid add on.

From there good paid DLC maybe "pass members only" limited time or not.

Ok idea that will get abused by companies.

In Topic: PS4 Price Cut Early 2015 or E3 '15 PS4 Too Early?

Today, 05:56 AM

Sony already has a bundle that will sell like hot cakes, you saw the Destiny white bundle right?

What will sell more in what order from BF till say March 2015(assuming the games released in 2014)

1- $450 Destiny bundle(by BF ppl these will be "old news" as alot of ppl will have either the bundle or game)
2- $450 PS4/PSV w/16GB mem card & KZ for both(Since the price is the same ppl w/2 kids can get this at good value)
3- $450 MGSV w/Phantom Pain & GZ(system seller)
4- $450 AC/Batman Arkham Knight(would be best BF exclusive retailer bundle)

3, 4, 2 & 1 having all 4 on shelves from BF on would be killer. Any gc offers on top too.

In Topic: $5-$10 Instant Giftcard w/PS4/PS3/PSV NAtURAL DOCtRINE @ BestBuy

Today, 05:34 AM

Safe to say that if you did preorder say the PS3 version for $40 w/GCU, got the $10 gift card after release, and before the 45-day return/exchange window w/Elite Plus, the price drops, you could get a price adjustment, and hopefully GS or some trade in retailer would have decent TIV for the game? You wouldn't need the physical game at he store to get he adjustment, would you? Just the receipt?

Yup just the receipt

In Topic: (GameStop) Get The Last of Us Remastered 50% off when trading in The Last of...

Today, 05:22 AM

So, in that story you're the dick. Remember, people working retail get crappy pay and even crappier training. There's a very good chance that someone who browses CAG or any other deal site knows more about Best Buy, GameStop, and their promotions than many of the stores' employees. Very few Best Buy employees I've encountered know how to correctly enter GCU, how to make OMS orders, etc.

Bad pay bad training agreed bug these same non informed reps will try to argue you down as if you weren`t prepared in the 1st place. Even on the basics or when store signage is right in front of them.

I love BB but they suck right now in regards to GCU CS across the board. For $120 every rep should be able to make GCU turn it`s head & cough. Even when they had gaming reps(which they still desperately need) alot of them had to be consistantly reminded to make sure the 10% is added completely unexceptable. Not knowing about the 10% bump or that the 20% works on sale items are as basic as it comes.

WM/Target no surprise since they have much more than games. GS has a little margin b/c there`s so many games/promos but they claim to be the premier game retailer they should act like it better. I`ve seen some stores call 3-5 other ones & all of them were outta the loop 1 week after the DM or RM hit all the stores making sure everything was right.

At worst the reps should shut up & try alot don`t they claim to know and refuse to ask.

In Topic: $5-$10 Instant Giftcard w/PS4/PS3/PSV NAtURAL DOCtRINE @ BestBuy

Today, 04:49 AM

$20 GC and I would be in...too risky otherwise.

Depends on BB & GS TIV`s

If this was $50 with a $10 gift card I might be more inclined to take a chance on it. But not at full price.

It`s better $48 w/GCU $40 for the PS3 version