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PSNOT Trophy Tournament Feedback

16 September 2014 - 04:43 PM

Please answer the following questions below, as well as add any other feedback you may have:


1. List ideas of good games to use for the trophy tournament.  List anything you think sounds good, others can weigh in on suggestions.  Ideally, games will be:

  • Challenging but not impossible
  • Require skill, not just beatable by using a guide
  • Previous PS+ preferred but not required
  • Older games are still eligible, please don't feel like you have to focus on newer releases
  • Don't edit your list of game ideas.  Make new posts with new ideas.
  • List of PS+ games all-time

2. Should we keep the tournament monthly?  Or should we change it to whenever a good challenge game pops up? (so it may be multiple in one month or it may be longer than a month between games)


3. Should there be an official start time? (For example, 5pm ET)  Or is a start date good enough?


4. How do we determine eligibility on older games if someone has just earned a couple trophies within the game?  Where do we draw the line?

Thread Size

18 August 2014 - 05:05 PM

In the off-topic thread we have a new thread we've started with a bunch of guys who originally just chatted in the main PSN page.  I'm just wondering if there is a recommended time to close a thread and start a new one in CAG 3.0.  I remember in CAG 2.0 threads would get shut down and re-started around 10,000 posts.

PSN Off-Topic - TopsideKracker voted worst person on CAG, cried like a baby when he fou...

04 July 2014 - 05:37 PM

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Co-Op and Trophy Boosting Spreadsheet

CAG Twitch Channels & TrueTrophies Leaderboard




September 2014's Trophy Invitational Tournament:


Game: Velocity 2X




Objective: Platinum Trophy

Prize: $1.75 Paypal (courtesy of Munkywawa), Patapon 2 download code for Vita/PSP (courtesy of Bumslie), Name in thread title for a week, enshrined in the OP as TIT champion.



  • Complete Velocity 2X and earn the Platinum trophy, sync your trophies, then PM me on CAG telling me you've completed the game.  I will verify using Sony's official trophy website or PSN Profiles.
  • YOU MUST PM ME TO WIN!  Don't just post in the thread!
  • First person to get the Platinum and PM me will be deemed the winner.
  • You cannot earn your first trophy in the game until September 2nd, 2014.  If you've earned any trophies in the game prior to that date you are ineligible for the challenge.



  • 1st Place - Vigilante
  • 2nd Place - TheCAGChampIsHere
  • 3rd Place - Handsomepete
  • 4th Place -
  • 5th Place -


  • tylerh1701 (quit)
  • munkywawa
  • LouisVuittonTheDon
  • handsomepete
  • Vigilante
  • Velo214
  • mitch079
  • CrazyDiamond84
  • pharmacrest (quit)
  • jkam



September's Free PS Plus Games:



Velocity 2X







PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale





Velocity 2X


PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale

Joe Danger

Shoprunner Extension?

11 January 2014 - 02:08 AM

So I just bought some HDMI cords from Newegg ($1.49 each if anyone is interested) and when I checked out I noticed the free year subscription I got to Shoprunner in December 2012 (expired Dec 2013) now has an expiration date of December 2014.  Was just wondering if anyone else got a free year extension?


I know I didn't get charged with an auto-renewal fee because I don't have any payment information on file with them, so they'd have nothing to charge.

Madden 13 Vita - $7.99 Best Buy ($6.39 with GCU) (Not Available for Shipping anymore)

10 December 2013 - 03:45 PM

:psp: Madden 13 - $7.99 ($6.39 with GCU) (Not available for shipping anymore)


Seems like a pretty good price compared to Amazon and other outlets.  Not sure if this game may be getting harder to find...