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Bumpin it up

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FM5 McLaren Forza Motorsport MP4-12C CODES - 2$

Ryse: son of Rome Blade of Favor & GorgonĀ“s Fury shield- 2$

2x 25$ Xbox Live Cash - 20$ each

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Super Duper Pack - $3.00



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Divinity: Original Sin



18.50$ paypal or amazon

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09 July 2014 - 06:16 AM

Ok.. this system sucks. Went from my lukewarm opinion the other day to disliking it greatly today. Yesterday heres what worked;


Mario 2 NES.. worked great

Turtles in time SNES, worked great!

Aladdin Genesis.. worked great!

Fire Emblem GBA.. did NOT work great. As i posted earier it seemed to wipe my 2nd save slot off the cart for some reason. I dont think this system can handle its unique auto save sysem. I wouldn't recommend using it in your system.


So today i go to test the controller ports and try a few other games.  I noticed deathfromaces post and tried turning off auto import first. 

Breath of Fire SNES... unknown cart, wont load

Breath of FIre II SNES... unknown cart, wont load

Shining force II Genesis... loaded up but when i tried to import the saves i get an error that it cant read the sram or something like that and it will NOT import my saves at all. 


SO basically every single game with a save system has screwed up in one way or another. Fire emblem i actually lost saves. I actually havent tried th console games in the original systems yet, i just realized i better make sure i din't lose saves there too.


WTF? BOF is a pretty popular game isnt it? Does anyone else have it that can test it out? Im shocked it wont read either one. 

So its normal to have to hold the button down for like 8 seconds to urn it on? weird. 


I tried turning off auto import saves.. but how does it work then if i want to put them back on the cart? Do i need to copy them all back when im done using the console? Seems kinda screwy. Actually is there a guide out there on the proper way to use this thing? How/when to power it down/on, how to load and save games safely, ect. The manuals pretty worthless. I havent updated yet because it looks really confusing and im not sure what type of SD card to get, i dont have any right now. How big of one can it use?


blea. How do you guys use games with saves on them? RPG's and the like? This seems like a very dangerous system to use them with. This really sucks because the main reason i got this was to play a bunch of my GBA RPG's and stuff on a tv. With a 2ndary reason to do so with some of my older rpgs in better video quality. Kinda cant do that if it wont load saves, and keeps erasing them o_O

When you have a game in you go to settings or options (can't recall what it's named) and select push save to retron and when you want it back just do push save to cart...again I have not pushed saves back to the cart so I would try this with something you don't have a save on and just make one and try it out.


You can use any micro sd card (with adaptor) or standard SD card with the retron. I've heard 32G is the max and that is what I use but I have not tried a 64G card.


My guess would be your games would work when you update the console as they have added a lot of stuff in those patches and it allows really expanded what the console loads.


I can say I've pushed my Pokemon blue and Pokemon Pinball saves to the retron and it works fine. My current guess is you can't load saves off of the cart and the save has to be on the Retron because neither game saw my cart saves and only saw a save when I pushed it to the console. Though I did not check all the settings to see if you can pick where it looks for saves.

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09 July 2014 - 04:54 AM

lol, well they just started up about 2 weeks ago I think. They told me the other day they are adding a ton more games very soon along with some of the more rare games. Plus some games trying to find 10 copies of more of each. I cant image how much or the footwork involved. 

Okay, if they just started it's all good I just figured they have been around for a while. I'll keep an eye on the site but I do hope they do something similar to how Gamefly does renting and buying games.