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27 September 2013 - 05:01 AM

Oh, and player A is pretty much a documented asshole.

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27 September 2013 - 04:52 AM

                                               Player A            Player B

fWAR during the last 5 years:       12.7                 18

Career slashline:                  3.85/3.99/4.00       3.94/3.80/3.98

Age:                                               30                       30


Both are free agents this year. Player A is expected to recieve a deal between 50-80 mill while player B might get a one year contract. Any gueses?   

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26 August 2013 - 01:23 AM

I'm all for advanced stats but sometimes people look way too much into them. Basically all FIP does is tell you which guy gets more strikeouts and it assumes everything else is out of the pitchers control.  The biggest constant in all of these advanced stats is that they all ASSUME things about a pitchers performance and they all attempt to answer what their stats "should be". I'm not concerned with making stats a guessing game because that's all that is. What is their performance on the field? That's all that matters. If you don't believe me, look at the fan graphs definitions of FIP, xFIP, and Siera.






So how exactly is Harvey a better pitcher than Kershaw if you aren't counting era? All these assumed stats? Harvey should be better according to what's on paper. That's great. Last time I checked the games are played on the field. Advanced stats can't take the human element into account, or umpires, or luck, or just the fact that some guys just have "it". We might as well just play baseball like an RPG on paper if we're going to throw out on field performance and just assume things

FIP, SIERA and xFIP are exact indicators of the pitcher's performance on the field. Why should the performance of the defense that's backing the pitcher and the skill of the relievers who come in with men on base  matter in the evaluation of the pitcher's performance?


Pitcher simply don't have the control of balls that are put in play. A pitcher who has on outfield of Gardner/Trout/Heyward has significant advantage over a pitcher who has Duda/Dunn/Ibanez backing him up.  Dodgers have a team UZR of 14.4. Mets? -5.0.

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25 August 2013 - 04:53 PM

Better season? In what way?


Harvey- 9-5, 2.27 era, 191k, .93 whip, .203 baa, 1 cg, 1 sho, 178.1 ip 


Kershaw- 13-7, 1.72 era, 188k, .86 whip, .182 baa, 3 cg, 2 sho, 198.1 ip


Kershaw is also a better hitter. It's not even close imo. Only thing Harvey has is a better k/9


Harvey: 1.99 FIP , 2.63 XFIP, 9.64 K/9 1.56 BB/9 0.35 hr/9 SIERA: 2.71

Kershaw: 2.39 FIP 2.94 xFIP  8.53 K/9 1.95 BB/9 0.41 hr/9 SIERA: 3.12


Harvey has been a better pitcher. In 21 less innings, however. 

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25 August 2013 - 01:53 PM

Hard to keep going with the Kershaw-for-MVP flagship when Harvey might be having a better season. Booo.