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Bored BestBuy employee

27 May 2014 - 06:06 AM

I used to have a thread similar to this but I'm unable to find it and it was old so I guess I will create another one.


I'm doing over nights for the rest of the week so I'm working 10pm-6am and I get very bored during this time because once I'm finished doing my job I just wait for the project team to get done with their job.


So if anyone has any questions about BestBuy or really anything just ask.


I'm mainly making this thread as people tend to have questions but no one to answer them and I've found out the threads that I'm normally active on are dead during these hours.


Some talking points to get people started if they want to talk about things.


1. I love the Sega Genesis

2. Kights of the Old Republic is my favorite game ever

3. ....nope that's all I got


4. I just bought Transistor two days ago and man that game is good

Steam Coupons

21 April 2014 - 12:03 AM

20% OFF Escape Goat 2
66% OFF POSTAL 2 Complete
90% OFF FaeVerse Alchemy
50% OFF Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle
50% OFF Euro Truck Simulator 2
10% OFF Toki Tori 2+
25% OFF Pixel Piracy
Add me on steam and message me with what one you want. My steam name is Deathfromace
I'll give them for free but if you want to give any random item or anything I'll take it

Free codes to games (maybe) *All codes gone*

31 December 2013 - 06:50 AM

In my recent lowball I gave some stuff away for free but per the norm no one mentioned if they got anything so while I'm sure they are all gone I want to post it here just in case.


Populous Origin Key - 863T-ZFN5-CJ4five-NQ4P-VNEH
Humble Introversion Bundle - INTRO-G5LKW-L08R0-FoneAXD-OCDLD
Humble Introversion Bundle - INTRO-NWCJC-WFVRV-B4OYE-fiveUPRP
Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle - HIB4A-5X27D-FRU5U-ZNHGS-IDoneKP
Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle - HIB4A-5XVSN-3WZUL-MSBnineV-JVLTJ
Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle - HIB4A-5O67D-TKAXT-YK41F-XHnineJZ
Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle - HIB4A-5Y3H5-GQT29-D9SN7-KXFJthree
Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle  - HIB4A-60GQP-261OT-V4J20-2PRCone
Humble Indie Bundle #2 - HIB3B-2P9G9-1SX8R-3BYWB-twoMBAD
McAfee LiveSafe - 4US2W-ECV9Z-E96K9-TKZR3-ABHAH / http://home.mcafee.c...=430&cid=118012

[Dead] All digital Lowball with some free items *PMS sent*

25 December 2013 - 05:34 AM



Starts - 0/0/0
Ends - 0/0/0

Preferred Payment method: Paypal / Amazon GC
Shipping: All items are digital so they will be PMed to your account after you pay for the item.


Things to note:

I added rule 7 to the rules to stop any issues

The lowest bid is 50cents

I don't expect this lowball to last long so the end-date is near as most of these have a lower overall value than most lowball items

http://www.cheapassg...ems/?p=11746328 - Leads you to the start of the new lowball


Items for Sell

  1. Ryse: son of Rome Blade of Favor & GorgonĀ“s Fury shield - $1.50 : FarCry3r
  2. Dead Rising 3  Golden Sledgehammer saw dlc -  $1.50 : FarCry3r
  3. Siberian Tiger Xbox Live Avatar Companion Promo Code - $4 : EmDee-Gee
  4. FM5 McLaren Forza Motorsport MP4-12C CODES - $
  5. Gears of War Judgement "Paintball" Weapon Skin - $1 : YoungNuttFactor


Free Keys



Tron movies

16 December 2013 - 05:09 AM

So I've recently watched Tron again and the one thing I can't understand is why there are weapons in the world. Flynn would have to have made them? If so why would he and when clu took over there was nothing that could be altered or made to make them as clu can't create.

Just something I can't find out and it's been annoying me while watching the movies again and looking it up didn't come up with anything.