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Selling Pokemon Games on Amazon

03 June 2013 - 11:09 PM

Hey all, been selling on Amazon for over a year now.

Just got a couple pokemon games over the weekend, emerald, and ruby.

Tried putting them up today and got this error on both:
**Please note: The item for which you have attempted to create a listing is a restricted item."

I know how to check for the authenticity of pokemon games, I have sold 9 copies of these games over the last year and not one complaint from a buyer.

Anyone else have any trouble with this? Ive checked around the amazon seller forums and found people talking about restrictions when selling DVD's. Amazon doesnt really like to answer the questions, people have both heard stories of many buyers complaining about authenticity so they restrict people allowed to sell, or that publishers enact some rights about people selling used copies of their stuff.