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In Topic: Cheaplikeafox's Official Indiegala Group Buy Thread

Today, 10:13 AM

Yeah, I mean Bobby posts here so it's only fair anyone can do it so I told borderland he could, but I do appreciate the concern.  TBH since I am almost completely filled with the permanent buy there's no risk of poaching so it's more for people who aren't in the permabuy to find someone to hook them up.  

True, but I only post here (and host IG HHs) because I got your blessing first, and I assume everyone knows that.

In Topic: Cheaplikeafox's Official Indiegala Group Buy Thread

Today, 03:23 AM

Psssssssstt... Hey borderland, this thread is called, "Cheaplikeafox's Official Indiegala Group Buy Thread".


I'd suggest you make your own thread and let Cheaplikeafox do his own posting here. There's no need to poach. Really. There are many other CAGs ready to be pleased elsewhere.

Apparently fighting over people to bring into your group buy is srs bsns. :-P

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Today, 03:19 AM

Even Alan Wake had satisfying gun play... it's just the rest of it sucked.

Rebellion did Alan Wake? I thought that was Remedy (of Max Payne fame).

In Topic: Steam Deals Thread V13 ~ Rise of the Triad $2.99 | Sir You Are Being Hun...

Yesterday, 07:14 PM

Krugazor is selling the 4 pack for $6. I posted in the group buy thread to see if anyone wants to split a 4 pack @ $1.50 each but so far no bites. That thread tends to stay mostly dead though.

Hard to say if it'll get bundled or not, but for $1.50, I'll roll the dice. Count me in.

In Topic: [PC] The Indie Gala Thread - Friday, Hot Breath, Greenlight, Monday Bundles L...

Yesterday, 07:08 PM

The downside (ignoring the obvious pre-payment risks) is that you may pay more than other sellers are willing to charge (once they know their cost.)

That's true. But I think $1.80 for this bundle would be a good price, at least based on the patterns of usual IG HH pricing. Dunno if he'd be nice enough to change the price for you if his price is lower when it goes live. Probably not.


There's also the convenience of knowing your bundle's all paid for in advance and you just have to wait for it to get to you.