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26 December 2013 - 05:47 PM

This is the full list of what I have for Sale/Trade

:xb1: Xbox One :xb1:

Nothing right now.

:ps3: Playstation 3 :ps3:

Army of Two $5.00 Shipped
Battlefield 2 : Bad Company (New, Sealed) $8.00 Shipped
Battlefield 3 $10.00 Shipped
Bioshock 2 (Special Metallic Foil Cover) $6.00 Shipped
Brutal Legend $5.00 Shipped
Call of Duty Black Ops $10.00 Shipped
Call of Duty : Modern Warfare $5.00 Shipped
Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 $5.00 Shipped
Call of Duty : World at War $5.00 Shipped
Call of Juarez : Bound in Blood $5.00 Shipped
EA Sports : MMA $5.00 Shipped
Fallout 3 : Game of the Year $11.00 Shipped
Final Fantasy XIII $10.00
Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Special Edition with Novella, New, Sealed) :hot: :hot: Make Offer
God of War 3 $7.50
Gran Turismo 3 XL Edition (New, Sealed) $12.50 Shipped
Grand Theft Auto IV $8.00 Shipped
Haze$5.00 Shipped
Homefront $5.00 Shipped
Kane and Lynch : Dead Men $5.00 Shipped
Kane and Lynch 2 : Dog Days $5.00 Shipped
Mercenaries 2 : World in Flames $5.00 Shipped
Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale (New, Sealed, Cross-Buy Code included) $11.00 Shipped
Ratchet and Clank : Full Front Assault $10.00 Shipped
Resident Evil 5 $6.00 Shipped
Resistance : Fall of Man $5.00 Shipped
Resistance 3 (New, Sealed) $8.00 Shipped
Sly Cooper : Thieves in Time (New, Sealed, Cross-Buy Code included) $11.00 Shipped
Saints Row : The Third $9.00 Shipped
Sniper Ghost Warrior $6.00 Shipped

Systems and Random Items

1) SNES with 2 First Party Controllers - Yellowed Top, missing power cable, untested - $35.00 shipped

2) Sega 16 Bit with 1 First Party Controller - Missing Power Cable, untested - $25.00 shipped

3) NES Advantage Controller (Yellowed on top) - $15.00 Shipped

Vita Games

1) Unit 13 (1 available) - $10.00 shipped
2) Modnation Racers (1 Available) - $8.00 shipped
3) Need for Speed Most Wanted (1 Available) - $12.00 shipped
4) Soul Sacrifice (Unused Code) $12.00 shipped
5) MLB 13 The Show (New, Sealed) $12.00 shipped

NES Games

1) Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt $5.00 shipped
2) Tag Team Wrestling $5.00 shipped

****All NES games combined for $8.00 shipped****

SNES Games

1) Super Mario Bros (Missing Dust Cover) - $8.00 shipped

Sega Genesis Games

1) Altered Beast (Original Case Included, Manual Included) - $7.00 shipped
2) Phantasy Star II (Original Case included, Manual missing) - $18.00 shipped

****All Genesis games combined for $22.00 shipped****

PS2 Games

1) Grant Theft Auto : Vice City (Includes Game, Manual, and Original Case) - slight scratches on disc - $5.00 shipped
2) Gran Turismo 3 : A-Spec (Includes Game, Manual, and Original Case - $5.00 shipped

****All PS2 Games combined for $7.50 shipped****

Game Guides

2) Kingdom Hearts (Good Condition) - $9.00 shipped
3) Brave Fencer : Musashi (Good Condition) - $11.00 shipped
4) Vandal Hearts (Fair Condition) - $12.00 shipped
5) Fallout 3 : Game of the Year (Includes Map) (Fair Condition) - $9.00 shipped
6) Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Good Condition) (2 Available) - $5.00 shipped
7) Uncharted 3 (Collector's Edition, Sealed) - $20.00 shipped
8) Mirror's Edge (Hardcover, Sealed) - $7.00 shipped
9) Gears of War 3 (Collector's Edition, Sealed) - $13.00 shipped
10) Duke Nukem Forever (Collector's Edition, Sealed) - $10.00 shipped
11) Duke Nukem Forever (Regular Edition, Sealed, torn plastic) - $5.00 shipped
12) LA Noire (New) - $7.00 shipped
14) Tron Evolution (Sealed) - $5.00 shipped
15) Killzone 3 (Sealed) - $6.00 shipped
16) Thor (New) - $5.00 shipped
17) Fable 3 (Sealed) - $5.00 shipped
18) Modern Warfare 3 (Like New) - $5.00 shipped
19) Halo Reach (Cover has crease in it) - $5.00 shipped
20) Infamous 2 (New) - $5.00 shipped
21) Crysis 2 (New) - $5.00 shipped
22) Fallout : New Vegas (Like New) - $5.00 shipped
23) Mass Effect 3 (Collector's Edition, Sealed) - $20.00 shipped
24) Medal of Honor (Collector's Edition, Sealed) - $8.00 shipped
25) Mass Effect 2 (Fair) - $5.00 shipped
26) Skyrim (Collector's Edition Hardcover, FIRST EDITION) :hot: :hot: :hot: - $20.00 shipped


1) Vampire Hunter "D" Art Book - Art of Yoshitaka Amano Click for Description - $13.00 shipped
2) The Art of Skyrim (From Collector's Edition) (Sealed, unopened) - $40.00 shipped

PM me directly to make purchases. I accept Paypal and Amazon Gift Cards

If you would like to trade please let me know as well. I am willing to look at what you have to trade towards games. I need to get paid for the Vita's though.

BoostedGaming PS4 Trophy Contests - Get Paid to Play Games

09 December 2013 - 02:20 AM

Boosted Gaming will begin to run contests for specific PS4 trophies after the new year for some of the largest upcoming games for next year. 


All you have to do is follow on Twitter to stay in the know.




and on Twitch






Between now and the end of the year you can expect Code Drops for PSN Credit. Starting in January there will be announcements for upcoming games. Typically it will be a contest for one specific trophy or platinum. The first to complete the specific trophy and post on Twitter will receive the prize (all trophies will be verified through the Playstation Network).


Full retail game prizes will start at $5.00 and increase in value the longer that it takes someone to complete the challenge.


PSN games will start at $2.50 and increase in value the longer that it takes someone to complete the challenge.


As a trophy seeker you can try to wait out for a higher payout or you can take the guaranteed money. Never forget that the first person who posts with verified trophy gets the prize.


Thank you for reading and looking forward to paying out for some winners.

Vita Memory Card Crapped Out

24 November 2013 - 01:39 PM

I went to play my Vita last weekend and there is nothing there and the Vita doesn't recognize my memory card at all. I went into system setting and it doesn't even recognize my memory card as being inserted at all. Has anyone else experienced this problem or know any fixes. I don't want to but a new memory card if I don't need it.

Grand Theft Auto 5 PS3 - BRAND NEW and SEALED - $50.00 shipped

17 September 2013 - 11:11 PM

I have a brand new copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 that I am selling for $50.00 shipped within the lower 48 states. Send me a PM to purchase.

New Vita Game Help

21 August 2013 - 08:57 PM

I have just finished up Lego Batman 2 : DC Super Heroes and I am looking to start another Vita Game. I own quite a few but am looking for suggestions on what to start next.


Currently Owned but unplayed


Soul Sacrifice +1

Need for Speed : Most Wanted

MLB 13 : The Show

Assassin's Creed Liberation

Uncharted : Golden Abyss

Unit 13

Modnation Racers

Ridge Racer

Silent Hill : Book of Memories

Touch my Katamari

Rayman Origins

Escape Vector


Stealth Inc : A Clone in the Dark

Hotline Miami

Zero Escape : Virtue's Last Reward +1

Escape Plan

Gravity Rush

BlazBlue Continuum

Ratchet and Clank : Full Frontal Assault

Playstation All Stars Battle Royale

Sly Cooper : Thieves in Time

Knytt Underground


Or I could purchase any of the current games on sale, I am semi interested in

New Little King's story

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom

Dynasty Warriors Next





Sorry for the long post but I am looking for suggestions. I clearly have too many choices and that is actually making things harder to decide on. First game that is suggested by 3 people will be what I choose. Thanks for helping.