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Target.com Buy 3 game get 1 free ONLINE ONLY

14 July 2013 - 07:41 PM

Havent seen this posted yet 

Came across a Buy 3 Get 1 Free on their website Not as good as buy 2 get 1 free but maybe someone finds this helpful

Game Selection varies 


Heres link 


@Gamer July Coupons 7/7/13-8/31/13 $20 off Zombiu $30 off Pulse Headset

10 July 2013 - 04:38 AM

Just got the @Gamer Magazine for July GTA V is on the cover something feels odd about the dates though. Post them anyways 


$20 off ZombiU

$20 off Tank! Tank! Tank!

$15 off Zumba Fitness Rush 360

$10 off CoD Modern Warfare 3 only for PS3

$10 off ANY pre-owned game $29.99 and up

$30 off PULSE ELITE Wireless Stereo Headset

$20 off PULSE Wireless Stereo Headset

$10 off Dualshock 3-CANDY PINK ONLY



ill post pic if needed but something about these coupons left a bad taste in my mouth  :lol:

Get paid to download free apps on your iphone/android device!*ADDED SHOPKICK*

07 July 2013 - 01:11 AM

Ive never really used websites mainly because i dont like taking surveys if youre like me this is Your next best choice!

1.Feature Points
Feature points would be the most successful app I've tried so far It rewards you points per free app you download and then you can exchange poinst for Paypal funds (US only) Amazon credit, Itunes credit or Apps from the marketstore. If you can get people to sign up under your referral you can make unlimited points.
Try it and sign up with code B02SA7 to get extra 50 Points
Heres the link http://featu.re/B02SA7
or 1.Search for feature points in Safari/Android Browser
2.click the first link
3.click on the top left corner "START NOW"
4. Click Download and Start Earning
5.Feature points harmless profile will be installed and
it should prompt you to add to homescreen
6. Add referral code B02SA7 to earn an extra 50 points! then start downloading and referring yourself to earn even more points! If people use your referral code you earn half of the points they receive so more you refer more you get!

In Addition to Featurepoints, when you download it provides a link to Download FLICKPOINTS which rewards you points for watching short trailers to add to your point value!

Also if you have MULTIPLE Devices you can use your referral code on those Multiple devices Regardless if its an Android or iOS Device and Multiply your points!


2. Free my Apps
Free my Apps is also another good one. It is the same way in the way you download free apps and get points. then exchange points for rewards. Reward for Free my apps are Itunes funds Amazon Credit to various donations The point exchange rate for this app is lesser than Feature points but its still another one ive had succes with. You can refer people on Free my apps but it only rewards you once per referral unlike feature points where you get 50% of there points

Heres the link to get started http://m.freemyapps....re/url/a755679d
This one can add quickly for iOS users if you have multiple iOS devices as you can use your referral code on different device
For some reason on Android this requires a Facebook log in so Android users wont have a much added benefit if they use multiple Android devices


3. AppDog
Appdog is also similar to Free my apps and Feature points where you download apps but in exchange you get Bones. 1 Bone equeal 1 cent so this one accumulates quickly. The best benefit about Appdog is you dont have to meet a certain amount of bones before cashing out you can exchange 207 bones for $2.07 cents. Rewards come in Amazon credit, Paypal Credit, Facebook Game card or Tango card funds. Appdog doesnt have any referral system but i have had success with this app as well. For this app a Facebook login is required so it might not be for everyone though it never post to your facebook wall.
To install Appdog just google Appdog in your Safari/Android Browser and log in with Facebook. it will give you the option to install app to home screen

4. AppTrailers
AppTrailers offers Points in exchange for watching short trailers of Apps and upcoming movies This one is pretty simple just watch short vid and earn the points. Points can be exchanged for Paypal funds Amazon credit, Various store gift card. AppTrailers works similar to Appdog where you can exchange your points for funds without having to meet a specific requirement but its only for Paypal and Amazon Credit. The only difference is that for Paypal you have to have enough points for .50 cents and Amazon is minimum $1.00 but its not difficult at all to get those points.

To download this one just search for it in the Appstore or Google Play store.

SHOPKICK is another app that can be used by IPhone or android users. This app has referall points so you can earn even more. It's definatly easier to earn points with this app all you do is walk in to select stores such as Target or Bestbuy and you get "kicks" kicks exchange for instant gift cards. There are even more ways to earn kicks with "scans" shopkick identifies and item to scan, you scan it in store and get the kicks. Also if you link your card you get kicks for purchases at select store
HERE'S REFERAAL LINK http://get.shopkick.com/vallejo2384