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Tyler's Contrabulous Fabtraption > What are you playing this weekend? - Independence Day Edition

Posted 05 July 2014

I'm sure DaddyBo is busy with holiday stuff, so I'll fill in for him.

What you guys playing this weekend? I just wrapped up Tomb Raider :ps3: and had a really good time with it, but I don't know what to play next. Probably something else on my PS3 hard drive so I can clear up some more space. I tried Doki Doki :ps4: but it seems really stupid.

No pla...

Tyler's Contrabulous Fabtraption > E3 Wrap Up - Nintendo and Final Thoughts

Posted 27 June 2014

Make sure to check out my thoughts on Microsoft's and Sony's E3 Press Conferences as well!


I gotta say, this was Nintendo's best E3 show in years. I didn't fall hook, line, and sinker for some of the tacked-on stuff like the Reggie/Iwata fight and the Robot Chicken skits, but as for actual games Nintendo was really able to outshine some o...

Tyler's Contrabulous Fabtraption > E3 Wrap Up - Sony

Posted 24 June 2014

Figure I better get the rest of these posted, as E3 becomes more and more of an afterthought. Previously you can read my takeaways from the Microsoft E3 Conference .


I thought Sony did the best of the big 3, but they all did well. Sony had better surprises, which is my favorite part of E3. The white PS4 was the first out-of-nowhere reveal and...

Tyler's Contrabulous Fabtraption > E3 Wrap Up - Microsoft

Posted 18 June 2014

Well E3 is long since over but I thought I'd post my takeaways of it, specifically the conferences since that is mostly what I watched. I was going to post them all in one blog, but each wrap up started to run a little long, so I'm going to break them up into 3 separate posts.


Microsoft wasn't lying when they said they we're doing "Games...

Tyler's Contrabulous Fabtraption > Ranking My 18 Platinum Trophies

Posted 23 May 2014

I'm bored and need something to do until my lunch at 11:30, so I thought I'd do an overview of the 18 Sony games I've actually been able to Platinum.

#18 Lego Indiana Jones 2 - A pretty crumby game and a pretty boring platinum.

#17 Lego Batman 2 (Vita) - Little bit better than Indiana Jones, but still not much to be said about it.

#16 Sonic's Ultima...